Introducing Insider Threat Training – So Critically Important

We’re Thrilled to Share This Exclusive Offer

from The Insider Threat Defense Group

Whether purposeful or accidental, most breaches are a result of an insider threat.

This is a rare opportunity to take one of the best Insider Threat Training programs available, and we wanted to share this CDM EXCLUSIVE opportunity with our readers.

Introducing Insider Threat Training – So Critically Important

Gary S. Miliefsky, CISSP, Publisher
Cyber Defense Magazine 


Insider Threat Program Development – Management Training 


This 2 day training course will ensure the Insider Threat Program (ITP) Manager / Senior Official, and others who support the ITP (Insider Threat Analyst, FSO, CSO, CISO, CIO / IT, Human Resources, Etc.), have the Core Knowledge, Blueprint, Resources needed to detect and mitigate employee threats, and for developing, managing or enhancing an ITP / ITP Working Group.


This training does more then just help organizations develop and manage ITP’s. We help organizations get to the root of employee threats (Detecting, Mitigating), BEFORE they become very costly and damaging to an organization. Some organizations choose to implement an ITP to holistically manage employee threats. This training is also very well suited for any organization or business that is not required to implement an ITP, but is concerned with employee threat identification and mitigation.


This training exceeds the requirements for establishing an ITP per National Insider Threat Policy, NISPOM Conforming Change 2, and other compliance regulations requiring Insider Threat detection and mitigation, to ensure your organization has a robust and effective ITP.


Upcoming Training Courses / Special Pricing


The Insider Threat Defense Group (ITDG) will offer special pricing for the next 3 training classes we have scheduled in 2019. If a company sends more then 1 individual to the training, the cost for the second individual will be 1/2 price. Or you could ask a friend from another organization and split the cost of the training.


Individual Cost: $1,295.00 /2 People: $1,942.50 ($971.25 Each)


Please see the course brochure links below, for complete details on each class.


May 13-14, 2019 / Washington, DC
ITP Development – Management Training 

Link To Brochure


June 25-26, 2019 / Washington, DC
ITP Program Management 360 Training 
(ITP Development / Management, Legal, Behavioral Science)

Link To Brochure


July 15-16, 2019 / Mountain View, California
ITP Development – Management Training 

Link To Brochure


Complete details on upcoming classes, and registration information can be found on this link:


To register 2 individuals together on the Eventbrite registration page, select 1/2 Price Student Special.


Overview Of The ITDG

The ITDG provides a full suite of Insider Threat Mitigation training and services to our clients.


The ITDG has provided training and services to an impressive list of 550+ clients (In Over 14 U.S. States); U.S. Government Agencies (Department of Defense, Intelligence Community), Defense Contractors, Defense Security Service, Critical Infrastructure Providers, Fortune 500 Companies, Aviation / Airline Industry, Spacecraft Manufacturing- Launch Providers, Technology Companies, Banking – Financial Industry, Health Care Industry, and other large-small businesses and global corporations.


Over 700+ individuals have attended our training and received ITP Program Manager Certificates.


Client Listing

Our client satisfactions levels are in the exceptional range. We provide our clients with the Gold Standard for successful Insider Threat Mitigation. We encourage you to read the feedback from our clients.


Student / Client Satisfaction & Comments

How damaging and costly can an Insider Threat incident be? Visit this link for some eye opening examples.


Jim Henderson, CISSP, CCISO
CEO Insider Threat Defense Group, Inc.

Insider Threat Program Development / Management Training Course Instructor
Insider Threat Analyst, Vulnerability Assessor & Mitigation Specialist
Founder / Chairman Of The National Insider Threat Special Interest Group
888-363-7241 / 561-809-6800
[email protected]
[email protected]

May 3, 2019

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