RSA Conference 2018 – An Incredible Show Wrapping Up

It was great to meet so many of our readers at #RSAC this year.  We gave out thousands of copies of our print edition of the magazine and enjoyed the wonderful conversations.

To all of our faithful readers who could not attend the conference, we’ll keep you informed with much coming in the near future – great interviews from Cyber Defense TV, award winning products and services and so much more.

To the RSA Conference team, we are thrilled to be wrapping up our sixth year of many to come with such a wonderful staff.

We’ve made new friends, fostered new relationships, learned new things and shared new ideas with truly the top of the #INFOSEC community.  In fact, we are bridging the gap to create trusted relations for sharing infosec knowledge between the US, Russia, China and many other countries – and we are proud of it!  Let us no longer waste cycles on an unannounced cyberwar and help each other to improve global cyber safety, privacy and security. 

In the area of threat intel, we’ve produced our first global report, available here.

Looking forward to making 2019 an even bigger, better experience!

Read the online edition of our RSA Conference Annual magazine by clicking here and stay tuned for much more.

Team CDM

Global InfoSec Awards 2021

We are in our 9th year, and these awards are incredibly well received – helping build buzz, customer awareness, sales and marketing growth opportunities, investment opportunities and so much more.