Thursday, May 28, 2020
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StrandHogg 2.0 Android flaw affects over 1 Billion devices

Researchers disclosed a new critical vulnerability (CVE-2020-0096, aka StrandHogg 2.0) affecting the Android operating system that could allow attackers to carry out a sophisticated...

A Cyber Approach to Coronavirus Containment

By Zohar RozenbergWhat lessons can be learned from reviewing how we manage cybersecurity and applying it to an anti-Coronavirus campaign?In recent years, some in...

Crooks hacked e-shops and threaten to sell SQL databases if ransom not paid

Threat actors are offering for sale more than two dozen SQL databases belonging to e-commerce websites for different countries. Hackers are offering for sale more...

What the Latest Enterprise Endpoint Security Survey Shows Us: Big Concerns but Hope for The Future

By Jeff Harrell, Vice President of Marketing, AdaptivaMore bad news when it comes to IT security. The fourth annual Enterprise Endpoint Security Survey was...

Hackers ransomware operators leak credit card data from Costa Rica’s BCR bank

Maze ransomware operators published credit card details stolen from the Bank of Costa Rica (BCR) threatening to leak other lots every week.Maze ransomware operators...

How To Manage Your Small Business In Time Of Crisis

By Milica D. DjekicIt's always a challenge to manage your small business, but especially in times of crisis. Such a situation requires special skills,...

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The Cost of Cybercrime is Constantly Rising How to Combat Ransomware Attacks on SMBs

The Cost of Cybercrime Is Constantly Rising: How to Combat Ransomware Attacks on SMBs

By Rui Lopes, Sales Engineering and Technical Support Director, Panda SecurityCybercrime is an undeniable constant in the business landscape these days. The cost of cybercrime is constantly rising—it is estimated that by 2021, it will have reached $6 trillion...
credential stuffing

Credential Stuffing: Why It’s on The Rise and How to Decrease Your Risk

By Kevin Landt, VP of Product Management at CygilantReports of high-profile data breaches like Equifax’s, LinkedIn’s, or Yahoo’s always caused an initial, widespread panic -- and for good reason. But after having massive amounts of their sensitive information exposed such...
Achieving Effective User Lifecycle Management Through Automation

Achieving Effective User Lifecycle Management Through Automation

By Jeff Stein, Information Security Architect, Reputation.comWhen considering the security of an enterprise, a key area ripe for automation should be user lifecycle management. The topic is important not only to the security of an organization but also to...

Meal delivery service Home Chef discloses data breach

Meal delivery service Home Chef has confirmed that it recently suffered a security breach that exposed its customer information.Meal delivery service Home Chef has disclosed a data breach that exposed its customer information. Home Chef also explained that only...
Does SASE Tick the Box for The Future of Network Security?

Does SASE Tick the Box for The Future of Network Security?

By Yair Green, CTO at GlobalDotsThe enterprise of today works with an upgraded portfolio which can be viewed as the result of an overall digital transformation. This in turn has brought about the need to rethink and enhance the...