Publisher’s Spotlight: Fortra: Best-in-Class Cybersecurity Portfolio
Gary MiliefskyGary Miliefsky

Publisher’s Spotlight: Fortra: Best-in-Class Cybersecurity Portfolio

When it comes to cybersecurity, the landscape is full of single-solution providers, making it easy for unexpected cyberthreats to sneak through the cracks. Fortra is creating a stronger, simpler strategy for protection. One that increases security maturity while decreasing the operational burden that comes with it. We know organizations are struggling with the sheer volume of security alerts and have a shortage of skilled resources – and Fortra is here to do something about it.

Here are some incredible stats about Fortra:

  • 30,000+ global customers across all industries
  • 3,000+ employees
  • Operate in 20+ countries around the world
  • Fortra works with:
    • 22 of the top 25 Fortune 500 companies
    • All 10 of the top 10 financial services companies
    • All 10 of the top 10 healthcare industries
    • And 17 of the top 25 most innovative companies
  • Technology partners include:
    • IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, Cisco, AWS, and more
  • Support team includes:
    • 180+ employees spanning 11 countries
    • Speaking 10+ languages

Publisher’s Spotlight: Fortra: Best-in-Class Cybersecurity Portfolio

This is all possible thanks to Fortra’s comprehensive best-in-class cybersecurity portfolio and deep bench of expert problem solvers who are working to integrate these solutions onto one unified platform. The platform will combine product capabilities, share threat intelligence, and automate processes to make security management easier for customers.

Publisher’s Spotlight: Fortra: Best-in-Class Cybersecurity Portfolio

Matthew Schoenfeld, President, Fortra

“As the President of Fortra, I couldn’t be more excited about where we’re headed. In its current state, cybersecurity is often seen as a chaotic, ever-changing landscape filled with point products and single features. Fortra stands as a beacon of consistency, thought leadership and innovation as we strive to decrease enterprise risk, via our platform and increase operational efficiency. Our ethos has always been about solving real business challenges, and today, those challenges include the fragmented nature of cybersecurity solutions and the overwhelming operational burden they impose. 

At Fortra we’re not just selling software; we’re reinventing how organizations approach their entire cybersecurity strategy. By integrating a multitude of best-in-class solutions into a single, scalable framework, we’re making cybersecurity more manageable and more effective than ever before. But what truly sets us apart is our team of industry experts, they are our greatest asset and they’re your greatest asset too. Together, we serve as your cybersecurity ally, always adapting, always vigilant, and relentless in our mission to give you peace of mind.  

We’re also taking the fight to the adversaries. We’re not just reacting to the cyber landscape; we’re shaping it by actively working with international law enforcement and policy organizations. This is cybersecurity with a conscience, and it’s just the beginning,said Matthew Schoenfeld, President of Fortra.

Fortra is developing the platform alongside its customers to ensure they get the first-class experience they’ve come to expect from the company. Fortra’s mission is to be a cybersecurity ally, helping organizations detect and mitigate against an ever-growing number of cyber threats and face their toughest challenges with confidence.

“It’s rare to see a company think like this about security. It’s a very smart approach you are taking, and I can see why you’re doing as well as you are. Fortra is much more valuable to me now than just a single product,” CISO, UK-based investment provider.

“When Fortra brings all of these products together into a platform, you will be number one,” Fortune 500 Aerospace and Defense Company.  

Fortra has created a simpler, stronger, and more straightforward future for cybersecurity by offering a portfolio of integrated and scalable solutions. Work with Fortra and don’t let the doom and gloom of cyberthreats get to you. Learn more about them at

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