Ways to Protect the System from Cyber Ransomware Attack

By Duncan Kingori, Ways to Protect the System from Cyber Ransomware Attack, Ottomatik.io

Ransomware is a common malicious malware that attacks a computer when least expected. Cybercriminals spread ransomware and it holds your system hostage. It encrypts your data and the entire system until a ransom is paid. Today, ransomware is a major problem for home and business system users. Therefore, if you are not backing up your data using a reliable option like otttomatik.io, you are at risk of a ransomware attack.

In the event of an attack, it can be hard to recover your data if you do not have a solid backup plan. Therefore, it is always crucial that you employ a solid data backup plan for your systems. Remember, there are many businesses that have not accessed their crucial information after paying a ransom. With such, you need to protect your system from a cyber-ransomware attack by:

Having an updated antimalware tool

With advancements in technology, there are many advanced tools that you can use to protect your system. They include McAfee Anti-Malware, Malwarebytes and other protection systems. They are important, effective and they work best based on a wide range of computer systems. To get the most of your antimalware tool, it is crucial that you define your needs and settle for the most ideal option.

Most importantly, ensure the tool you use is up to date. It should work across all ends within your cyber business. This is because cybercriminals always devise new ways that can slip through all security loopholes.

Similarly, it is crucial to have additional protection and security features for your system. This includes firewalls, heuristics, and even behavior-based threat or malware prevention multi-faced cybersecurity solutions. These provide a module that works against all ransomware in your operating system.

It is also vital that you back up your system offsite and locally. For example, the cloud helps to protect your system from ransomware more effectively. Cloud introduces an extra protection layer to keep your system safe all around.

Security awareness


It is imperative that you establish effective security awareness campaigns. Train your employees to protect your business right from your vendor to your IT personnel. Some of the most important tips to focus on include;

  • Not clicking on links and any attachments in an email without verifying the source.
  • Determine whether the link is related to the business.
  • Learn how to identify malicious emails by checking carefully on the sender’s addresses.
  • Always have a backup plan in place and contact your IT team before opening or forwarding a malicious mail.
  • Scan emails or any attachments before opening.

Remember, phishing is one of the most popular methods that cybercriminals use to attack with ransomware. Therefore, it is important for employees to master the art of thinking twice before opening a link.

Restrict ransomware

GPO restrictions play a major role in preventing malware attacks from getting installed in your system. It has the immense ability to provide the best granular protection over file execution at an endpoint. This means that it adds rules that helps to block malicious activities from running in your attachments.

You can also limit administrative rights on different endpoints. This may sound cultural and political request, but it is an excellent way to keep your system safe. It reduces the privileges that could increase the chances of attacks amongst your end users. What’s more, it helps to prevent activities such as downloading movies and games by end users.


Patching is also another efficient way to protect your system from ransomware. Over the past years, it has been widely exploited by third-party software including Adobe, Flash, and Java. Patching is reliable because it works by preventing different types of malware from being successful.

Have a detection software

When running a cyber-system, you need to implement a solid detection software. Have the right IT security methods and measures in place. It helps to detect any suspicious activities and malware and prevents them from attacking or infecting your systems.

With these measures, data backup and security awareness are very crucial. This is because it is people who usually present the biggest ransomware security attack.

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