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10th Annual Identity Management Symposium

April 10 - April 11



DSI’s 10th Annual Identity Management Symposium will address the importance in developments across the biometric and identity management sectors as they relate to national security. Biometrics and identity management systems stand as crucial pillars in fortifying the security infrastructure of the U.S. federal government. As technology evolves, the need to safeguard sensitive information and maintain the integrity of federal accounts becomes increasingly paramount.

The U.S. federal government, entrusted with safeguarding national interests and critical data, relies on these advanced systems to thwart potential threats, ensuring that only authorized personnel gain access to classified information. This event will detail how the adoption of multifactor authentication and the incorporation of a Zero Trust framework further exemplify the commitment to combatting cyber threats, phishing scams, and credential misuse. In an era where digital risks are pervasive, biometrics and identity management systems are indispensable tools, safeguarding the nation’s security and fortifying the foundations of its digital infrastructure.

To learn more about the Symposium please see our website identitymanangement.dsigroup.org


April 10
April 11


Sunset Room in National Harbor, MD

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