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Cybersecurity in the spotlight at Europe’s largest data center gathering in London


Cybersecurity in the spotlight at Europe’s largest data center gathering in London

Digital adoption and the integration of technology into people’s lives is dramatically changing modern society, but it’s set against the backdrop of new and sophisticated cyberattack threats

e 14th annual DatacenterDynamics Converged Europe conference and expo is a two-day event that will bring together enterprises, government, service providers and leading technologists under one roof at London’s ExCeL on 18-19 November 2015.

“As we move towards cloud and open-source technologies, which inevitably will transform IT infrastructure, the security of your data should be your number one priority, regardless of whether you own your infrastructure, outsource or have IT delivered via the cloud,” said George Rockett, CEO and co-founder of DCD Group.

A recent report from Dell stated that worldwide cyberattacks on embedded SCADA systems increased from 91,676 incidents in January 2012 to 163,228 in January 2013, to 675,186 in January 2014. These stats are a reminder that security starts with access control, both physical and virtual, and both inside and outside an organization.

Europe in particular is facing its own unique challenges when it comes to cybersecurity, as tougher data protection regulations ramp up in the region and EU leaders ponder over backdoor access to encrypted data. Can public-private sector collaboration combat cybersecurity threats? What is the state of open-source security? Should you fully outsource your security or build a robust security infrastructure yourself to actively monitor “real time” data movement while probing and preventing attacks?

DCD Converged Europe has gathered global security experts from leading brands including Adidas, Boeing, Barclays, Deloitte, Netflix, Akamai, SAP and Yahoo. They will be debating these issues and outlining best practices to keep your data and your networks safe in our hyper-connected world.

“The conference programme is carefully devised to address converged IT decision-making, throughout the entire IT stack. Security has taken central stage in these discussions, as it is one of the main and ever-growing challenges in the modern world,” said Giovanni Zappuolo, conference manager at DatacenterDynamics.

The expo that runs alongside the 100+ hours of thought leadership content will feature more than 130 end–users and top technology and service providers, including many of the big international players such as SAP.

“Responsible technology partners should not only understand these threats themselves, they should be aware of current best practices in data security and work closely with their customers to activate the appropriate levels of access control, providing auditing and alerting associated with new systems. It’s a complex problem, which is why our conference and expo platform is enabling the right partners to connect and help facilitate the necessary collaborations across the industry in order to secure the networks of tomorrow,” adds Rockett.

Register today! More information on the multi-track conference programme and the expo can be found online and more detailed requests for information can be directed to Merima Dzanic.

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