Cybersecurity Predictions for Profitability During COVID-19 Pandemic


The world-wide pandemic – COVID-19 aka ‘the novel corona virus’ affects us all globally.  It’s going to take a ‘miracle’ and all of us working together in a ‘Great Awakening’ where higher ideals, higher vibrations and loftier thinking moves us forward as Humanity on one Planet.

Cybersecurity Predictions for Profitability During COVID-19 Pandemic

As we all try to ‘innovate to zero’ on our ‘carbon emmissions’, all borders, all races, creeds, colors, religions and nations are all being tested by it and so are our families, our relationships and our businesses.

Many people are staring at this short-by-a-zero map, thinking it’s time to hunker down, squeeze and shrink budgets.  Executives are following President Donald J. Trump‘s recommendation to have all non-essential workers stay home.  You’re also receiving your zillionth email while reading this novel article by a time traveler (just making sure you are paying attention).

Cybersecurity Predictions for Profitability During COVID-19 Pandemic

The White House also produced an unprecedented data-set on COVID-19 which allows me, as an antivirus expert, understanding that human and computer pandemics are all based on source code, of which I read many languages and have a background in biology, chemistry, computer science and linguistics, that this one in particular reminds me, at least, of HIV-1.  In fact, it looks like a ‘sticky’ cold (ie Corona) as a delivery vehicle for what could actually be weaponized RNA, which is so offensive to the human biology, it could possibly be a mutated or enhanced version of A.I.D.S. or similar, which itself comes with tremendous conspiracy theories and stigma.  However, like AIDS, this too shall pass.

Cybersecurity Predictions for Profitability During COVID-19 Pandemic

Mongolia, China – Mongolian eagle hunters are preparing for the hunt as we hunt to #KILLTHEVIRUS

Thankfully, there was a practice run for just this kind of ‘novel coronal virus’ by the futurist Bill Gates and his team, to practice for a pandemic that would kill 65 million people and with that advance knowledge, thankfully, this should not happen.  That’s what table top exercises are for, right?  It’s good I like to take an American Eagle eye view from above on these things.  Working with Smart Venture Partners and others, we’re investing in health care solutions as well as information security.  Time to bring back American Exceptionalism one more time and use the #KILLTHEVIRUS playbook.  But first, what are the IOCs?

Cybersecurity Predictions for Profitability During COVID-19 Pandemic

Mongolia, China – Mongolian eagle hunters taking a birdseye view from above.

Meanwhile, funding that the CDC has been able to accelerate clinical trials in an attempt to create an ‘antidote’.  And just like a computer virus, we have the indicators of compromise (IOCs) appearing to look like this, to my humble skills at reading RNA samples:

  • Appears to operate like HIV-1 (AIDS) in an airborne fashion.
  • Appears to stick to things like ‘paper’ and ‘money’ and can last in the air for hours.
  • Appears to move from dog to human, dog to dog and human to dog (mildly).
  • Appears to cause enough coughing spasms that its RNA may require an analysis of human blood of the victims and blood related defenses.
  • Due to lack of human natural immunity to AIDS especially in the elderly, sick, weak, even those who recently took the ‘flu’ shot, a histamine response is apparent.  The lungs, especially seem to produce an antibody reaction that fails, causing a loop, fails again, fails again until the victim drowns in their own fluids, much like those who die from pneumonia.  Seems an anti-histamine approach, done right, might buy the elderly critical time to survive and get emergency medical treatment (EMT).

As I’ve been saying since October 18, 2019, flu season, when pandemics are right around the corner, we need to boost our immunity and stay healthy.  Spray and Pray, I always say.  Now that we might now know what we might be up against, maybe we can #KILLTHEVIRUS very quickly, together.  Maybe someone will look at these IOCs and solve the problem, naturally?  I’ve heard there are numerous trials under way and patents being filed and solutions that might hit the market very quickly so we can all get back to not just a good future but, as my favorite writer who has an amazing upcoming book, Ingersoll Lockwood, says “A Brighter Tomorrow for America.”

All seems bleak, but is it really?

Cybersecurity Predictions for Profitability During COVID-19 Pandemic

This will cause a massive movement to remote office working, telecommuting, video teleconferencing (VTC) and so much more it will strain the fabric of the internet, itself.  This will test our patience with technology, our ability to shift quickly into a new paradigm and our willingness to finally embrace strong encryption like that delivered by innovators such as SecureChannels, without backdoors – so government officials can have secure communications among themselves and other nation states during global crisis.

Shifting to online meetings, online summits and online gatherings only shifts the cyber attackers vectors and does not weaken their capabilities.

In fact, I predict that ‘thin client’ computing such as Desktop as a Service will become the norm – a requirement for businesses of all sizes.  The Software as a Service (SaaS) industry will flourish and the Amazon AWZ, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure cloud offerings, among others as well as MSSPs will see an incredible boom in business starting in April, 2020 and beyond.

I’ve had the good fortune and blessing to interview nearly 1348 CEO’s from England to China to Japan to Israel to Italy and back to the USA more than once – call it a Second time, each.  This of 3120 total cybersecurity companies in the world we are tracking at Cyber Defense Magazine.  I can surely say that things have certainly evolved in the cyberthreat from from the old tools like Shodan, the search engine for finding idiocracy over the internet to Kismet, the layer two wire sniffer, to Cain and Abel, the old password recovery tool for Microsoft Operating Systems, to Yersinia pestis bacteria aka Yersinia, the network tool designed to take advantage of some weaknesses in different Layer Two protocols.  The new threats remain Remote Access Trojans (RATs) and Ransomware delivered through spear phishing attacks, which require tremendous improvements in the training of our staff.

In fact, there could not be a better time to be a Software as a Service provider, Cloud Security provider, MSSP, DDoS and Web Application Firewall (WAF) vendor or a company like AttivoNetworks that offers offensive security through deception and can delay the hackers from gaining any access to your company records, all while in the Cloud, or a company like BetterWorld Technology offering rapid, high bandwidth, high performance and secure Desktop as a Service (DaaS) and companies like InsiderThreatDefense.US who is retooling for ‘insider threats from the outside ie remote workers and KnowBe4, the market leader at Security Awareness Training. 

Finally on this train of thought, every file i/o in the cloud needs next generation malware scanning, detection, alerting, cleaning and blocking in real-time (near zero seconds including tomorrow’s zero0) and that could only come from Cythereal.

Cybersecurity Predictions for Profitability During COVID-19 Pandemic

So now is the time to focus on a Bright New Tomorrow.  Let’s #KILLTHEVIRUS the way we do with computer RATs and other nasty malware.  Let’s be more present, more mindful, more prayerful and more loving to our family, coworkers and friends.  Let’s also adjust our sails and get back to work, even if it’s remotely from some “doomsday vault” we’ve built, our home office and if you’re lucky, a beachfront laptop with wifi, far away from most humans in some wonderful place like Cuba, maybe? 

Cybersecurity Predictions for Profitability During COVID-19 Pandemic

Where we live, eat, sleep, play, work, travel, we don’t just go one, we go all.

Cybersecurity Predictions for Profitability During COVID-19 Pandemic

Isn’t it time we do something?

Let’s do this together.


Cybersecurity Predictions for Profitability During COVID-19 Pandemic

Author:  Gary S. Miliefsky, Publisher of Cyber Defense Magazine.

This article is exclusively Copyright (C) 2020, by Cyber Defense Magazine.


March 18, 2020

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