Thursday, June 4, 2020
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Cyber Crimes Will Increase With Shift To Teleworking

By Andy Sauer - Director of Cybersecurity - Steel RootWith the sudden shift to work-from-home operations, businesses are now forced to deal with increased activity from...

Cybersecurity Education and Practice: Never Stop Learning

By Ken Sigler, Dan Shoemaker, and Anne KohnkeAs the number of industries, organizations, and educational institutions continue to recognize the scope and impact of...

The team behind the Joomla CMS discloses a data breach

Maintainers at the Joomla open-source content management system (CMS) announced a security breach that took place last week.Last week a member of the Joomla...

Cybersecurity Strategies That Protect Business Operations Now and Tomorrow

Planning for the future means moving secure remote access toward the top of your listBy Leo Taddeo, Chief Information Security Officer, Cyxtera Technologies and...

NetWalker ransomware gang threatens to release Michigan State University files

Michigan State University is the last victim of the NetWalker ransomware, attackers threaten to leak stolen files if it will not pay the ransom...

Game Changing Breach Defense by Dramatically Improving Endpoint Security

It’s 2020 and the breaches just keep coming. We're only 16 days away from our third and what may be our most exciting Cyber...

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Post-COVID-19 Cybersecurity Predictions

Post-COVID-19 Cybersecurity Predictions

By Ilia Sotnikov, Vice President of Product Management, NetwrixLots of pundits are speculating about what effects the COVID-19 pandemic will have on the economy, social behavior, politics, and related topics. Today, however, let’s focus on how the IT threat...

COVID-19: How to Take Advantage of Teleworking

By Pedro Tavares,  Editor-in-Chief seguranca-informatica.ptWith the COVID-19 outbreak, companies and governments are taking preventive measures that include teleworking. This can be a turning point in the way we look at teleworking. Despite many advantages, it is important to be...
Top 5 Coronavirus Scams

Top 5 Coronavirus Scams

By Zack Schuler, founder and CEO of NINJIOOne of the reasons NINJIO content is so successful at capturing and holding employees’ attention is its relevance – we release new episodes every month that keep users updated on the latest...

Cyber Crime is Paying

What the Evolution of Ransomware Means for the Security Industryby Ricardo Arroyo, Senior Technical Product Manager, WatchGuard TechnologiesIf you were talk to a retired police officer or FBI agent about kidnappings, they will tell you not to pay the...

Thanks For Being Part Of The Journey to $100 Million in Bounties!

By Jobert Abma and Michiel Prins, Co-Founders at HackerOneReaching $100 Million in lifetime bounties paid ($100 Million!) reminded us of how much we appreciate everyone who has decided to join us on this journey — hackers, coworkers, customers, investors,...



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