GDPR and Beyond: Prepare to Lead Through The Complex Future of Privacy Regulation

As of May 25th, the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) became the law of the land. And in a digital age where data knows no national boundaries, it’s safe to assume that it applies to your business too – wherever you might be.

You’ve probably noticed your inbox filling up with emails from companies announcing updates to their online privacy policies. Are you feeling anxious that your organization hasn’t sent one yet? Are you wondering if you need to?

If so, it sounds like your company is in one of the early phases of what Brown University Executive Master in Cybersecurity faculty member Deborah Hurley calls the Seven Stages of GDPR. For those of you who missed our article on this topic in last month’s Cyber Defense Magazine, the first six stages are spent wallowing in a series of unpleasant stages ranging from denial, anger and depression. The turnaround happens in the seventh stage – acceptance and hope.

The question becomes, how can you help your company expedite its journey to the seventh stage? And let’s face facts— GDPR, an omen of more global regulations to come, is just one of many cybersecurity disruptions that your company will face. For example, has your company thought about pivoting its cybersecurity strategy for a new AI and quantum computing world order?

Cybersecurity is not a field for the light-hearted. It demands a new generation of leaders ready to bolster their capacity to face today’s unprecedented cyber risks.  Professionals that want to lead this industry must expand their knowledge beyond their area of expertise to span the full spectrum of cybersecurity – technology, policy, human factors and privacy. They must learn to leverage this broad-based understanding to develop corporate-wide global strategies, engage C-suite executives and board members, and cultivate teams primed to work across silos and uncover hidden vulnerabilities.

Don’t let your company get caught like an ostrich with its head in the sand. Step up to the plate to become the cybersecurity leader that your organization needs. The Brown University Executive Master in Cybersecurity (EMCS) is the first master’s degree for mid-career professionals designed to cultivate high-demand, industry executives with the unique and critical ability to devise and execute comprehensive cybersecurity strategies for organizations and industries across the globe.

Leveraging Brown University’s culture of interdisciplinary and cybersecurity excellence, EMCS develops industry leaders prepared to address cybersecurity’s global, technical, human and policy challenges. The program convenes world-class thought leaders from Brown’s top-ranked Department of Computer Science and Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs, as well as accomplished practitioners driving advances in cybersecurity.

Immersed in a cohort of successful professionals across the cybersecurity sector, you’ll develop a high-powered network to grow your career and empower your decision-making.  Upon graduation, you’ll join the ranks of Brown’s esteemed alumni for even-greater networking opportunities.

Learn how to lead across law and policy with the Brown University Executive Master in Cybersecurity. This 18-month degree program cultivates high-demand industry executives with the unique ability to devise and execute integrated, comprehensive cybersecurity strategies that span cybersecurity’s global, technical, human, and policy challenges.

May 31, 2018

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