By Amelia Blanche

Privacy is an aspect that is increasingly valued when it comes to surfing the Internet but is increasingly difficult to achieve. User data is too valuable for companies and is used in a multitude of network activities. For this reason, virtual private networks or VPNs are gaining prominence in forced marches by allowing us to surf anonymously. If you want to give them a chance in 2017, we’ll give you a compilation of the best VPNs for free.

The advantages of VPNs are several. First, it adds a layer of security that reinforces our anonymity against the different tools that spy on our data or surfing habits on the Internet. Secondly, they allow us to access certain portals that are blocked in our country for one reason or another.

Classification of VPN Systems

The Virtual Private Network is categorized by:

  • The frequency of connections simultaneously.
  • Security levels that are provided.
  • The connections’ topology type.
  • The termination location point of the tunnel.
  • The protocols that are used for traffic tunneling.
  • The connecting network’s Open System Interconnection model layer that they present.

What are the Uses of the Virtual Private Network?
The following are the uses of the VPN;

  • Blocking malicious software.
  • Internet protocol masking.
  • File sharing.
  • Safe use of WI-FI

Benefits of using the Virtual Private Network
The users of VPN enjoy the following major benefits;

  • Security
    VPN provides security to its users by allowing them to avoid the restricted sites.
  • Anonymous surfing
    By using VPN, you are guaranteed a high level of inaccessibility to your traffic making it unavailable to the unauthorized parties.

Once you have decided to use vpn services, get the money needed for a subscription. The VPN service allows its users to choose from a range of differently priced services which range from the cheapest to the ones which are freely provided.

Is Free VPNs Reliable?

Our RedesZone colleagues are trying to shed some light on the issue of free VPN reliability. Keep in mind that servers cost money and if they offer us something that costs money for free, that has to be paid somehow. It is possible that this money may come from the sale of users’ personal data or from advertising.

The Hello extension is a clear example of how a free tool for anonymous surfing and accessing services from other countries can affect our privacy. In the past, it was discovered that they were selling user traffic and doing business with them.

If you think that free VPNs are not for you and you want to go a step further in your security, we recommend you to read the collection of anonymous VPN servers for payment.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best VPN Service
Anyone who needs to use a Virtual Private Network service should first consider the following important factors;

Go Through the Reviews
The different users of the Virtual private network are encouraged to always leave a review about the services rendered. This provides a good starting point to a new subscriber since he is able to get information from other users. This information is constantly updated for the purpose of providing up to date information.

The FAQ sections will help you get answers for your questions, leaving you informed and up to date.

The top-rated VPN services are outlined to give you a great insight into the services to help you choose your systems’ best protector.

The reviews are not only useful to the newbies but also to users who are considered advanced. Other information one can get from the reviews include server network, internet connection, multiple connections, encryption protocols the payment methods accepted, supported systems and many more.

The benefits and importance of using a Virtual Private Network are very clear. Go ahead and subscribe to a VPN of your so as to protect your system.

About the Author
Amelia Blanche (twitter handle: @AmelieBlanche) is an online journalist from Hawaii whose main interests are internet-freedom, cyber-security, and social media marketing. Studying marketing at Honolulu Community College and previously working as a content-manager for SafeNetHonolulu, she created her own blog about Internet privacy. Through simply-written articles, Amelie teaches residents of Hawaii about Internet security tools and how to use them for playing games or browsing the Net.