The speech of Mobile Trust Telecommunications’ General director Anatoly Klepov at Business Security Forum (18 March 2015, CeBIT 2015, Hannover).


Era of mobile phones starts in 2015. This is confirmed by numbers: as of right now there are more than 6 billion cell phones and only 1,5 billion PC’s in use.

In the nearest future 80% of all Internet connections will be done with the use of mobile phones.

Mobile phones become an irreplaceable part of the modern life.

It is surprising that, according to the Gartner research company, only 5% of all investments in information security are spent on this important aspect of our life. This is a very small number and probably it’s one of the reasons why hackers have annual revenue estimated at more than 400 billion dollars. According to the British parliament, hackers now earn more than drug dealers.

How can this critical situation be explained and is there any way out?

Technical capabilities of hackers can be compared with those of the world’s special services. They can pick 56 billion passwords per second using regular graphic processors one could buy in a store! 2-3 years ago this was available only to the special services.

Rising hackers’ revenue attracts more and more people trying to get rich fast, and those probably include former special services personnel that dealt with information attacks and the enemy’s recourses and recovery of secret data for their government.

21st century in this aspect resembles 15th century when pirates of the Caribbean had ships that were more efficient in terms of battle efficiency and mobility that those of the greatest countries – England, Spain, Portugal. It’s not a secret that that those pirates previously served in English, Spanish and Portuguese royal fleets and got their excellent military education there.

We see the same situation nowadays on the information battlefield. Even the US president Barack Obama called himself “a supporter of strong encryption” at the cybersecurity summit that took place on February 13, 2015, at Stanford University.

2015 can be called the year of the new hardware encryption era. Right now we have more reasons to consider implementing a more profound information security system. Software security system have numerous vulnerabilities making them exploitable by hackers: this includes password hacking, theft of encryption keys, hacking of key length etc.

Only hardware encryption devices implemented in the systems allowing the users to generate encryption keys can resist modern hackers.

On this exhibition Mobile Trust Telecommunications company presented its unique solution – STEALTHPHONE information security system.

STEALTHPHONE information security system is built on STEALTHPHONE HARD hardware encryption device with its own low-language operating system allowing to repel all hacker attacks.

Why is STEALTHPHONE information security system revolutionary?

  1. STEALTHPHONE information security system provides hardware information security not only for mobile phones, but also for personal computers. There’s no similar system in this world.
  2. STEALTHPHONE information security system can transmit data not only via its own Stealthphone IP system, but also via existing communication channels like GSM, satellite, landline as well as IP-telephony applications like Skype, Viber with the use of our own unique CRYPTO VOICE OVER GSM technology. All of it is incorporated in one device – STEALTHPHONE HARD.


STEALTHPHONE HARD hardware encryption device is connected to a cell phone like a regular Bluetooth headset.

It is compatible with mobile phones on Android, IOS, Windows Phone, Blackberry, as well as analogue and satellite phones.

STEALTHPHONE HARD hardware encryption device is developed in accordance with the requirements of engineering and cryptographic security and the TEMPEST standard.

STEALTHPHONE information security system is designed for:

  • State organizations like the army, police, government organizations and so on
  • Corporations, for example: banks, financial organizations, medical, legal companies and so on
  • Small and medium enterprises
  • Individuals


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April 2, 2015

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