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Measuring the Effectivity of Security with Data Analysis

Measuring the Effectivity of Security with Data Analysis

By Howie Robleza, Freelance Writer, Avigilon

Effective security strategies are fundamental to the success of any business with both physical and cyber security of equal importance. Businesses, even with the most brilliant ideas or superlative products, will not succeed and survive if a secure working environment is not maintained and sensitive information and data are not protected. Profit, customer relations, and potential expansion can all be sabotaged by lax security.

The Need for Security Evaluation Tools

The digital revolution has undoubtedly facilitated industry and commercial entities in their operations, but it has also opened the door to a new generation of security challenges. Scams and viruses are constantly attacking business operations while hackers are developing new methods for penetrating security processes making online security among the top priorities for companies. Security data analysis is one very effective tool for the evaluation and verification of the effectiveness of security protocols.

The inevitable integration of physical and cyber security strategies has brought a new series of control challenges. Integrated security methods can benefit significantly from data analysis evaluation from building security cameras to sensitive data storage. Many companies will hire data analysts to identify anomalies and vulnerabilities in security processes. They then implement security protocols to address these challenges, but with today’s evolving technology, security processes must be measured for their continuing effectiveness. Companies need to ensure that security protocols function well.

How Are Security Controls Measured for Effectiveness Using Data Analysis?

There are several methods for evaluating if security systems work and if and how they can be improved.

Track Incidents, Response Times, and Results

The data analysis of incidents is one of the more important and efficacious tools when judging security protocols for their effectiveness. Incidents happen in many forms, from an employee not being able to access an email account to corruption observed on company devices. Incidents can supply important information such as how quickly the incident was reported, how quickly the problem was addressed and resolved, how the problem was resolved, and how often the problem or incident occurred. By analyzing risks and results more effective strategies can be developed for the future by identifying vulnerabilities and patterns.

Make Use of Security Audits Against Company Servers at Regular Intervals

Cybersecurity audits function as fake attacks on your company’s business operations. They should be managed by security risk experts. These simulated cyberattacks are intended to identify weaknesses in software used and in servers. Often viruses or malware appear in the form of phishing, emails, and website links that infiltrate and access company data, corrupting it. Hackers may introduce ransomware to block data and extort money. Weaknesses and potential entry points must be eliminated.

Check Entitlements and Permissions

Many businesses concede access to various types of information through their websites to clients. They are also supplied to company employees and team members. Known as entitlements and permissions, these become potential security risks. If these permissions are violated, hackers can obtain access to company systems and data which can then be used for gain. All entitlements and permissions need to be verified and evaluated to protect them from hacking.

Assess Employee Risks and Conduct Regular Training

The weakest link in any organization is the employee pool. Often hackers will prey on employees to access a company’s business servers. With proper training, employees can offer an important line of defense and contribute to increasing company security. Employees should be educated on all security matters and protocols pertinent to their work.

Risk assessments of employees are an important factor in ensuring security. When monitoring employees through data analysis regarding incidents, some employees may be identified as experiencing more frequent incidents. This should be analyzed in relation to their workflow. These employees may need better training on security risks and protocols to protect the company. High-risk employee behavior needs to be identified and mitigated. Guidelines for security protocols should be provided to team members with instructions on how to handle emails from unknown sources as well as links to unknown websites. This will aid in limiting the risks that hackers will be able to access your company’s sensitive data.

Security Effectiveness Is Vital to Business Success

Company success and expansion are just as dependent on security and safety measures as on the quality of the services and products it provides. Measuring the effectiveness of security protocols will aid management in identifying vulnerabilities and anomalies in security risk management and correcting them. This will increase customer satisfaction as clients prefer to work with companies that have high levels of security to protect sensitive data.

Security procedures need to be constantly overseen, re-evaluated, and updated as a proactive method for maintaining company safety. This is especially important for small businesses that are often targeted because they invest less in IT security. All businesses, from small family ventures to large corporations must invest in cybersecurity and then constantly check its effectiveness to guarantee survival as much as success.

About the Author

Measuring the Effectivity of Security with Data AnalysisHowie Robleza, a freelance writer is interested in tech, legal, and property trends. When she’s not writing, she works in commercial property management.

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