Free Zero Trust CNAPP Guide

Free Zero Trust CNAPP Guide

The bigger you are, the bigger the hack. A day does not go by when we don’t hear about major cyber attacks against Cloud Assets. Given that the workloads are moving to the cloud at rapid rate it is only natural that attacks are shifting to the cloud. In addition to the number of attacks the severity and sophistication of the attacks in the cloud are also very advanced.

Revolutionizing Security – The Timely Renaissance of Zero Trust

Despite being conceived in 1974 with the introduction of Least Privilege, the true potential of Zero Trust principles only emerged a decade ago. It took the impactful SolarWinds breach to propel Zero Trust into mainstream acceptance. This transformative approach shifts the security paradigm from merely thwarting the bad to recognizing the good – a philosophy embodied by Zero Trust.

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Free Zero Trust CNAPP Guide



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