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Major Challenges in Cybersecurity and How Seceon helping to Overcome those

Major Challenges in Cybersecurity and How Seceon helping to Overcome those.

By Chandra S Pandey, Founder & CEO, Seceon Inc.

Challenges in Cybersecurity Industry are as dynamic as the changes coming in Technology every day. When the world is growing fast with technology organizations should focus to enhances their IT infrastructure. Business must secure their valuable assets and ensure to have a 360-degree view of Comprehensive Cybersecurity Solutions that can take care of any known or unknown challenges in this growing Era.

There are several challenges that the industry is facing in terms of Cybersecurity be it from unawareness to convincing the management to go for the right solution within budget.

Here are some of the Major Challenges :

  • Unawareness -Businesses are growing as per their particular industry sector demand, totally unaware of what an attack such as Ransomware can take away from them.
  • Identifying the Right Choice Solution – The market is flooded with too many solutions each featuring solutions to a particular problem, not focused on solving all real challenges within a single platform.
  • Basic Hygiene – The basic Hygiene IT environment using such antivirus, Firewall  EDR, and others cannot help to provide full proof of security.
  • Change from on-prem to Remote Working Model(Hybrid) – As per the Scenario in the last few years the entire world has changed its way of working, lot of devices got added to the environment, and securing them at different locations outside the system, became the major challenges due to death of parameters.
  • Unidentified Security Patches– Missing Unknown patches in the System become gateways to vulnerabilities.
  • Lack of Resources – Using too many SILO solutions coming from different vendors, takes lot of time in training the resources, undergoes various complexity, and does not provide the desired Security Posture Improvement.
  • Budget – Not able to find solution Suitable for any Size Businesses within the budget

What do Seceon do to Overcome the Challenges?

Seceon Follows the Holistic approach of Providing Comprehensive Cybersecurity for the Digital Era for any size Organization. It goes beyond the traditional approach of the SILO solution. Its industry-first fully automated platform with Comprehensive Visibility, proactive threat detection, and auto-stopping of threats and beaches in Real-time covering all the compliance needs.

Along with providing Comprehensive Cybersecurity, it does Focus on enhancing the Security Posture continuously.

The platform empowers Enterprises and MSSPs to analyze operational security data, manage threats and vulnerabilities, and respond to security incidents threats in real-time providing zero-trust security for an enterprise.

The platform uses dynamic threat models, behavioral analytics, advanced machine learning (ML), artificial intelligence (AI) with proprietary feature engineering and dynamic threat detection algorithms without a need to establish rules. It is unique, as it is capable of handling millions of inputs (logs, flows, identities) and correlates them together generating prioritized threat alerts in real-time, enabling organizations to detect cyber threats quickly, at the earliest stage, and to stop them as they happen, preventing the infliction of extensive corporate damage. Moreover, the platform is environment-agnostic and supports deployment on-premises, multi-cloud or a hybrid and has subscription-based licensing.

There are 3 key platform Seceon have :

  • Seceon aiSIEM for Mid-to-Large Enterprise Businesses goes beyond any traditional or Next Gen-SIEM (having limited capabilities and focus on manual co-relation)

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  • Seceon aiMSSP provides MSSP  to offer Security Services which include 24*7 security monitoring threat intelligence, detection, and remediation in Real-time, at nominal and predictable linear costs.

Here is one of Many MSSP Success Story.

Major Challenges in Cybersecurity and How Seceon helping to Overcome those.

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  • Seceon aiXDR completes Seceon’s vision of Providing Comprehensive Cybersecurity for any size organization. It gathers deep insight from endpoints, servers, network devices, applications, IoT, and security systems within a single pane of glass.
  • Seceon Solution is Highly focused on Real-time, Behaviour based Correlation with Dynamic Threat Models, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence along with Basic Signature Based Concepts.
  • It’s a Solution with all capabilities of SIEM, SOAR, UEBA, ML, AI, DTM, IPS, IDS, NBAD, NTA, EDR, VA within a single platform.

Major Challenges in Cybersecurity and How Seceon helping to Overcome those.

Confusion with too Many XDR

All Vendor claiming to provide complete XDR does not really do that, Most of the XDR solution in the market is the combination of any security feature like SIEM, IPS, IDS, etc. plus EDR which does not solve the purpose of providing a Comprehensive Cybersecurity Solution, and due to these Gap one or the other day we here about the different form of attacks not captured by different solution.

Here is the difference, to understand Other XDR vs Seceon aiXDR

Major Challenges in Cybersecurity and How Seceon helping to Overcome those.

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Our Deployments – Fact and Figures.

Seceon has done 6000+ Global installations to Date. We have 150+ MSSPs and 250+ Partners all across the Globe.

Major Challenges in Cybersecurity and How Seceon helping to Overcome those.

Here are a few of Many Real Customer Case study, to understand the deep value platform has added in their infrastructure.

Major Challenges in Cybersecurity and How Seceon helping to Overcome those.

Any Many more.

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About the Author

Chandra S Pandey AuthorChandra S Pandey, Founder & CEO, Seceon Inc. 20+ years’ experience in Networking and cybersecurity industry creating multiple industry changing platform in startups and large businesses.

As Seceon’s CEO he works closely with customers to define and address the problems, implications, consequences and solutions of defending corporate assets in today’s highly-connected enterprise. Chandra holds multiple patents in application virtualization, highly scalable data center architecture, scalable multicast distribution and power optimization for high performance computers.

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