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Cybersecurity Products and Services reviews are by James Hess, Yan Ross, Gary Miliefsky and Dr. Peter Stephenson, and are more than traditional product reviews, exclusively at Cyber Defense Magazine.

Cyber Defense Magazine (CDM), the industry’s leading electronic information security magazine announces the addition of Dr. Peter Stephenson, one of the most well known cybersecurity analysts in the world, to share new cybersecurity product analysis exclusively at, called Future inTense™.

This program, “Future inTense™” is about the next generation of attackers, their tools and, most particularly, the tools we need to fight back.

Dr. Peter Stephenson will be analyzing next generation security tools – those using some legitimate form of AI – and putting them through their paces in his lab.

“In fact, if the product doesn’t operate based on some form of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, you won’t see it in Future inTense™,” said Dr. Peter Stephenson.

We believe there are several distinct advantages that you will gain from reading Future inTense:

  • First, unlike typical reviews that may stretch to 750-1,000 words, these analyses will average about 1,500 words. That gives Dr. Stephenson enough space to take a fairly deep dive into the product, how it works, where it fits in your security stack and how well it performs its mission;
  • Second, unlike his prior work, he will not be rating or comparing products;
  • Third, he will look at the product in the same context that you would: how applicable is it to my use case? There will be no star ratings, shoot-outs or bake-offs here.

In each analysis, Dr. Stephenson will tell you how he performed his in depth analysis so you can try to duplicate his results.  For CISOs looking for next generation solutions that might help stop or mitigate serious risk in their next potential breach, this could save them and their team countless product selection and testing time and help spotlight the innovators who deserve it.

“We are excited that Dr. Peter Stephenson has joined our team and is launching this comprehensive deeper dive program, which will go way beyond traditional pay-for-play product reviews.  We expect this to be very exclusive to only a small group of next generation and innovative solutions that meet their astounding claims,” said Gary S. Miliefsky, Publisher of Cyber Defense Magazine.

Cyber Defense Test Labs Director:  Dr. Peter Stephenson, PhD

Cyber Defense Test Labs

Dr. Peter Stephenson has reactivated himself to exclusively focus on deep next generation Infosecurity product analysis for Cyber Defense Magazine after more than 50 years of active  consulting and teaching.  His  research is in cyber-legal practice  and cyber threat/intelligence analysis on large-scale computer networks such as the Internet.    Dr. Stephenson was technology  editor for several  years for SC Magazine,  for which  he wrote for over 25 years. He is enabled in his research by an extensive  personal research laboratory as well as a multi-alias presence in the Dark Web.

He has lectured extensively   on  digital  investigation  and  security,  and  has  written,  edited  or contributed to over  20 books  as well as  several  hundred articles  and peer-reviewed  papers in major national and international trade, technical and scientific  publications.   He spent ten years as  a  professor at  Norwich   University   teaching  digital  forensics,  cyber  law and  information security.  He retired from the university as an Associate  Professor in 2015.

Dr. Stephenson  obtained  his PhD at Oxford  Brookes  University,   Oxford,  England  where his research  was   in  the   structured   investigation    of  digital incidents   in  complex   computing environments. He holds a Master of Arts  degree in diplomacy  with a concentration in terrorism from Norwich University in Vermont.

Dr. Stephenson  is a  full member, ex  officio board  member  and  CISO of the Vidocq  Society (   He is a member of the Albany,  NY chapter of InfraGard.   He held – but has retired from  – the CCFP, CISM, FICAF  and FAAFS  designations  as well as currently holding the CISSP (ret) designation.

Cyber Defense Test Labs

James Gorman CISO, Cyber Defense Media Group.  James is a solutions-driven, results-focused technologist and entrepreneur with experience securing, designing, building, deploying and maintaining large-scale, mission-critical applications and networks. Over the last 15 years he has lead teams through multiple NIST, ISO, PCI, and HITRUST compliance audits. As a consultant, he has helped multiple companies formulate their strategy for compliance and infrastructure scalability. His previous leadership roles include CISO, VP of Network Operations & Engineering, CTO, VP of Operations, Founder & Principal Consultant, Vice President and CEO at companies such as GE, Epoch Internet, NETtel, Cable and Wireless, SecureNet, and Transaction Network Services.

James can be reached online at

Future inTense is trademark of Dr. Peter Stephenson and Copyright © 2022, by Cyber Defense Magazine and Dr. Peter Stephenson. All rights reserved worldwide.

May 16, 2020

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