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The GoAnywhere Book of Secure File Transfer Project Examples


PIV- I And Multifactor Authentication: The Best Defense for Federal Government Contractors


Four Essential Strategies of Endpoint Security Protection

Absolute Software


The Four Most Serious Threats Facing Online Businesses In 2018

by Matt Davis, Future Hosting Online crime will cost businesses $2 trillion in 2019….

Going Beyond HIPAA Compliance: A Case Study

By Josh Paape A Case Study on how Black River Memorial Hospital Improved Security…

Signs That Indicate Your WordPress Site is Hacked

By Julia Sowells Discovering a website hack on time is very important; if you…

Google white hat hacker found new bug class in Windows

James Forshaw, a white hat hacker at Google Project Zero, has discovered a new…

Why Your Cybersecurity Strategy Should Include Managed File Transfer

Protecting Sensitive Files In January of this year, independent news platform Patch reported that…

Cyber Security Statistics for 2019

Cybersecurity is often seen as one of those big problems that only large entities…

Psychological Operations Behind Ransomware Attacks

By Milica D. Djekic The ransomware attacks could cause the sabotage of your entire…

Best Practices to Minimize Negative Impact,Downtime After a Ransomware Infection

by Jim Varner, President, and CEO, SecurityFirst Ransomware has become a scourge to businesses…

Where do I “Sign”?

A short Review on Digital Signatures by Joe Guerra, Cybersecurity Instructor, Hallmark University The…

EU adopts EU Law Enforcement Emergency Response Protocol for massive cyberattacks

Europol announced the EU Law Enforcement Emergency Response Protocol new protocol for law enforcement…

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