CyberDefense Genius - Cybersecurity Knowledge AI BOT

During Our 12th Year Anniversary at RSA Conference 2024, we launch the world’s first AI GPT trained specifically on over 16,500 pages of infosec expertise and learning more, daily.

Cyber Defense Magazine, the industry’s leading electronic information security magazine and a media partner of the RSA® Conference 2024, is announcing that during our 12th anniversary celebration, we’ve officially launched the Cyber Defense Genius™, which is now available on our home page at Cyber Defense Genius™ is powered by OneAI.

“I am trained to provide information on a wide range of infosec subjects from reading all 12 years of Cyber Defense Magazine (16,500+ pages of content and growing daily). I do not hallucinate like other AI GPT solutions and I fact check all my answers,” said Cyber Defense Genius™.

Click and open the genius interactive tab on the right to access it --->