InfoSec Awards 2019 – Winners!

Welcome to the InfoSec Awards for 2019. It’s been nearly six months in the making – our annual review of the hottest, most innovative, best, market leaders, next-generation and cutting edge INFOSEC companies offering incredible products and services. This year we decided to also include and give credit to a small list of public relations firms that do a great job to help get the word out about these innovators and we’ve included a small list of very important people to keep an eye on – because they are making a difference.

We scoured the globe and found over 3,000 companies who create and offer the most respected InfoSec products and services. Some of them you have never even heard of until today. Some are startups and some are early stage. Some are bigger known players. But what they all have in common is a drive for innovation. They truly want to help you get ahead of the next breach. They are on a mission to help you comply with regulations, stop the cyber-criminals, hackers, hacktivists, cyber terrorists and threats against critical infrastructure. They offer solutions for businesses and government agencies of all sizes, big and small.

The judging was challenging and difficult and we’ve even had some ties this year where two vendors deserved the same award such as Hot Company or Innovator, for example. We’re thrilled to announce the winners – please let them know you found them in Cyber Defense Magazine, approximately 200 of the best Infosec vendors to consider for your arsenal at getting ahead of the next threat!

Here are the winners in alphabetical order by company name:

A10 NetworksCutting Edge5G Security
360 Enterprise Security GroupNext GenBring Your Own Device (BYOD)
360 Enterprise Security GroupCutting EdgeCloud Security
360 Enterprise Security GroupBest ProductThreat Intelligence
A10 NetworksBest ProductDDoS Protection
AdaptivaHot CompanyEndpoint Security
AlcideBreakoutCloud Security
AlienVault, an AT&T companyMarket LeaderCloud Security
AlienVault, an AT&T companyMarket LeaderThreat Intelligence
AltaroCutting EdgeData Loss Prevention
Ampex Data SystemsCutting EdgeCritical Infrastructure Protection
ApconNext GenHybrid Network Visibility
ARPRPublisher’s ChoicePR Firm for Infosec Companies
Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise companyMarket LeaderBring Your Own Device (BYOD)
Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise companyLeading EdgeInsider Threat Detection
Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise companyHot CompanyNetwork Access Control (NAC)
Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise companyBest ProductUser Behavior Analytics
ATAR LABSNext GenSecurity Orchestration Automation and Response (SOAR)
Attivo Networks®Best ProductAdvanced Persistent Threat (APT) Detection and Response
Attivo Networks®Market LeaderDeception Based Security
AvananCutting EdgeAnti-Phishing
AwakeNext GenCybersecurity Analytics
AxiCom USHot CompanyPR Firm for Infosec Companies
Barrier1Cutting EdgeCyber Security
BigIDCutting EdgePrivacy Management Software
Bill Holtz, SectigoMost InnovativeChief Executive of the Year
Bob Ackerman, AllegisCyberMarket LeaderCybersecurity Investor
BrinqaGroundbreaking CompanyApplication Security
BrinqaBest ProductVulnerability Management
Bufferzone SecurityMarket LeaderCyber Security
Carbon BlackBest ProductEndpoint Security
Catherine A. Allen, Santa Fe GroupCutting EdgeWomen in Cybersecurity
Ceasar Pie, CSIOS CorporationNext GenChief Executive of the Year
CentrifyBest ProductPrivileged Account Security
Cequence SecurityNext GenWeb Application Security
CheckmarxMarket LeaderApplication Security
CircadenceEditor’s ChoiceCybersecurity Training
Citrix SystemsMarket LeaderAccess Control
CloudbricHot CompanyWebsite Security
Code42Next GenData Loss Prevention
Code42Next GenInsider Threat Detection
CofenseBest ProductAnti-Phishing
ColorTokensState of the ArtApplication Security
ColorTokensBreakoutCloud Security
ColorTokensHot CompanyData Center Security
ColorTokensPublisher’s ChoiceEndpoint Security
ColorTokensMost InnovativeMicro-segmentation
ColorTokensNext GenSecurity Company of the Year
Contrast SecurityEditor’s ChoiceApplication Security
CorelightMost InnovativeNetwork Security and Management
CoSoSysHot CompanyData Loss Prevention
CounterCraftNext GenDeception Based Security
CSIOS CorporationHot CompanyCybersecurity Service Provider
CSIOS CorporationMost InnovativeInsider Threat Detection
CyberArkMarket LeaderPrivileged Account Security
CybereasonNext GenCybersecurity Company of the Year
CybereasonBest ProductEndpoint Detection & Response
CyberGRXBreakoutThird-Party Risk Management (TPRM)
CylanceMarket LeaderSecurity Company of the Year
Cylance IncMarket LeaderEndpoint Security
CymulateCutting EdgeBreach and Attack Simulation
D3 SecurityEditor’s ChoiceIncident Response
Dan Chmielewski, Madison Alexander PREditor’s ChoicePR Executive for Infosec Companies
DarktraceMarket LeaderArtificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
DarktraceTrailblazingCloud Security
DarktraceLeading EdgeEnterprise Security
DarktraceHot CompanyICS/SCADA
DarktraceBest ProductInternet of Things Security
Darren Guccione, Keeper SecurityCutting EdgeChief Executive of the Year
Dave DeWalt, NightDragon SecurityMost InnovativeCybersecurity Investor
DB CyberTechBest ProductData Loss Prevention
DBAppSecurityBreakoutSecurity Information Event Management (SIEM)
DemistoMost InnovativeIncident Response
Denim GroupCutting EdgeApplication Security
Denim GroupEditor’s ChoiceVulnerability Assessment, Remediation and Management
Digital ShadowsCutting EdgeRisk Management
DivvyCloudEditor’s ChoiceCloud Security
Dr. Ambareen Siraj, Tennessee TechEditor’s ChoiceWomen in Cybersecurity
EclecticIQNext GenThreat Intelligence
EdgeWaveMarket LeaderAnti-Phishing
EdgeWaveBest ProductDeep Sea Phishing
EdgeWaveHot CompanyEmail Security and Management
Enea (Qosmos Division)Most InnovativeForensics
Enea (Qosmos Division)Cutting EdgeThreat Hunting
EquinixHot CompanyCloud Security
EquinixPublisher’s ChoiceSaaS/Cloud Security
Ericom® SoftwareHot CompanyAnti-Malware
Ericom® SoftwareCutting EdgeEndpoint Security
ERP MaestroCutting EdgeAccess Control
ExperianMarket LeaderFraud Prevention
ExtraHopBest ProductCybersecurity Analytics
ExtraHopState of the ArtEnterprise Security
FireMonCutting EdgeNetwork Security and Management
FluencyBest ProductCentral Log Management
ForescoutCutting EdgeIoT Security
ForescoutMarket LeaderNetwork Access Control (NAC)
FortanixBest ProductCloud Security
FortanixMost InnovativeEncryption
GEOACL LLCCutting EdgeAuthentication and Verification Technology
GigamonMost InnovativeProduct of the Year
Gigi Schumm, ThreatQuotientPublisher’s ChoiceWomen in Cybersecurity
Global Learning SystemsHot CompanyCompliance
Global Learning SystemsBest ProductCybersecurity Training
Global Learning SystemsMarket LeaderSecurity Training
GTB TechnologiesMost InnovativeData Loss Prevention
HelpSystemsMarket LeaderManaged File Transfer
HelpSystemsTrailblazingSecurity and Integrity Monitoring
Herjavec GroupMarket LeaderIdentity and Access Management
Herjavec GroupMost InnovativeManaged Security Service Provider
Herjavec GroupPublisher’s ChoiceSecurity Company of the Year
Hillstone NetworksNext GenCloud Protection
Hillstone NetworksBreakoutCybersecurity Analytics
Hillstone NetworksMost InnovativeData Center Security
HornetsecurityMost InnovativeSaaS/Cloud Security
HysolateMost InnovativeEndpoint Security
HyTrustPublisher’s ChoiceCloud Security
IdaptiveCutting EdgeIdentity and Access Management
InfoSec InstituteEditor’s ChoiceSecurity Training & Awareness for Employees
InfoSec InstitutePublisher’s ChoiceSecurity Training for InfoSec Professionals
InkyMost InnovativeDeep Sea Phishing
InsignaryNext GenVulnerability Assessment, Remediation and Management
Inspired eLearning LLCGroundbreaking CompanyAnti-phishing
Inspired eLearning LLCCutting EdgeSecurity Training
IntezerCutting EdgeIncident Response
IntezerCutting EdgeMalware Analysis
Intrinsic IDGroundbreaking CompanyInternet of Things (IoT) Security
IntSightsGroundbreaking CompanyEnterprise Security
iovationMost InnovativeMulti-factor Authentication
IRONSCALESEditor’s ChoiceDeep Sea Phishing
iStorageBest ProductEncryption
iTrustCutting EdgeVendor Risk Management Platform
IxiaGroundbreaking CompanyCloud Security
JumioBest ProductBiometrics
JumioMarket LeaderCompliance
JumioBest ProductFraud Prevention
Keeper SecurityPublisher’s ChoiceCybersecurity Password Management
Kenna SecurityHot CompanyVulnerability Management
KnowBe4Editor’s ChoiceAnti-Phishing
KnowBe4Next GenSecurity Training
LastlineEditor’s ChoiceSecurity Software
Light Point SecurityHot CompanyBrowser Isolation
LogMeInBest ProductIdentity Management
LogRhythmMarket LeaderSecurity Information Event Management (SIEM)
LogRhythmMarket LeaderUser Behavior Analytics
M2MIMost InnovativeInternet of Things (IoT) Security
Madison Alexander PRHot CompanyPR Firm for Infosec Companies
ManagedMethodsBest ProductSaaS/Cloud Security
MAPRMost InnovativeSecurity Orchestration Automation and Response (SOAR)
Mischel Kwon, MKACyberHot CompanyWomen in Cybersecurity
N2WSLeading EdgeCloud Security
Nozomi NetworksBest ProductICS/SCADA Security
Nozomi NetworksHot CompanyThreat Intelligence
NSA.govTrailblazingInternet of Things (IoT) Encryption
NSFOCUSState of the ArtCloud Security
NtrepidCutting EdgeDeception Based Security
NtrepidBest ProductDigital Footprint Security
Nuspire NetworksNext GenEndpoint Security
ObserveITBest ProductInsider Threat Detection
OculeusMost InnovativeTelecoms Fraud Protection
OnapsisMarket LeaderERP Security
OneTrustEditor’s ChoiceIncident and Breach Management
OneTrustBest ProductPrivacy Management Software
OneTrustBest ProductVendor Risk Management
Owl Cyber DefenseBest ProductCritical Infrastructure Protection
Owl Cyber DefenseBest ProductSecurity Hardware
PC PitstopEditor’s ChoiceAnti-Malware
PcysysNext GenNetwork Penetration Testing Tools
Ping IdentityEditor’s ChoiceIdentity and Access Management
PlixerEditor’s ChoiceNetwork Security and Management
PortnoxBest ProductNetwork Access Control (NAC)
ProficioMarket LeaderManaged Detection and Response
ProficioHot CompanyManaged Security Service Provider
ProficioMost InnovativeSOC-as-a-Service Provider
R9BMost InnovativeAdvanced Persistent Threat (APT) Detection and Response
R9BBest ProductIdentity and Access Management
R9BBest ProductSecurity Software
Rajiv Gupta, McAfeeNext GenSecurity Expert of the Year
Recorded FutureEditor’s ChoiceThreat Intelligence
RedSealCutting EdgeCompliance
RedSealLeading EdgeNetwork Security and Management
Regent UniversityTrailblazingCyber Defense Training
ResecurityHot CompanyAdvanced Persistent Threat (APT) Detection and Response
ResecurityEditor’s ChoiceEndpoint Security
ResecurityHot CompanyEnterprise Security
ResecurityMost InnovativeThreat Intelligence
RibbonNext GenNetwork Security and Management
RisingNext GenAnti-Malware
Robert Herjavec, HerjavecGroupTrailblazingCybersecurity Executive of the Year
SafeGuard CyberNext GenCompliance
SafeGuard CyberCutting EdgeSaaS/Cloud Security
SafeGuard CyberBest ProductSocial Media, Web Filtering, and Content Security
SafeLogicMarket LeaderEncryption
Santa Fe GroupNext GenThird-Party Risk Management (TPRM)
SeceonHot CompanyMSSP Platform
SeceonNext GenSecurity Information Event Management (SIEM)
SectigoNext GenDeep Sea Phishing
SectigoHot CompanyIdentity Management
SectigoPublisher’s ChoiceInternet of Things (IoT) Security
Secure ChannelsMost InnovativeEmail Security and Management
Secure ChannelsNext GenEncryption
Secure ChannelsMost InnovativePrivileged Account Security
SecuronixMost InnovativeCloud Security
SecuronixEditor’s ChoiceSecurity Analytics
SemmleHot CompanyCode Variant Analysis
SemmlePublisher’s ChoiceOpen Source Security
SenseonHot CompanyCybersecurity Artificial Intelligence
Sergeant Laboratories/Aristotle InsightMost InnovativeCybersecurity Analytics
ShiftLeftMost InnovativeApplication Security
Signal SciencesMost InnovativeWeb Application Security
Silobreaker LtdGroundbreaking CompanyThreat Intelligence
SilverfortMost InnovativeAdaptive Risk-Based Authentication
SkyguardMost InnovativeData Security
Sourabh Tiwari, Overseas Infrastructure AllianceCutting EdgeChief Technology Officer of the Year
Sql Power ToolsMost InnovativeBreach Prevention
Sql Power ToolsHot CompanyDatabase Security
Sql Power ToolsMost InnovativeHot New Startup
Stan Black, Citrix SystemsPublisher’s ChoiceCSO of the Year
StrongKeyLeading EdgeEncryption
SwimlaneMost InnovativeEnterprise Security
SwimlaneNext GenIncident Response
SysdigHot CompanyOpen Source Security
SysdigPublisher’s ChoiceVulnerability management
TEHTRISBreakoutEndpoint Detection & Response
The Santa Fe GroupHot CompanyRisk Management
Theresia GouwGroundbreaking CompanyCybersecurity Investor
ThreatModelerEditor’s ChoiceThreat Modeling
ThreatQuotientMarket LeaderEnterprise Security
ThreatQuotientHot CompanySecurity Investigation
ThreatQuotientPublisher’s ChoiceThreat Intelligence
ThreatXHot CompanyWeb Application Security
ThycoticNext GenPrivileged Account Security
ThycoticPublisher’s ChoicePrivileged Account Security
TigeraBest ProductContainer Security
Trend MicroMarket LeaderIntrusion Prevention
TrueVaultMost InnovativeCompliance
TwistlockNext GenCloud Security
UntangleMarket LeaderNetwork Security and Management
UntangleMarket LeaderUnified Threat Management (UTM)
UntangleBest ProductFirewall
VadesecureMost InnovativeAnti-Phishing
VaporstreamBest ProductMessaging Security
Vectra®Editor’s ChoiceAdvanced Persistent Threat (APT) Detection and Response
Vectra®Best ProductArtificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
Vectra®Market LeaderCybersecurity Artificial Intelligence
VeridiumCutting EdgeBiometrics
VerodinEditor’s ChoiceContinuous Security Validation
VerodinMost InnovativeSecurity Company of the Year
VerodinMost InnovativeSecurity Instrumentation Platform
WatchGuard TechnologiesMarket LeaderMulti-factor Authentication
WatchGuard TechnologiesEditor’s ChoiceSecurity Company of the Year
WatchGuard TechnologiesBest ProductUnified Threat Management (UTM)
WhiteHat SecurityBest ProductApplication Security Testing
WhiteHat SecurityMost InnovativeSoftware Security Tools
WhiteHat SecurityBest ProductWeb Application Security
WhiteSourceBest ProductApplication Security
XM CyberHot CompanyBreach and Attack Simulation
XM CyberNext GenInfosec Startup of the Year
XM CyberPublisher’s ChoiceSecurity Software
XTN IncHot CompanyApplication Security
XTN IncPublisher’s ChoiceArtificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
XTN IncHot CompanyFraud Prevention
ZeroFOXMost InnovativeSocial Media, Web Filtering, and Content Security
ZimperiumPublisher’s ChoiceApplication Security
ZimperiumPublisher’s ChoiceEnterprise Mobile Threat Defense
ZimperiumMarket LeaderMobile Endpoint Security



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@COMPANY is thrilled to be a winner in @CyberDefenseMag prestigious annual #INFOSEC #AWARDS 2018 announced @RSAC 2019

P.S. Winners, you will receive a custom award trophy and certificate during RSAC 2019. If you’d like to use a generic award logo for a press release, please embargo your release until March 4, 2019 at 9am PST and use this logo file, below:

Please also stay tuned as we launch and during RSA Conference 2019 where we plan to stream live videos and produce “C” level HotSeat executive interviews with a select group of winners.  Concerns, ideas, needs?  For more information on “HotSeat” 5 min interviews (20 min total time needed) during RSA Conference 2019, reach out to us via email anytime at