Why You Need a Good Head-Hunter to Help Fight Cyber Crime

By Will Bourne – Director – Cognatio Solutions

In a market-driven by highly skilled professionals, it’s essential organizations attract the best talent to help fight cybercrime and prevent future breaches. According to the National University of Singapore ‘Cyber Crime is predicted to cost the global economy $6 Trillion by 2021.’ Therefore, investment is needed to help secure many organizations. This includes investing in education and ensuring any future skill gaps are addressed before it’s too late. As breaches become more frequent and complex it’s important companies use skilled recruiters to be matched with the best talent.

The Commission on Enhancing National Cybersecurity suggested training over 100,000 cybersecurity practitioners by 2020 will prevent the risk of skill shortages. However, 9 out of 10 CSO and CISO’s admit these are skills their organizations require immediately. Palo Alto commented on the lack of cyber talent in their predictions for 2017 – suggesting that as the number of cybersecurity professionals increases across all industries, recruiters need to look for top talent outside technology companies and ‘the need for non-technical security professionals will also increase.’

So, what does this mean for the job market? Unfortunately, if you’re already in a cybersecurity role your workload is set to increase dramatically if your company can’t add resources and personnel to your team. However, with these skills being in demand it means salaries are increasing and will continue to do so above the market average for the next few years. With a median salary of approximately $100K, there are many opportunities for cybersecurity professionals across both international organizations and start-ups. This means companies have to work a lot harder to attract and retain employees. For example, last week Goldman Sachs relaxed their dress code for all tech employees to try to compete with Tech Giants such as Apple and Google.

With a market led by skilled candidates, how can a good recruiter affect your business? Firstly you’ll have access to the best candidates within the market, those both actively looking for new roles and passive job seekers. Also, a good head-hunter has the ability to influence and advise C-suite stakeholders, communicating technical information and statistics into real-time facts for business leaders. Therefore, helping them make informed decisions about the resources they need to secure their business.

At Cognatio Solutions, we have a dedicated Cyber Security practice with specialist consultants and researchers who are able to analyze the market and understand the client’s needs to match businesses with the best talent. We’re seeing huge demand for skilled
➢ Cybersecurity consultants
➢ Engineers
➢ Security administrators
➢ Analysts
➢ General IT staff

These are not just within technology companies but also across all industries. Some industries, in particular, are becoming prime targets, such as banking, governments and healthcare sectors, which is driving the need for a consistent level of cybersecurity measures. Some of the world’s largest international banks and government bodies are doubling their cybersecurity budget as it becomes apparent that no industry or individual is safe! At Cognatio we have the ability to become an extension to your business, dedicating time and resources to fully understand the challenges you face and create in-depth solutions tailored to your needs in a timely manner.

About the Author
Why You Need a Good Head-Hunter to Help Fight Cyber CrimeWill Bourne – Cognatio Solutions. Having personally helped numerous companies in the technology industry staff out workforce’s across the globe, from US & Israel based start-up style organizations testing new territories to large global manufacturers revamping teams and regions, there aren’t many locations I haven’t successfully engaged in and there aren’t many departments within an organization I haven’t staffed out.
I have accumulated thousands of contacts on my journey, all of which have something to offer my network and my clients. From support in contracts, outsourced payroll, creating entities in new territories to introducing partners/suppliers and distributors who can help your products/services reach new target customers. To that end, I endeavor to raise awareness of your brand via my network via regular updates, news feeds, market releases and relevant material that can increase your social media footprint in new territories. Reach me at [email protected].

July 22, 2019

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