SnoopWall Launches Mobile Wallet Security Toolkit

BARCELONA, Spain, and NASHUA, NH – SnoopWall Inc. (, the world’s first counterveillance security software company, today announced the availability of the SnoopWall Developers Toolkit (SDK) for mobile wallet developers who want to protect consumers from identity theft and fraud.

“We’ve tested all of the major mobile wallets and all are easily exploited,” says Mark Laich, Vice President of Security Solutions for SnoopWall. “Wrappers and current countermeasures, including anti-virus, multi-factor authentication and encryption, don’t provide the protection necessary for consumers.

“Therefore, we’ve made a patents-pending next generation mobile security toolkit available to all mobile wallet vendors, in the same way we’ve worked with banks, credit unions, and financial services companies to protect their mobile apps.”

Recently, the public learned how easy spying is on mobile platforms, and how private data can be misappropriated through seemingly benign applications.

Many companies have brought mobile banking and mobile wallet apps onto the market, and SnoopWall contends stronger data security is needed for these apps to prevent identity fraud.

The SnoopWall Developers Toolkit (SDK) for mobile wallets provides:

  • Protection against eavesdropping during mobile wallet transactions
  • Defense against mobile wallet pickpocketing and identity theft
  • Rapid and easy integration into mobile wallet applications
  • Libraries for Apple iOS, Google Android Smartphone platforms
  • Plugins for all major web browsers on Microsoft Windows
  • No daily updates necessary to defend against tomorrow’s threats

“Most consumers install free apps because they trust Microsoft, Google and Apple to ‘scrub’ their online App, iTunes and Play Stores of malicious apps and viruses,” says SnoopWall CEO Gary S. Miliefsky. “But anyone can install spyware disguised as a flashlight, Bible, game or utility, appearing to be a trustworthy app, when in reality it’s designed to spy on your activities.”

For information on the Mobile Wallet SDK, visit:

 About SnoopWall

SnoopWall is the world’s first counterveillance software development company focused on helping consumers and enterprises protect privacy on all computing devices, including smartphones, tablets, and laptops, through deep integration with high value mobile applications, smart devices and the Internet of Things (IoT). SnoopWall secures these mobile applications, augmenting the weaknesses in endpoint security (antivirus, firewall, intrusion prevention) through patent-pending technology that detects and blocks remote control eavesdropping and spying. SnoopWall’s software, made in the U.S.A., is part of the growing suite of next-generation mobile security toolkits delivered by SnoopWall and their OEM partners. Visit us at and follow us on Twitter: @SnoopWallSecure.

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