Category Product Company
Editors’ Choice – RISK MANAGEMENT SOLUTION 2015 RiskVision Agiliance
Best Product – MOBILE APPLICATION MANAGEMENT PRODUCT 2015 AirWatch® Mobile Application Management AirWatch
Best Product – RISK MANAGEMENT PRODUCT 2015 Risk Fabric™ Bay Dynamics
Most Innovative – IDENTITY & ACCESS MANAGEMENT SOLUTION 2015 PowerBroker BeyondTrust
Hot Company – CLOUD SECURITY SOLUTION 2015 Total Data Protection Suite Bitglass
Editor’s Choice – CLOUD SECURITY SOLUTION 2015 ITAR Secure Dataroom Brainloop
Best Product – ENDPOINT SECURITY SOLUTION 2015 vSentry Bromium
Best Product – CLOUD SECURITY SOLUTION 2015 Security Fabric CloudLock
Editor’s Choice – DATA CENTER SECURITY SOLUTION 2015 SmartWall Threat Defense System (TDS) Corero
Hot Company – INTRUSION PREVENTION SYSTEM 2015 CyActive Solution CyActive
Hot Company – ANTI-MALWARE SOLUTION 2015 Advanced Threat Defense Platform Cyphort
Best Product – DATA CENTER SECURITY SOLUTION 2015 DB Networks® DBN-6300 DB Networks®
Best Product – MESSAGING SECURITY SOLUTION 2015 ePrism Email Security EdgeWave
Hot Company – VULNERABILITY MANAGEMENT SOLUTION 2015 ERPScan Security Monitoring Suite for SAP ERPScan
Best Product – MANAGED SECURITY SERVICE PROVIDER 2015 Virtual Security Operations Center (V-SOC) Foreground Security
Most Innovative – ENTERPRISE SECURITY SOLUTION 2015 Fortscale Platform Fortscale
Editor’s Choice – INSIDER THREAT DETECTION SOLUTION 2015 Gurucul Risk Analytics (GRA) Gurucul
Cutting Edge – INSIDER THREAT PREVENTION SOLUTION 2015 Gurucul Risk Analytics (GRA) Gurucul
Most Innovative – DATA CENTER SECURITY SOLUTION 2015 SecureSphere Imperva
Hot Company – ENCRYPTION SOLUTION 2015 BestCrypt Base Jetico
Editor’s Choice – ANTI-VIRUS SOLUTION 2015 Ad-Aware Free Antivirus+ Lavasoft
Hot Company – ENTERPRISE SECURITY SOLUTION 2015 LightCyber Magna LightCyber
Best Product – NETWORK SECURITY SOLUTION 2015 NexDefense Sophia NexDefense
Editor’s Choice – NETWORK SECURITY SOLUTION 2015 Umbrella Insights OpenDNS
Best Product – ENTERPRISE SECURITY SOLUTION 2015 Enterprise Security Platform Palo Alto Networks
Most Innovative – APPLICATION SECURITY SOLUTION 2015 Prevoty Runtime Application Security Prevoty
Cutting Edge – VULNERABILITY MANAGEMENT SOLUTION 2015 Qualys Vulnerability Management (VM) Solution Qualys
Best Product – MALWARE ANALYSIS SOLUTION 2015 Second Look Raytheon
Editor’s Choice – ENTERPRISE SECURITY SOLUTION 2015 RiskIQ Platform RiskIQ
Hot Company – MANAGED SECURITY SERVICE PROVIDER 2015 Security Operations Center (SOC) Rook Security
Editor’s Choice – ENDPOINT SECURITY SOLUTION 2015 SentinelOne EDR SentinelOne
Most Innovative – CLOUD SECURITY SOLUTION 2015 Imperva Skyfence Cloud Gateway Imperva Skyfence
Cutting Edge – MULTI-FACTOR AUTHENTICATION SOLUTION 2015 Swivel MFA Platform Swivel
Best Product – ANTI-MALWARE SOLUTION 2015 TrustDefender™ Cybercrime Protection Platform TrustDefender™
Hot Company – MULTI-FACTOR AUTHENTICATION SOLUTION 2015 TrustDefender™ Cybercrime Protection Platform TrustDefender™
Cutting Edge – ENTERPRISE SECURITY SOLUTION 2015 OPTIC Platform ThreatStream
Cutting Edge – NETWORK SECURITY SOLUTION 2015 Vectra X-series Platform Vectra Networks
Most Innovative – FIREWALL & VPN APPLIANCES SOLUTION 2015 WatchGuard Firebox M500 WatchGuard
Most Innovative – SECURITY TRAINING SOLUTION 2015 Wombat Security Training Wombat Security Technologies
Most Innovative – CONTENT MANAGEMENT & FILTERING SOLUTION 2015 AirWatch® Secure Content Locker® AirWatch

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