Protect Yourself from Threats and Fraud With XTN

By Guido Ronchetti, CTO of XTN Cognitive Security

XTN develops Behavioral-based Fraud and Threat Protection solutions designed to defend digital businesses. Our security solutions are Cognitive, using proprietary AI algorithms. We also employ behavioral biometric analysis, both to guarantee complete user profiling, and to evaluate and block anomalies and threats in real-time.

Our award-winning Cognitive Security Platform®, specialized in behavioral in-app protection, fraud protection, and digital identity areas, provides our customers with the highest level of security and a fast return on investment.

The XTN team, young, eclectic, and highly qualified, is constantly developing our solutions to remain one step ahead of adversaries. XTN is a global company with offices in Italy, the USA, and the UK.

Cognitive Security                     

In 2014, we selected XTN Cognitive Security as the name for our company.  Cognitive Security is at the heart of what we do and represents the technological approach used in the development of our solution. Our intent was predictive of a phenomenon that spread years later. Our intention was to explain that we transformed human skills into artificial intelligence, creating our solutions. Cognitive Security is the application of artificial intelligence technologies, modeled on human thought processes, to detect security threats. Our experience in cybersecurity has been digitized to offer real-time, autonomous, efficient, scalable, and accurate evaluation flows. Since learning algorithms make it possible for cognitive systems to constantly mine data and knowledge through advanced analytics, our focus is to refine methods and processes continuously, so the system learns to anticipate threats and generates proactive responses. Our collective experience in cybersecurity is encoded into our products. This enables us to process and analyze huge volumes of data and identify threats impossible for a human to detect.

Behavioral Biometrics

In a world where compliance requirements, reputation protection, UX-based differentiation, and cost reduction are top priorities for the vast majority of businesses, Behavioral Biometrics solutions are gaining traction. Institutions and industry leaders mention them as an effective way to migrate users to modern authentication flows, minimizing friction. Various industries are facing the same need: strongly identifying users and preventing Fraud, affordably and without added complexity.

It is important to clarify that when we talk about Behavioral Biometrics, we don’t mean physical biometrics involving innate human characteristics (for example, fingerprints, face, or iris).  Behavioral Biometrics is the discipline related to uniquely identifying and measuring patterns in human activities. The potential is to provide a powerful way to prevent identity-related fraud and malware-based or bot attacks. Our behavioral biometrics provides an effective way to improve your security posture without disrupting your users’ experience and without hardware requirements.

Our technology provides smart solutions identifying and measuring patterns. Patterns are activities that could be related to a device and how we interact with it, to a geo-location, or to service-related habits (the usual amount in a payment transaction, the day of the week or hour of the day the user usually operates, the functionality often accessed, etc.).

Our Cognitive Security Platform® features Behavioral Biometrics as a central piece for our user-focused analysis. It allows us to continuously evaluate the anomalies in interacting with the service, allowing the required countermeasures to be dynamic, saving the user from unnecessary friction.

We continuously develop smart solutions that are easy to use, impactful, and cost-effective.

Technology fields

Cybersecurity skills, AI, and behavioral analysis allow us to ensure the protection of our customers’ digital services and their users through the award-winning Cognitive Security Platform ®, which features in-app protection, fraud protection, and digital identity components.

Behavioral In-app Protection

In-App protection is a security solution implemented within an application to make it more resistant to attacks. When you distribute a security-critical app to consumers or to enterprise users, you want to be sure that no one can attack it. You should deploy technology capable of protecting the app itself and reporting to you if something goes wrong.

Modern In-App Protection should provide three features:

  • Multiple threats detection: ranging from malware presence up to misconfiguration of security conditions inside the endpoint. It should provide runtime detection, evaluation, and reporting.
  • Behavioral Analysis: It should use to analyze user behavior and detect anomalies.
  • Active App Protection: It should provide active and configurable countermeasures within the application that will prevent your app from working under certain conditions. The main functionalities to implement should be obfuscation and encryption in order to protect the app’s assets from reverse engineering attempts (even if the app is not running).

Traditional In-App focuses only on the application as an asset extrapolated from the context. What differentiates us is having a comprehensive vision that considers both the user who accesses the service and the service that is used.

Modern threats are not black and white. Recognizing them requires intelligent processes. Reporting is required to trust the effectiveness of the countermeasure.

At XTN, we have designed a Behavioral In-App Protection solution, using AI in the process of threat detection, providing intelligent tools to protect your app-based services.

Digital Identity

Our solutions generate an effective profile of your customers’ digital identity using dynamic digital indicators and guaranteeing high levels of security and fluid user experience. Digital identity validation relies on different layers through the XTN Cognitive Security Platform®: behavioral biometrics features, endpoint trust, and cryptographic quantities. These layers help us align the authentication mechanism based on endpoint trust or risk eliminating any friction and include continuous behavioral analysis to recognize anomalies.

Fraud protection

The Cognitive Security Platform is a comprehensive fraud protection ecosystem. Our approach is to correlate different layers of analysis to obtain a holistic view used to detect fraudulent events. The platform considers the posture of the endpoint used to access a critical service, the digital identity of the user, and the risk profiling related to the business content of events. Our technology relies on artificial intelligence for accuracy. Our technology combines different needs that are mandatory in the fraud analysis space: Behavioral perspective, awareness of and insight into risk causes, flexibility, and real-time response. We address the challenge of providing visibility about fraud attempts coming from consumer-facing or internal critical services. The financial

sector is one of our reference markets, where limiting payment-related fraud is imperative. Other markets also need this protection. We are working in the automotive industry to protect digital services in the context of Connected Cars.

XTN offers a comprehensive set of solutions, protecting you from fraud and security threats while keeping your digital service easy to manage and transparent to your end-user.

Contact us to discover more about what we can do for your business.

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About the Author

Protect Yourself from Threats and Fraud With XTNGuido Ronchetti is the CTO of XTN Cognitive Security. In his career, he has been involved in designing several security products. In XTN one of its primary aims has been to apply machine learning models to behavioral related security problems.

April 3, 2020

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