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User Behavior Analytics in Case Management

User Behavior Analytics in Case Management

By Milica D. Djekic, Independent Researcher from Subotica,  the Republic of Serbia.

Abstract: Some criminology studies suggest crime can be committed by coping with some schemes, plans or patterns as such an action leaves a lot of findings and evidence behind itself providing an option to the law enforcement to open a case once being reported about such an incident. On the other hand, an active policing goes ahead of the crime trying to uncover any incident happening within communities either if being reported or not. The modern time is an era of the emerging technologies and literally everyone over the globe has become a part of the cyber environment. In a cyber defense, there is recognized a user behavior on the web and truly once well-analyzed those findings can give a full picture about someone’s habits as the Police in such a sense can be supported with the real clues serving in a lawful resolving of the investigation. The crime areas have remained a very colorful ecosystem, but even if a criminal actor copes with the common cell phone there will be some footage with such an information-communication infrastructure which means a plenty of so can be applied in an intelligence gathering manner. The user behavior analytics is a well-developed and studied field within high-tech security and the most obvious thing with so is once all pieces of the puzzle are collected a complete mosaic can be interpreted dealing with an increasing level of the accuracy and objectiveness. This effort demonstrates some reviewing and analytical insights into such a topic attempting to indicate a significance of the well-researched cyber defense theory and practice, so far.

Keywords: cyber defense, intelligence, technology, analytics, risk, etc.


Accuracy is an attribute of the natural sciences as it seeks some methodologies to explain some occurrence in a truly quantitative fashion. In other words, in such a sense it is important to precisely measure outcomes of any event in an observed environment in order to understand and potentially develop some mathematical model which can lead into mastering some engineering concepts. In the past, it was sufficient to find two witnesses which would make a same statement as there were no ways to confirm if that witnessing was true or false because the world was at a lower technological level and no one could apply, say, a polygraph in order to check out if those persons were honest or dishonest. Also, such investigations were supported with the legal regulation which would literally send someone in a prison treating those investigation evidence collecting procedures as fully lawful.

With a rapid technological progress there have appeared some real methodologies for estimating an honesty of some claims as a case itself became helped with something which could be assumed as trusted. The criminology is not yet an exact science, but it deeply relies on some products of the technical advancements, as well as certain achievements of the other natural sciences and practices. Also, the entire laws and legal guidelines demonstrate some kind of the support to such a social and technological tendency putting into a case management doctrine that kind of the approaches.

Indeed, there were some reasons why such a policing paradigm was in a use before as anyone being dishonest with the authorities could be punished for providing some fake statements during an interview with the investigators, so far. Even today many communities are warned about the consequences of being dishonest with the law enforcement or the other community members as in this time it’s possible to prove that kind of the criminality. In addition, a modern technology is well-developed, but not completely powerful for a reason there will always be some holes in the system which bad guys can exploit and good guys need to find some methods to patch once reported about them not letting a crime to get forcing and threaten anyone within some society.

Anytime, the accuracy has meant an advantage as anyone dealing with the accurate findings can make a lead over the rest of the actors. The 4th industrial revolution has provoked a mass usage of the high-tech technologies even in an everyday life as many of so are web-based and it’s well-known an internet service is very cheap anywhere across the globe. That means the modern world belongs to the same network and a plenty of those actions must be adjusted to such dynamic and complicated ecosystem.

On the other hand, the majority of the emerging systems can be traceable and those are still in hands of a legal side of the community. It has been mentioned in this effort that the crime must cope with some rules meaning a successfully prepared criminal scheme which must be investigated and proved with the law enforcement case maintainace as a role of the ongoing policing is to bring to the justice those who disobey a society. Apparently, the investigators are required to offer a deep capacity, as well as some huge capabilities regarding their tasks as the security is a branch which is such a demanding to get delivered via those being in need.

The main reason why is such insisted on the accuracy in the case management is in such a manner there could appear a fair condition to all and the justice would be brought in a more exact and deeply honest way. The tendencies show that so many law enforcement agencies worldwide look for new methods to assure policing being better innovative and probably with a true pragmatism, so far. The world of the knowledge is all around the humankind and as many would agree an only certain thing in the future is a change. For such a reason, the entire case management will need to cope with such a trending as there are yet a plenty of the ideas and innovations which will impact an environment where some community belongs.

Being in position to determine a quantity of something is a true imperative of any scientific methodology as the real science deals with some measurement techniques that are applied in order to improve a result of some scientific research. Indeed, a modern criminology gives a lot of attention to an analytics as a method to increase an accuracy of the Police activities. It seems the entire defense community just accepts well-researched and interpreted results which are covered with a great mathematics getting a role to through numbers and values serve in an evidence collecting procedure.

In an essence, only measurable findings are good enough to make some case and explain what happened in a reality offering such outcomes as clues on the court. In such a sense, it is feasible to prove someone’s guiltiness or at least a responsibility regarding any violation or criminal justice offense. Indeed, an ongoing policing is well-modernized and trained to apply an advantage of the novel technological solutions, but it also appears that coping with the best practice in the case management can provide a heap of the opportunities to use some benefits of such a conceptualized investigation practice or in other words, a nowadays policing is very capable to take a step ahead of the arising threats and literally there will be a space to provide more outlets, as well as improve a current best practice in the case management, so far.

It looks like a tomorrow will bring an age of the options and it will be possible to choose between a dozen of the opportunities in order to select something which can give a concrete result. In addition, already there are some concepts in a business which recommend a result-driven approach in order to move up productivity and provide certain advancements in competitiveness on the marketplace counting on a better profit to such an enterprise. At a present time, it seems many want to make a progress and even in the business surroundings that competition will be more than obvious as business organizations will significantly contribute to an economy dictating trends and tendencies among a number of the communities. The law enforcement must cope with such a situation as they would have an adequate response to any unlawful event in some environment serving hard to assure their communities and provide an effective and accurate service at a national, regional and international stage.

Background Overview

The criminal justice case is something that has challenged the law enforcement through the history. The incidental situations can appear anytime and anywhere as a criminal landscape is such a vivid area of the activities. Some of those events are well-known to the authorities either being shared via a community support or uncovered applying some crime prevention program. As the global ecosystem has progressed the Police have become more and more professional developing a strong capacity to tackle any kind of the offense. At a today’s stage, the criminology seems as well-developed and organized machinery which can literally smash anything illegal within some communities.

Indeed, it’s a time of the arising threats, but the case management obviously demonstrates some sort of the superiority as an ongoing best practice is capable to deal with the biggest policing challenges. The only thing which should be better improved is an evidence collecting procedure as it might take a lot of time to prove someone’s unlawful responsibility. In other words, if that section of the investigation would be more effective, some true results could be just more far reaching, so far. It appears the modern law enforcement strictly relies on an identity management in order to accurately determine who committed a crime either that person or the entire group used some counterfeited documents or the genuine ones.

In other words, something which was a problem yesterday is a capacity nowadays as under today’s conditions the majority of the criminal justice offenses can be uncovered and successfully resolved on a behalf of the currently approved best practice in the case management. The modern tendencies suggest a widely applied concept in the criminology is an intelligence-led investigation that can provide a much deeper understanding of the case as in such a scenario it is feasible to in compliance with the laws offer some rigid evidence which if the case is well-investigated can lead to a great epilog on the court judging those who are guilty and supporting the victims, witnesses or the other participants in the investigation.

The most obvious aim of the good policing is to understand how the criminal mind works and even presently coping with some intelligence it is possible to uncover and explain such a question. Apparently, in order to produce some intelligence it’s needed to collect some information and put them through some analysis in order to gain an answer to such a remark which habits, behavior models and patterns are typical to some criminal actors. In committing some offense the criminal and terrorist organizations must cope with some rules being known as their schemes pushing aside their personal needs and putting everything below their professional demands which must be met in order to remain in such a business.

The professional criminals operate for a profit, while a terrorist threat is simply an asymmetric concern being used to intimidate the civilians interfering with their private and working lives. The ongoing time is a true Pandora’s Box which brought many evils and left some hope to everyone. These days, the world is experiencing a lot of heavy lessons as the asymmetric risk took advantage over their web services to deliver some psychological campaigns, propaganda and brainwashing programs deeply impacting a mental wellbeing, as well as some physical security of many.

The point is those defense challenges are capable to find some vulnerabilities with community just recruiting such careless young men and women to become the soldiers in their rows. Also, in many sections across the globe there are some areas which cannot offer any outlet – only a terrorism and in such a case anyone being born there has no option to choose what to do in own life, but a good portion of the youth goes under such a jihadist program getting selected as so young and powerless to be produced into the most dangerous threats of the modern times. Indeed, those children will not get provided with any schooling as an alternative, but mostly a terrorist training in order to since their childhood grow into killing machines and such merciless warriors for some ideology, belief or mission, so far.

As mentioned in this research, everyone has adopted some kind of the dependability about the cutting-edge technologies and in such a sense it is clear the modern humans leave a lot of so within some grid, asset or infrastructure. It’s an age of the technological boom and many found as enjoyable using some benefits to communicate or control their devices via so quick and suitable internet signal. This tendency is available on the both sides of the law and literally everyone has created some account on the web, as well as has some experience with applying peer-to-peer connecting possibilities.

In a high-tech defense, there are a dozen of the developed techniques, methodologies and practices in maintaining a security in the cyberspace and as it is well-known; anyone coping with such a network leaves a track which can be prevented, monitored and responded at any single moment. Some cyber footage can serve as a good starting point in uncovering who dealt with the infrastructure, what such accurate identity could be and using some tracking capacities where that person’s whereby is. In other words, it’s feasible to literally catch any activities within cyber systems as no one more can escape from such a technically designed environment.

It looks like the emerging technologies are an outcome of the positive selection providing some highly accurate findings to those who serve with cyber defense. That means if the modern technological landscape can offer a great level of the accuracy such indications and evidence can be considered as very trusted. If those are applied in the case management they can affect the entire investigation providing highly reliable clues which need to get lawfully interpreted and explained.

Such demand seeks form the law enforcement to invest into education, training and some learning programs in order to transfer some skill to their officers that need to make a case or at this stage; prepare a Police story which can correlate all those updates and in some sense; re-construct the events happened regarding the committed offense. The criminal justice case is difficult for tackling and some innovative approaches have shown certain pluses in combating a crime and bringing those bad actors to the justice. In addition, it seems that a present hard situation imposed much higher requirements to an entire defense community as the majority of the law enforcement members significantly improved their capacities to think in a deeply innovative and rational way dealing with a linkage that is better than ever, so far.

User Activities are Traceable

In order to open up and apply a user account within some asset or conduct hacking operation through some infrastructure such cyber facilities remain with the information how, when and from where those activities are done. In other words, everything being delivered via cyberspace is traceable and good forensic detectives can find some clues which can lead to an arrest of such cyber criminals. On the other hand, even if it’s about some legal activities those being interested to cope with such findings might gather such evidence in order to follow some trending which can give an outlet to do the entire analytics and statistics of those actions getting in position to make some analytical predictions which can with a very high level of the accuracy suggest what is happening and what could occur in the virtual space, so far.

Further, behind those analytical and statistical investigations there is a strong mathematics being capable to offer a true scientific modeling, which can provide a more predictable research to the law enforcement agencies and the other Police needs. The good analysts are capable to very carefully and with a deep skill process and research a huge dataset giving some reporting as a result of their analyses. Also, they can document in a mathematical fashion any event in a completely quantitative manner as they cope with the cold logics which can indeed; impact any case or the other actions in a truly rational way. Apparently, it’s great dealing with some descriptions, tables, equations and diagrams, but there must be a method to interpret those outcomes as the entire system could cope with those research findings in order to obtain a deep understanding of some policing tasks, so far.

In addition, a similar approach could be applied in following certain events in the cyberspace where the users talk to each other or do some cyber activities such as e-payment, online banking, simple web search or social networking usages. In such a sense, it’s obvious many of them even in a legal business would keen to get familiar with the user habits, behavior and interests as once the marketplace tendencies are well-analyzed there can be run certain consumer’s campaigns which role is to improve those offerings and attract as many clients as it is possible in order to take a good portion of the marketplace, as well as count on a bigger profit.

At the moment, the user behavior can be observed as a fully lawful concern, but as it is well-known some legal business consumers are everyone being capable to pay for some product or service and as a customer is always right no one will reject the money even coming from a criminal environment as in a business world it’s important to make an income, not take that care if the finances are made legally or illegally, so far. From such a point of view, it’s clear that something must be done in case of the money laundering through buying some goods, services, retails, estates and much more. At this stage, no lawful business will ask their customer about a background of such money and that’s how many will legalize their capital being earned through some crime.

Therefore, the majority of the criminal organizations must pawn some areas over the world and they will deeply go into the legal system trying to in such a case literally pay for their legal status within some communities. Even the modern banking relies on the cyber technologies and any such transactions can be monitored and proved as there are some ways in the ongoing law enforcement to confirm someone’s identity just if that person is using some counterfeited details about a certain belonging. In other words, in order to create a bank account or subscribe to some communication plan there will be the entire application form which must be completed and some ID documents must be shown in order to get a permission to use the services of such critical infrastructures. The operator with some telecommunication provider or bank officer with some banking surroundings are supposed to enter data accurately into their online system simply registering a new user to get subscribed to their services which means some footage is left and only through a skillful analysis it’s feasible to check out such an account or in another way recommend to such critical assets to put a request on a pending status in order to give some time to the Police to confirm a possible security concern with such an application.

It seems such an approach could serve as a good idea for some crime prevention program which should be well-studied, prepared and implemented among the communities. The counterfeited documents are not necessarily included into the Police register and they might be created with the forgery underworld as those clever offenders can produce something that the modern policing recognizes as a blank ID document. The entire program should be developed very carefully as there can always be some drawbacks with the system which can be overwhelmingly exploited.

In order to avoid such a scenario the law enforcement agencies must assure a comprehensive risk management within a society as in the future those criminal schemes would be completely reduced or at most rooted off. It’s obvious a tomorrow will bring a plenty of the great ideas and suggestions that will truly leverage the Police capacities and give a minimum of the chance to the lawbreakers to even attempt anything unlawful. The current experience regarding such defense community effort indicates that the law enforcement is mainly aware about the possible criminal schemes and those investigators can provide a good portion of the security to their people. The ongoing situation is not yet lawfully resolved as such a task takes time and hard work, but it’s getting clear that the future world can count on a much peaceful historical epoch.

The reason why it is expected the coming days will be better than the present ones is today’s Police Forces are deeply confident about the global dependability on the cyber technologies as such technical systems can undoubtedly catch any activity within the high-tech space and make it being traceable with those who have a license to pick up such information. In other words, no one is invisible to the system and those being rude to challenge the law must be fully defeated, as well as get strictly punished for their actions. The user behavior analytics is a well-researched fragment of the cyber defense and if there is made some competitive best practice it’s reasonable to say that such a field will continue to get improved in order to support the nowadays and next-generation case management efforts, so far.

Collecting Such Left Information

The cyberspace is a segment of the information-communication infrastructure mainly being correlated with the digital technologies that serve in a fast, reliable and accurate findings exchange. In such a fashion, it’s obvious there will be a lot of user accounts, as well as direct communications between devices either using peer-to-peer connecting or real-time data transfer. All those activities are such a vulnerable to the hacking attacks as even if there are a plenty of the well-developed and made prevention, monitoring and incident response programs the majority of the incidents in a digital surrounding are not yet mostly covered and investigated.

Combating the cybercrime is a challenge and many defense agencies are aware of such a problem working hard to develop the best practices in fighting that area of the crime. What goes on hand to the authorities is the high-tech asset can memorize anything happening within those networks and in such a sense the majority of those cases can be explained and proved through the entire investigation, so far. The case management outcomes serve to prove someone’s guiltiness on the court and in that meaning as that crime area is a product of the emerging time there is yet a heap of the space for learning and improving the skill and expertise contributing in such a manner to the entire law enforcement community.

Putting a cyberspace under exposure requires a great effort as at the present some of the criminal schemes are well-known to the Police Forces, while the others need to be uncovered and literally adjusted to the legal regulations, investigation procedures and the overall case methodology. Just if an incident is reported to the authorities does not mean it will be successfully resolved as some countries in the world simply do not cope with the capacities to combat the high-tech criminalities. In such a sense, it’s needed to empower an international collaboration in order to deliver safety and security to the most undeveloped landscapes over the globe.

The reason why some developed economy would support anti-crime actions in any poor community is such a concern occurring there can affect or interfere with the activities of the progressive communities causing asymmetric condition to many at the global scale. In addition, if there are yet critical zones in the world it could be unsafe to send some civilians, business and missions to that region as it could risk a wellbeing of many and threaten some economic interests of the large-scale companies coming to use a local community as a suitable workforce for such a business. Probably through innovations and ingenious approaches the cyber industry will find some ways to prevent or at least reduce the cybercrime within trusted communities simply making their products operate automatically as in such a manner the humans would only deal with the supervision roles.

The automatics and control are a beginning of the modern engineering coming after a very first industrialization happening in the past. With the initial steps in the industrialization across the globe the people have become concerned that machines can take their jobs from them. Indeed, the modern technologies can only make the people’s lives being much easier as there are a plenty of the activities and contents the humans could experience and undoubtedly appreciate as the world of a tomorrow will offer much more explorations, expeditions and enjoyable moments to those who belong to the Earth’s civilization.

Maybe the entire security will also take advantage over cutting-edge advancements as those endeavors if being applied in a smart way can only make the Police task getting less stressful and much easier to obtain. At this stage of the research effort, it’s clear the suggested topic is getting some sort of the reviewing shape as the majority of the cyber defense actors can figure out it was just needed offering some arguments to this discussion which can make it being better explained and analyzed providing everyone with such useful indications and courses regarding such a challenging question as coping with the criminal justice case being tackled mainly relies on the high-tech systems, so far.

Apparently, in order to collect the information being left after someone’s activities in the cyberspace it’s necessary to apply a digital forensic methodology which is conducted by the forensics investigators which for such a purpose use some specialized tools and software. In such a case, those investigation officers need to carefully examine any incidental situation occurring in the cyberspace as such findings can significantly impact the further actions with the case management, so far. In other words, it’s not only about the high-tech criminality cases, but more likely such an approach must be applied in the other areas of the crime as those criminal actors being with the hacking skills or not might take advantage over such a convenient cyber ecosystem.

As mentioned before, there is a strong dependability of everyone in regards with the emerging environment and even if someone is not a hacker that person might be a user of the new technologies. As suggested, anyone today uses the internet, phone communication, banking services and much more and in order to rely on such suitability just the criminals must open up some accounts with those online services. Only the hacker can conduct the entire cybercrime operation and that individual is an advanced user of the cyber capacities. On the other hand, those bad actors dealing with the other crime areas could be just the ordinary consumers of the novel systems as they must cope with some communication and save their finances with some banking organization for a reason those are the ways of organizing the next criminal schemes and remaining in such a business for a while.

The majority of those offenders are not even aware that all their actions could be monitored through the information-communication infrastructure and there are a plenty of the suggestions how to prepare some crime prevention program which can be capable to avoid any criminality occurrence even happens. The criminal masterminds believe and in such a way support their networks to count on the counterfeiting as a method of excluding the authorities awareness about their whereby and the other helpful information. From a today’s point of view, it’s well-known that confirming someone’s identity or recognizing the forged document is not a big deal as there are a lot of the Police techniques which can deeply coping with the ongoing best practices put some case at its final stage leaving some space for a development of some effective crime prevention programs, so far.

Intelligence is produced via Analyses

In data science, there are a dozen of the techniques for collecting, processing and estimating some dataset being picked up as a sample within some data source. In such a fashion, it’s obvious that dataset must come from some technological system as data science is mainly oriented to digital findings. Once a net is thrown in a pool of the data a catch can be quite rich getting on the surface many of so which are more or less known to the data scientists. On the other hand, criminology is a science which also deals with some findings, but mostly about the crime and in such a manner it’s significant to conduct some data searches that can bring new content to the Police. Those contents are mainly about some case or the incident indicating how, when and where the offense occurred. In other words, all those coming on the surface can bring some novelties to the investigators and in such a sense it’s dealt with the information which will consequently be pushed through the further analysis in order to produce some intelligence being helpful to an intelligence-led investigation, so far.

Apparently, anyone doing an analytics among the case management must possess a strong mathematical skill coping with the strict methodology as the least wanted thing in the case handling is an improvisation. In an essence, for such a task it’s needed a great accuracy, precision and objectiveness as in the modern time everyone is equipped with the cutting-edge technology and for such a reason it’s necessary to analyze data in a highly skillful way as the outcomes of the analytics would be trusted and the investigators could with a grave level of the confidence coordinate the entire criminal justice case or deal with some kind of the crime prevention program preparations. To clarify, the analytics plays an important role in the ongoing best practice as it can offer the real mathematical precision and accuracy supporting a defense community to better understand the crime itself as the Police officers would be in position to protect their communities from any threat.

The practice suggests those findings being gathered within a cyber infrastructure can serve to uncover some criminal actors or catch some incident happening in both – physical and virtual space. In other words, that’s why coping with the user behavior within the grid can provide some valuable findings about some criminal schemes, as well as bad actors habits, plans and actions. If obtained shortly those findings can be applied to avoid the next criminal activities as in such a case the authorities can such a carefully locate the offenders and follow them in a real-time simply putting everything through the evidence collecting procedures which will lead to a removal of such a threat. Less threat to communities means a better quality of the life to the common people and well-organized condition to the majority being captured with such a policing best practice.

Indeed, the majority of the high-tech users strongly cope with the cyberspace leaving there a plenty of the information about their activities within the network. For instance, it’s always possible to check out if anyone has used some method of the payment through the banking system as those services are completely online or in other words, belong to the cyberspace. On the other hand, someone can create an email account and offer a lot of the information about such a chosen identity making everything about such a communication channel being visible to the authorities through some tracking techniques, as well as uncovering such time and space coordinates anytime some logging has been done. Such information must be accurate and the defense communities will trust them as they are an outcome of the exact sciences and can offer just a true trustworthiness to the case officers. In a cyber security, there is a strong awareness that any user relying on the current technological advancement in order to take advantage over the online services must leave a footage and in a case of the web-based endeavors those traces are recognized as an IP address within the virtual domain or some signal emitting among some telecommunication assets, so far.

The crime scene is a broadly transferable term which not necessarily covers the incident spot, but more likely the majority of the information about the offenders’ motion and planning. In such a sense, it’s needed to capture the entire criminals’ actions not only being focused on a place of the offense, but more widely observing the case from many different angles trying to figure out the locations where the bad actors might be uncovered leaving some track about their coordinates via activated cyberspace devices. The entire system with the high-tech infrastructure is capable to nowadays detect some footage and once those capacities have finished the identity confirmation gather a true fortune of the helpful findings further concentrating on the case management. In other words, in order to collect and analyze findings from some account or the other cyberspace advancements it’s necessary to identify who the person behind those activities is and where such an individual is based.

On the other hand, what the priority with the modern criminology is to very carefully go through all registration forms even belonging to the Police, web accounts, telecommunication assets, banking services and much more and in such a case applying a highly centric analysis attempt to come to certain findings about some persons of the criminal justice case interest to the authorities, so far. Also, if through such an analysis there can be more than obvious any single detail regarding the situational awareness those results can also serve in the crime prevention as any single lawfully resolved case is used in developing some approaches in banning the criminals succeed with the same scheme again. Indeed, the authorities must work hard on patching such vulnerabilities as the risk management techniques would be improved offering a truly dedicated service to the communities. In the practice, it takes time to make a good analytics as there are so many data which must be taken into consideration and correlated with each other as those that are in a lawful business will always seek some information from those who want to use their services and in such a fashion those organizations will require to get provided with some user’s details as they must maintain their legal status and if demanded by the law cooperate with the law enforcement in case of any illegal occurrence, so far.

Ways of Coping with Tendencies

The only predictable thing in the future is a change which means a lot of new concepts, theories and practices being capable to accelerate a technological progress and impact the lives of the majority of the people. It seems even the bad guys can still cause a plenty of the nightmares to both – criminologists and community members as with an invention of the new technologies no one will remain on the rest, but mostly try to find some ways how to take advantage over such created conditions, so far. The law enforcement of a tomorrow must cope with such demands in order to provide an effective response to the upcoming trends and tendencies as the crime itself can get a truly novel dimension making those who must challenge the law find the methods to misuse everything being available on the marketplace as they can stay motivated with the profit believing it can bring them some privileges and opportunities. The current best practice with the Police is a very powerful weapon in combating the ongoing crime, but even after some hard episodes within these days all so will be the past sooner or later and the humankind will need to think hard how to handle the global situation even several decades or centuries ahead as what will be seriously needed is to organize a life on the planet in a completely new way not returning to the past and blindly coping with some previously applied models, but more likely trying to define the new roads to everyone.

Maybe some past models in natural and social sciences are yet a good starting point to many researches for a reason they can get a completely new application if get innovated and reviewed in a fully ingenious fashion, but what the main fact is the next generations of leaders will grow up under a totally different environment than their parents and grandparents and they will not fully understand the life before their birth which means they will probably choose to spend their time on their own mainly being preoccupied with the stuffs, situations and events being actual with their lifetime. Many young individuals believe the world started with them and before they reach a certain level of the maturity they might insist to reject anything from the past believing they can offer a better solution than those before them. For such a reason, it can be from a crucial significance to the law enforcement agencies to deal with the youth as figuring out some needs and interests of such communities might provide such valuable information about the trends and tendencies that will come with an adulthood of those inexperienced persons. Also, those carefully selected young people can very early in their life develop a capacity to serve accepting an authority of the adults and showing a certain degree of the obeying attitude about those who are older than them and can navigate them through their lives and services.

Unfortunately, some experience within developing societies across the globe suggests that the criminal masterminds have also recognized such a pattern and offered the crime as a choice in someone’s life separating the youth from some good habits and right attitude not letting them to even get schooled, but most likely believe the crime is a good outlet even much better than some serving to the communities as in such countries the bad actors have shown everything as valueless insisting only crime is a perfect selection to many. In such a time of the crises the majority of the mature and experienced people could not even build up their authority over those generations as the criminal environments have rushed them to taste everything such an early and indeed; those young individuals did not want to share a destiny of their parents, teachers and communities which in those times lived in a misery, but they rather waited to get their wings and leave with their life’s choices. The situation worldwide has dramatically changed and there happened a real boom of the concerning societies mostly everywhere as some governments became weaken with certain crises, as well as a good portion of them ignored such situations for being corrupted to tolerate the both – transnational crime and terrorism at the same glance.

Apparently, the new tendencies come with the new people as only the humans are those who can create the majority of the conditions within the global landscape. In other words, some unlawful actors will always try to work on the perfect crime believing just like that they can take advantage over any situation in the world. The most challenging question for a tomorrow is how to prevent, uncover and respond to the asymmetric threats as those organizations can keep operating within their zoning environments literally trying to threaten the entire communities distantly relying on the online services. Once aware about such a possible scenario the law enforcement agencies can serve hard to develop some sort of the risk management program which could be capable to provide a good response to such a generated threat, so far.

The people of the future will undoubtedly be familiar with the history of the mankind as some brilliant ideas, as well as unresolved problems can be found in the past and be provided with an opportunity in the coming days to get deeply understood by those who lead the entire countries, regions and international community. The change is always a very certain thing for a reason the next generation humans will as during any epoch be busy with their everyday concerns serving hard to contribute to the betterment of many simply offering their commitment to their communities. Also, it is expected with a light of the technological progress and growth there will be more opportunities to everyone as the human civilization must go beyond the frontiers of the ongoing age.

In addition, it appears there are yet a lot of questions from the past which are getting their answers even today or need some dedicated effort to get tackled in the next times. For instance, the digital system findings suggest that even nowadays that scientific stream is not fully researched and there are still endeavors which wait to see the sunrise. Above all, as it’s dealt with the exact sciences it’s believed that the Earth’s civilization will sooner or later be in position to register any single member of the humankind in such a way making such a powerful system that will have a capacity to totally get aware about the habits, behavior and actions of any single individual across the world just via a well-delivered security to all societies, so far.

Investigation Must Deal with Accuracy

As a dependability on the new technologies is increasing it’s obvious why anything regarding the information-communication infrastructure can provide a high degree of the accuracy. In such a case, the majority of the criminal incidents can be managed through some investigation giving a chance to those case management teams to collect findings and clues taking advantage over such interconnected actors. If it’s about some user behavior recognition it’s clear in that fashion some useful actions can be taken in order to make a case and comprehensively explain the entire occurrence being supported with a truly accurate finding, so far. It seems such an approach can significantly improve a quality of the case management, as well as make the entire investigation being less time-consuming and more precise in sense of such produced results. The current best practice in the case management is very impactful and with a greatly followed tendency in the future there will surely be methods to both – tackle and prevent some criminal offenses in the community.


In the practice, the investigation dealing with better accuracy can offer a deep understanding of some criminal justice cases, their actors and the entire correlation of everyone with everything as applying such an approach it’s feasible to literally smash those threats not leaving an opportunity to anyone even attempts anything similar tomorrow. Apparently, it seems there will yet be a plenty of the space for preparing crime prevention programs in order to reduce a rate of the criminality among the societies.


Finally, it appears it’s needed to make a synergy between the different disciplines such as criminology, high-tech security, analytics and technical sciences as some outcomes of the future actions would offer a progress at all levels of the community’s life and functioning bringing the certain betterment to anyone being lawful, so far.


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About The Author    

User Behavior Analytics in Case ManagementMilica D. Djekic is an Independent Researcher from Subotica, the Republic of Serbia. She received her engineering background from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Belgrade. She writes for some domestic and overseas presses and she is also the author of the books “The Internet of Things: Concept, Applications and Security” and “The Insider’s Threats: Operational, Tactical and Strategic Perspective” being published in 2017 and 2021 respectively with the Lambert Academic Publishing. Milica is also a speaker with the BrightTALK expert’s channel. She is the member of an ASIS International since 2017 and contributor to the Australian Cyber Security Magazine since 2018. Milica’s research efforts are recognized with Computer Emergency Response Team for the European Union (CERT-EU), Censys Press, BU-CERT UK and EASA European Centre for Cybersecurity in Aviation (ECCSA). Her fields of interests are cyber defense, technology and business. Milica is a person with disability.

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