How to Maintain Anonymity in Communications

By Milica D. Djekic

The kids would love to play the games. They would not be attracted to the computer’s games only, but rather with some being so creative, engaging, and imagination needs. As they do so they would imagine that they are some fictional characters and the entire play would get some deep meaning to them. That’s how the children would build up their personalities, psychology, and minds. When they grow up some of those habits would remain with them. Maybe they would not express those sides of their personalities then, but they would cope with the clear memories and subconscious drives about those occurrences. We would never know what can trigger some kind of behavior with the adult people as long as we are not familiar with their childhood and personal development. Some kids would enjoy playing the social games developing their social intelligence and skill, while others would choose the world of loneliness doing some reading, writing or drawing. Both cases could give amazing creativity to the prospective adults and in our opinion – it’s important to find the balance between the social and introspection’s skills. When the parents are raising their kids they should know that the best practice in such a case could be to let their offspring become what they want to be, but some kind of supervision and advising is necessary in order to define the borders that the youth can expect in their lives and social connections. The well-applied measure of forming someone’s character is through the model of rewarding and punishing and the proper family education must take that sort of teaching into account.

One of the favorite games to many kids is making the call and talking to someone through the tissue. In such a game, they would make a voice and get completely unrecognizable as they would use some covering to speak through so. They would usually do so in the company for getting some fun and joking the people on the line. Basically, everything would start as so innocent kids’ game and literally the stuff are under control as long as that behavior is just the way of playing. Also, there would be some children that would make their voice being unrecognizable doing some misrepresentation and make the fully fictional story about anything. Someone would say that their imagination could lead them so far away, but the case is if such a behavior is not restricted at its beginning it can cause serious troubles later on if that person does not quit with such habits. In other words, those individuals could continue playing “no one would see me” game and get the real concern to their surroundings. Any security professional would recognize it’s all about someone who would cope with the deep need to hide his identity and those habits could get adopted early in childhood. So, in order to prevent the new generation of weird adults, it’s needed to follow the progress of the children not only through schooling but rather via the social activities. So, if the strict questions with the psychology’s interview are made and if anyone is reporting about such a strange behavior some measures of teaching should get applied. Practically, the next step in such a development could be that such individuals could figure out that the phone line with the changed voice is not that interesting toy any longer, so some kind of the transmission into the cyberspace could work better.

The fact is the computer with internet connectivity could provide us plenty of opportunities to remain hidden behind some profile or account. In addition, there are the entire anonymity solutions being developed that can serve to stay anonymous and still in a position to share your story or content with many. Indeed, these sorts of systems could get used for security purposes when needed to protect your identity and exchange some vitally important information. So, the phone with the tissue on is for the kids – the real hackers would rely on so sophisticated cyberinfrastructure. From such a point of view, it’s only the business and many would do that for the money, but there are still so many unhealthy minds that would choose their victims in order to do bullying or provide fake news to the communities. The main concern with the Darknet anonymity systems is that they would be the role-based ones and they would use the quite strong encryption, so if on the inaccessible spots there would be some difficulties to confirm the identity of the information sharer. We would say the places that are not easily approachable for a reason we would get in mind the terrorist groups that would take advantage over such well-developed systems and send the disinformation wherever they can. In other words, the innocent kid’s game could lead to serious security concerns, so from this perspective – the Pandora box would get opened as there would appear so many questions pointing the motives of the heavy cases to commit so harsh crimes.

Even the kid can get how significant can be to appear as a trusted person and they can try to imitate the voice of the adult people in order to trick or confuse someone. The similar situation is with the Darknet asset as so many its users would recognize the power of the trusted account or at least convincing someone that they are the trusted persons. If anyone accepts that he is talking to the trusted individual he can give the information he normally would not and the bad guys could use such a campaign to collect the intelligence and figure out something they would never do. The timing and accurate information can mean the victory in the war, so it’s from the strategic significance to adopt the measures and techniques in order to prevent, observe and respond to such and similar cases in the practice.

Who is from another Side of Cord?

Doing some anonymity operations the bad guys would go through some experience believing something so important is happening on. Possibly they would develop those needs in childhood and they would cope with the very vivid inner experiences that would motivate them to proceed with such an activity. Their motto could be that no one would even get who is on another side of the cord, so from their point of view, it may appear as quite exciting and interesting doing so. The aim of terrorism is to spread fear and panic amongst the community members, so that’s why someone with vivid imagination would make so horrifying stories that would get used to intimidate the quite broad population. Probably that special effect suggesting that – I know you, but you do not know me! – would deeply motivate the bad guys to believe they have some sort of power over other people’s lives and security. It’s quite dangerous playing those games in adulthood, so what’s so needed is to understand the motives of the persons doing so for a reason once the motive is defined the crime would stop.

Why Does Identity Matter?

It’s not only about the terrorist and criminal organizations to hide their identity – so many defense professionals would choose to carefully manage their identity as the way of security and privacy measures getting applied on their tasks. In other words, it’s not smart at all going around and sharing all you know with everyone as that could be a huge threat to someone’s life and business. So, the well-known Deep Web solutions are designed by the defense communities, but at the moment they are available to anyone for more or less obvious reasons. The identity matters in any case and once the people are convinced that some account is trusted they can try to share a lot of findings with such a profile. Modern history would teach us how life can be hard and why it’s important to take some measures of protection.

The Deep Web systems could get used by the media staff in order to bring the story to the audience. Practically, anyone sitting on the comp and writing to the journalist could get approved as the information source to some media group for a reason he can offer the content frequently. So, that’s how the public opinion could get created and managed and in our belief – that’s so dangerous weapon that can compromise the media professionalism. No ethical media house would trust anyone and before anything is published there should be several levels of the confirmation. In other words, anyone looking for the exclusives on the Tor should know that he is possibly working for the other side of the law.

The Need to Hide Who You Are

Sometimes the intelligence sources reporting to some defense agency would need to hide their identity for the security needs. The agent on the other side of the communications would deal with the clear picture in a term who is talking to him. Also, the security organizations can confirm a lot of that, so it’s quite clear they would be highly confident about the sources of the information. Being the source of the findings to anyone creditable is so heavy and time-consuming task and it needs the reliability, accuracy and skill in order to get approved for such a service. Apparently, the defense staff would hide who he is as well because it’s not necessary to know any sort of the personal details of that guy as the task is to provide so helpful findings to the agency. How such an effort would get further directed it’s not up to the informant – it’s only up to that defense team.

The Anonymity Information Exchange Systems

The most known privacy infrastructure worldwide is the Tor anonymity system that would cope with the millions of users every single day. From time to time that service would get shut down, but it’s more about such network’s configuration rules. Essentially, the Tor service can offer good privacy and it’s mainly reliable to its users. It would cope with the multi-level encryption, so it’s quite trickery to anyone to challenge its security capacities. Let’s say the Tor is the quite trusted system that would attract so many professionals from many areas of interest. Apparently, it would cope with its dark side being one of the biggest Darknet service providers in the world. It would get the real oasis to the criminals, terrorists, and hackers as it would offer a lot of benefits to the users seeking to remain safe.

How Bad Guys Could Take Advantage of So

Maintaining anonymous communications could be the real challenge and so many people across the globe would cope with such a fact. Especially, the bad guys would know how to take advantage of such infrastructure as they would choose to stay invisible once the authorities come to get them. Some of their tactics would show they would deal with so many security and privacy accounts and for such a reason it can be difficult tracking what they really do. Indeed, there are ways to figure out something, but the majority of their activities would stay well-camouflaged to the investigators and intelligence officers as they would use many accounts, many different locations, and plenty of the machines getting their own web connectivity. In so many cases, it would be even the challenge of identifying the threat as the entire search could be extremely time-consuming. Once the first bad actor is found there are better chances to locate the rest of his network.

The Final Comments

As we said, the kids love to play the games and the adult folks could keep with those habits later on in their lives. Anyhow, our story can begin as quite innocent, but the impacts of the illustrated behavior could be enormous. In our understanding, it’s time to start to think if we want to make any progress as the humankind. The best way to use your brain cells is to observe so simple stuff in your environment. Once you get aware of what is going on around you – you would start correlating the things with each other and getting the rules of those linkages. The task is hard, but – in our opinion – so obtainable!

About the Author

Milica D. Djekic AuthorMilica D. Djekic is an Independent Researcher from Subotica, Republic of Serbia. She received her engineering background from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Belgrade. She writes for some domestic and overseas presses and she is also the author of the book “The Internet of Things: Concept, Applications, and Security” being published in 2017 with the Lambert Academic Publishing. Milica is also a speaker with the BrightTALK expert’s channel. She is a member of ASIS International since 2017 and contributor to the Australian Cyber Security Magazine since 2018. Milica’s research efforts are recognized with Computer Emergency Response Team for the European Union (CERT-EU), Censys Press, and EASA European Centre for Cybersecurity in Aviation (ECCSA). Her fields of interest are cyber defense, technology, and business. Milica is a person with a disability.