Publisher’s Spotlight: RegScale:  Holistically Manage Your Compliance Program
Gary MiliefskyGary Miliefsky

Publisher’s Spotlight: RegScale: Holistically Manage Your Compliance Program

RegScale is a Modern GRC platform, delivering a simplified, integrated and scalable solution to meet the speed and real-time demands of the digital enterprise. The current manual and document-based approach to GRC is complex, costly, and error-prone. Furthermore, security, risk and compliance functions are managed in redundant, siloed systems, limiting their effectiveness while duplicating cost and effort. RegScale solves these issues with its unified, state-of-the-art platform that seamlessly integrates data from existing tools for continuous controls monitoring, dynamically replacing redundant and manual efforts with real-time processes that scale effortlessly from simple to the most complex enterprise use cases.

Publisher’s Spotlight: RegScale:  Holistically Manage Your Compliance Program

The platform provides a rapid “configure and extend” approach to implementations and integrations, including a single data lake of all security controls monitoring and audit related information for deeper visibility and intelligence. RegScale’s customers benefit by accelerating their digital transformation efforts in a matter of weeks, not months or years. Security, risk and compliance program costs and efforts are greatly reduced, minimizing the demands on business and operations teams to support audits.

Heavily regulated organizations such as the U.S. Navy, Department of Energy, and Fortune 500 Enterprises use RegScale to start and stay compliant with their ongoing regulatory obligations.

Publisher’s Spotlight: RegScale:  Holistically Manage Your Compliance Program

Building on momentum from a tremendous 2022, RegScale has continued to expand in its second year of business. Moving into H2, RegScale is focused on keeping up with market changes due to the evolving regulatory landscape. Regulations are more complex and numerous than ever before and companies in highly regulated industries will need tools that enable real-time and continuous data to ensure adherence to compliance frameworks.

“RegScale is the only GRC tool capable of importing and exporting NIST OSCAL-compliant data,” stated Larry Whiteside Jr., CISO of RegScale. “Our one-click export functionality generates FedRAMP and RMF artifacts on demand. And by leveraging OSCAL during submission, organizations maintain ATO faster and cheaper. Our unique OSCAL offering accelerates ATO processes from months or years to minutes while keeping artifacts continuously up to date to reduce risk in a constantly evolving threat landscape.”

Karl Mattson, veteran CISO: “In a short period of time, RegScale has brought us value allowing us to move our compliance processes into a digital system of record. As an early co-innovator, we saw the value RegScale delivered to ensure we were consistently meeting compliance requirements and they are quickly adding additional capabilities to give us complete insight into our overall compliance obligations in real-time.”

Publisher’s Spotlight: RegScale:  Holistically Manage Your Compliance Program

Dr. Richard White, Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT): “Cyber Security and Compliance are top of mind for heavily regulated organizations. Purpose-built solutions that can help organizations proactively manage compliance with applicable laws and regulations are critically needed, and we applaud RegScale for bridging the divide between security and compliance via automation.”

Publisher’s Spotlight: RegScale:  Holistically Manage Your Compliance Program

Is your organization struggling to keep up with complex regulatory requirements? I suggest you reduce this burden and maintain real-time compliance that’s continuous and more complete by taking a look at RegScale.  They provide software created by experts in compliance and Regulatory Operations (RegOps) to help your organization mitigate risk and regain control by automating compliance from the start.  Learn more at

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