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Network Monitoring Solutions and Their Contribution Towards Developing A Robust IT Infrastructure

Network Monitoring Solutions and Their Contribution Towards Developing A Robust IT Infrastructure

Network monitoring solutions are becoming increasingly vital given that they help detect abnormalities in IoT device functionality & prevent attacks before they take place. As IoT continues to disrupt the global technology landscape, the vulnerability of IoT devices to malware will keep increasing. Increasing malware attacks, network outages, and more have an adverse impact on enterprise infrastructure, prompting the implementation of efficient network monitoring solutions. The proliferation of smart cities will also lead to the demand for a highly sophisticated infrastructure equipped with advanced technologies, making the entire urban ecosystem susceptible to performance problems and discrepancies. This will increase the demand for network monitoring solutions and emphasize their significance in the global technology spectrum, a gist of which has been given in this post.

By Saloni Walimbe, Content Writer at Global Market Insights, Inc.

In order to facilitate smooth operations in the increasingly technology-driven industry space, businesses are becoming more and more reliant on their network to accommodate client demands. In short, networks are the lifeline for any modern enterprise. This means that even the slightest slowdown or discrepancy in network performance can create significant disruptions in the IT infrastructure of a business.

Considering the impact of network outages and performance issues, in terms of both productivity as well as cost, it is essential for enterprises of all sizes to have an efficient network management solution in place, to enable proactive measures towards resolving performance problems and gaining valuable network insights. One of the most essential network management tools is network monitoring.

For IT professionals, network monitoring is a vital discipline. Network monitoring tools are designed to be proactive as well as reactive, which means they can preemptively detect discrepancies in the system, helping to avoid system crashes before they occur.

Essentially, network monitoring solutions are tools that allow IT, administrators, to monitor networks more efficiently. Solutions across the network monitoring market are vast and varied, depending on myriad factors including system specifics, automation, as well as business size & scale.

Burgeoning requirement for IoT security solutions

The emergence of advanced technologies, from connected devices to cloud computing to IoT (Internet of Things) has added great impetus to the adoption of network monitoring tools across the industrial landscape.

Studies suggest that IoT could become a multi-trillion-dollar industrial sphere by 2020. As such, IoT is already making its mark across several industries, including transportation, healthcare, utilities, manufacturing, etc. The technology is anticipated to assert a significant influence on professional and consumer lives across the globe, in addition to transforming perceptions regarding networks in general.

Despite its revolutionary nature, however, IoT does have one major area of concern, security. Lack of efficient IoT security solutions has posed a considerable challenge for IoT adoption. For instance, IoT devices are highly susceptible to malware attacks. One of the most notable malware strains to affect IoT devices was Mirai, in 2016. The malware, which affected security cameras and wireless routers, led to a massive DDoS attack on Dyn, the internet provider for prominent sites including Spotify, Twitter, and more.

Given this vulnerability of IoT devices, network monitoring is an ideal solution to detect abnormalities in their performance and prevent attacks before they take place.

Key players in the network monitoring industry are taking stock of this and developing innovative solutions that offer robust IoT security. For example, PathSolutions, a network performance management firm, has recently introduced its TotalView 10 solution, which can offer network security policy monitoring, IP address management, device monitoring, among other benefits to IoT devices. The technology helps monitor the network for unauthorized access and identifies any suspicious activities which could indicate potential security breaches.

The emergence of smart cities and the subsequent requirement for a strong network infrastructure

In an effort to become more technology-driven and smart, many local municipalities have adopted technologies like IoT enabled devices, used across myriad applications including traffic systems, smart street lighting, CCTV cameras, public security systems, etc., through smart networks and data collection. For example, Boston and Baltimore’s municipalities have deployed smart garbage cans that can communicate their existing capacities, making it easier for municipal systems to plan suitable routing for disposal services.

With the development of smart cities expected to make such a prolific impact on efficiencies and resource management, a robust infrastructure becomes paramount. The ideal smart infrastructure is a network of networks, using sophisticated technologies alongside integrated network management solutions, allowing for higher visibility, cost reductions, and enhanced reliability of network infrastructures, operations, and services.

Considering the prevalence of such IT infrastructures in smart city development, one of the most essential components of these cities is a network monitoring solution that can connect with distinct network elements and facilitate a smooth flow of information between systems.

One such network monitoring tool is Montdata’s log management & network management solution. This tool allows smart city IT administrators to manage and supervise the entire smart city infrastructure including servers, firewalls, network traffic, sensors, CCTV, and other network elements, using a single dashboard.

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