Quick Cyber Stats for 2012

Like a National Debt-Clock, these Numbers Just Keep Growing and Growing

Quick Cyber Stats for 2012

To keep an eye on this pandemic, you should bookmark www.privacyrights.org as well as http://nvd.nist.gov as CDM believes that there is a direct correlation between the growing number of vulnerabilities (also known as exploitable ‘holes’) which are tracked at the National Vulnerability Database (NVD), daily, along with the growing list of publicly disclosed data breaches, tracked by PrivacyRights.org.

In addition, it’s become obvious that no anti-virus program is able to stop all the viruses and malware outbreaks which take advantage of these vulnerabilities. Much of new malware variants have not even been cataloged yet, by the anti-virus vendors, which means there are many zero-day (unknown) pieces of malware in the wild.

Finally, with so many drive-by URLs, the ability to become infected in a matter of minutes, even seconds, is a growing problem, especially when such a large percentage of hyperlinked search results from the major search engines lead to these infections. (Sources: CDM, PrivacyRights.org and NVD.NIST.GOV)

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