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Publishers Spotlight: The Syndicate Group (TSG)

Publishers Spotlight: The Syndicate Group (TSG)

The Syndicate Group (TSG) is a leading venture firm focused on revenue growth and new customer acquisition. Leveraging an ecosystem of strategic investors including more than 450 leading channel partner companies and over 7,500 members, TSG helps startups scale faster by organizing exclusive investment access for their strategic go-to-market ecosystem. TSG programmatically aggregates dozens of strategics (VARs, Integrators, Consultancies, CXOs) who arrive on the cap table as a single investor entity, creating a virtual army of individual contributors in the field who  then have skin in the game and are uniquely positioned to deliver results.

“Engaging with TSG has made our phenomenal growth in pipeline and awareness even more impressive, and they are a great partner to help us scale and accelerate our channel relationships.” – Lior Yaari, Co-Founder and CEO of Grip Security.

Publishers Spotlight: The Syndicate Group (TSG)Chad Cardenas is currently Founder & CEO of The Syndicate Group (TSG) as well as Managing Director of Syndicate Venture Partners. TSG has pioneered a new evolution of Venture Capital, helping startups scale faster by organizing exclusive investment access for their strategic ecosystem. Enterprise tech startups benefit from an ecosystem with more skin in the game while strategics get early looks at the best companies and unprecedented access to invest in them.

Having spent 25 years in the enterprise technology sector, he maintains a wealth of experience in sales, leadership, business transformation, innovation, distribution channels and go-to-market strategies for enterprise startups.  After gaining experience in sales and management from NetApp, Chad co-founded Trace3 where he served in a President/CIO capacity, studying macro trends in the IT industry and their effects on the VC, startup, channel, CXO and investor communities. He helped build the tech reseller/integrator to 400 people and over $500M in revenue before a private equity event in 2017.  As Founder and Managing Director of InstantScale Ventures, Chad began to build a strong investment track record by serving the needs of a select sub-section of the investment community. The Syndicate Group was born out of these experiences, based on the realization that much more should be done to streamline innovation for the greater good of the industry.

“By leveraging its network of channel partners, TSG provides both capital and go-to-market momentum for its portfolio companies, serving as a new and strategic way for startups to source funding. This is particularly beneficial for CEOs who are operating in a hyper-competitive sector, offering a new avenue that can dramatically increase the rate and magnitude of business success. By organizing exclusive pre-IPO investment access for their ecosystem partners, companies can scale faster with new customer acquisition and accelerated revenue growth.” – Chad Cardenas, Co-Founder and CEO of The Syndicate Group

Check out their portfolio, here: Emerging Technology Generation | The Syndicate Group

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