By Laurent Oudot, Founder, CEO at TEHTRIS

TEHTRIS is the European cybersecurity company that has designed and deployed the smart and holistic TEHTRIS XDR Platform in more than 50 countries within heterogeneous, international and distributed infrastructures. In 2019, TEHTRIS captured more than 600 billion events and blocked thousands of intrusion attempts, including highly stealth operations.

TEHTRIS has developed its own defensive weapon called TEHTRIS XDR Platform to control and improve the IT security of private and public companies against advanced cyber threats such as cyber espionage or cyber sabotage activities.

The design and research of TEHTRIS XDR Platform solutions are carried out by TEHTRIS. The platform is completely modular, through a SaaS model. Customers can smartly choose the security bricks to deploy, with a scalability spirit, by opting for Virtual Appliances in the cloud and/or On-Premise. On top of the TEHTRIS XDR Platform, Partners can propose services like SOC, MDR, Management, Hunting, Integration / Deployment / Configuration, etc.

Every year, TEHTRIS XDR Platform analyzes billions of cybersecurity events worldwide, thanks to the expertise of TEHTRIS experts. 100% of the source code is in TEHTRIS’ hands and has been designed with advanced robustness.

TEHTRIS XDR Platform meets the expectations of cybersecurity teams by unifying defensive detection (D) and response (R) capabilities that work in all environments and situations (X), with the following multiple modules that can be adapted and linked to any environment in order to focus against known and unknown threats such as but not limited to, cyber spy operations, ransomware, sabotages, APT, etc.

In order to deliver such a wide and deep technology, TEHTRIS created multiple different modules described below, and a CIO/CISO can smoothly choose and adapt which technology shall be used depending on the maturity of projects and needs.

TEHTRIS EDR [Endpoint Detection & Response] works in real-time on workstations and servers to manage unknown threats and perform preventive hunting and defensive analysis operations.

TEHTRIS EPP [Endpoint Protection Platform] detects and protects operating systems against known threats through advanced antivirus scanning and advanced protection features.

TEHTRIS SIEM [Security Information and Event Management] centralizes all security events in a company and analyses the situation using hundreds of security correlations.

TEHTRIS Mobile Security protects fleets of equipment such as Android tablets and phones, to avoid the spread of unwanted applications against the mobile environments, and to track down major configuration issues regarding cybersecurity.

TEHTRIS Deceptive Response simulates fake devices and fake services to detect stealth and suspicious activities (honeypots) early in the phase. By deluding attackers and providing fake assets, it allows to easily detect insiders or even lateral movements by attackers trying to discover the whole infrastructure during a complex attack with APT like spirit.

TEHTRIS NTA [Network Traffic Analysis] detects intrusions via network flow analysis thanks to signatures and sharp analysis of flows, and it provides new possibilities to do network forensics analysis to know the list of devices that talked together and much important related metadata.

TEHTRIS SOC [Security Operations Center] & TEHTRIS MDR [Managed Detection & Response] & TEHTRIS GRC [Governance Risk Compliance] are services that provide analysis, monitoring, response, leading and support capabilities in all situations.

From operational to decision-makers, companies that already benefit from TEHTRIS XDR Platform-intelligence detect weaknesses faster and better anticipate threats, thanks to many activities such as:

– Improved system security and reduced attack surface

– Follow-up of known or unknown offensives from their first appearance

– Hunting campaigns and sophisticated analyses

– Response to incidents via neutralization, machine isolation, remediation…

– Post-mortem analysis and simplification of IS rehabilitation, if necessary

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About the Author

Laurent Oudot is a senior international cybersecurity expert, founder and technical director of TEHTRIS. For more than 20 years, his technical skills were used in very sensitive environments such as the Defense Department of the Atomic Energy Commission, the Ministry of Defense, the United Nations, etc. He participated in many national commissions, training, and expertise, within organizations such as ANSSI or for the Prime Minister. He created TEHTRIS in 2010, specialized in the fight against cyber spying and computer sabotage. This company created a holistic solution called TEHTRIS XDR Platform, a defensive cyber arsenal able to protect infrastructures against stealthy, advanced or unknown cyber threats.