New solutions are built with ease of use and efficiency in mind

By Todd Nielsen, Director, Product Management, IGI

Vulnerability Management has always been complicated; it required pro tools (read, expensive), time-consuming workflows (read, expensive), and sophisticated training for users (read, expensive). It used to be the sole domain of cybersecurity experts with a deep understanding of all the vulnerabilities that adversaries exploit. Those days are over.

Cybersecurity, including vulnerability management, can be complex and overwhelming. The reality is that not all security solutions are designed for simplicity—some do what they’re designed to do very well and are not built with ease of use in mind. But when it comes to VM, there’s no reason it shouldn’t be straightforward.

From a 30,000-foot vantage point, the VM landscape is simple. Vulnerabilities are the entry point that adversaries exploit in most breaches, which isn’t surprising since our networks change every minute. The devices, configurations, operating systems, and applications are all highly dynamic.

VM solutions illuminate your entire network inventory, identifying (or ‘fingerprinting’) each device and enumerating all known vulnerabilities. With a VM solution in place, the organization has visibility into network vulnerabilities and the knowledge to prevent cyber incidents.

Finding vulnerabilities is the first step in a holistic Vulnerability Management Strategy (“VMS”). VM software is a critical component, and only impactful as a prevention strategy when it includes asset discovery, identification of vulnerabilities, and prioritized remediation workflows to close the gaps. From that vantage point, VM is a cornerstone for any cybersecurity program. Yet, it’s often the overlooked element of a complete cybersecurity program and typically viewed as overcomplicated, time-consuming, and expensive.

That’s what inspired Nodeware®: efficient by design and made for everyone. Nodeware, built by IGI, was created by cybersecurity experts and cybersecurity experts. The IGI team has the advantage of understanding the cybersecurity industry on a deep level and is therefore in a unique position to develop innovative, purpose-built security products like Nodeware.

Nodeware is a powerful VM solution that also delivers on the promise of powering a VMS that does not require a team of credentialed cybersecurity experts. Nodeware was built for cybersecurity consultants who were bogged down by cumbersome, complicated, and expensive vulnerability management tools.

As a purpose-built solution designed to be powerful enough for cybersecurity experts, Nodeware differentiates itself in the market with fast, intuitive setup and simplified management that every IT professional can understand. It’s ideal for the channel market because it does not require cybersecurity expertise or extensive training, which is why Nodeware users include MSPs, MSSPs, VARS, and internal IT departments.

Nodeware is extremely effective in device management and vulnerability scanning because it never sleeps, taking persistent inventory of the network all while using virtually no network resources (less than 5% network utilization). Leveraging multiple databases tracking more than 128,000 known Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVEs), Nodeware uses real-time vulnerability scoring to target and prioritize vulnerabilities. Device and critical vulnerability information are displayed in real-time on an intuitive dashboard, allowing MSPs and clients to see security gaps in real-time. Nodeware’s dashboard, alerts, and simple network scoring light the path to more secure networks and a safer future. The unparalleled visibility into the network makes Nodeware a powerful tool to drive a successful VMS—no cybersecurity experts required.

In the channel market, Nodeware fills a hole in the SME space, which is an often-overlooked market segment in cybersecurity and vulnerability management. Nodeware is affordable and priced for the channel, at only a fraction of the time and money that other VM solutions ask of you. Designed around a recurring revenue model (monthly SaaS subscription), Nodeware has the added bonus of driving revenue through additional services, such as remediating vulnerabilities.

Nodeware also integrates with tools you use every day, helping to bring cybersecurity into your daily workflows via Slack, Zapier, Microsoft BI, and more.

Nodeware is made for MSPs, MSSPs, and VARs seeking an edge in their portfolio, and the advantage of delivering superior cybersecurity to their clients. For non-security focused MSPs, it serves as the elegantly simple, efficient solution to drive a cybersecurity business—no cybersecurity credentials required.

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About the Author

Todd Nielsen is the Senior Product Manager at IGI, the cybersecurity company that developed Nodeware vulnerability management. He leads the development of IGI’s Security Services, Managed Detection & Response, and Nodeware Vulnerability Management software solution. Todd is focused on achieving, optimizing and maintaining peak customer experience, as well as managing product roadmaps that navigate our offerings through the intrepid landscape of cybersecurity, on the march to safer futures. Todd can be reached online at, on LinkedIn at and at our company website at