How to Protect Your Corporate Brand and Reputation in the Digital Age (No Fee) Virtual Seminar

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A trusted brand reputation is the product of relentless hard work and passionate devotion. Its importance can not be overstated—it builds company loyalty, develops a strong consumer base and establishes a firm as an industry leader. Sadly, it can also be destroyed with just a few keystrokes by someone posting anonymously in the digital space, shattering what once was a successful and thriving company.

Frank Figliuzzi, former assistant director of the FBI Counterintelligence Division, national security analyst for NBC News and author of The FBI Way, will discuss today’s threats and how to protect your company’s brand equity and trust during a (no cost) virtual seminar presented by SmartWorks Collaborative, How to Protect Your Corporate Brand and Reputation in the Digital Age, on June 22 from 1-2 pm ET.

This session will cover:

Why today’s corporate landscape is increasingly more threatening for brands.

How to guard against vulnerabilities from threats outside and inside your company.

Ways to protect your digital assets.

Figliuzzi, who is also known for his podcast, The Bureau with Frank Figliuzzi, will draw on his 25 years of experience with the FBI, as well as his work as a corporate security executive with GE, a Fortune 100 company, to discuss how unscrupulous parties can damage your brand and reputation, including how:

  • Competitors can plant fake information about a rival’s brand, costing millions.
  • Disgruntled employees can damage a brand from the inside.
  • Intellectual property theft is exponentially on the rise.
  • Data can be easily encrypted with ransomware by cyberterrorists who demand payment to restore access.

Unjustified attacks on brand reputation can have very real and disastrous consequences. This free online seminar can be the first step in protecting your company’s brand reputation.

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June 10, 2021

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