CyberDefense.TV – An Upcoming Media Platform – First Peek

Television Media Platform for InfoSec Knowledge

CEO/Executive Hotseats – Totally Unscripted – Starting in 2018
Imagine you could sit down with the CEO and/or Founder of some of the hottest, most innovative cybersecurity companies in the industry? What if you could ask them really tough questions, on the fly, in real-time, no preparation, unscripted to get the real answers on who they are, what their company does, how they are innovative and different? We’ll that’s just the beginning. We’re doing it in our CEO/Executive HotSeats and we’ll have much more coming to this platform.

Live Events/Live Broadcasting – Cyber Defense News – Coming in 2019
We plan to go live with broadcasting in 2019. But first, we have to build out the platform in 2018 and with seven months to go, our goal is to have at least 100 of these interviews ready to share this year, starting with some of the top innovators in all the major categories – authentication, cloud computing, database security, encryption, file security, ddos defense, deception-based technology, next-gen firewalls, advanced endpoint protection, iot security and the list goes on…you will learn something new! InfoSec Knowledge is Power and here’s where you will find it soon, at CyberDefense.TV.

CEO HotSeat – Teaser – WhiteHat Security – An InfoSec Innovator
Watch a teaser below, from one of our upcoming episodes – The WhiteHatSec HotSeat with Craig Hinkley, CEO of WhiteHat Security from


Think about it – when does a product get exploited?  When it hits the market or gets a patch update?  Who writes the source code?  How good of a coder are they?  Do they have a cybersecurity background PLUS they know how to write code?  Most likely they are writing code with software vulnerabilities – at the ROOT of the problem. These vulnerabilities will be exploited sooner or later. 

CyberDefense.TV – An Upcoming Media Platform – First Peek

Best to run an integrated development environment (IDE) with a built in SECURITY GENIUS – that’s WhiteHat Security – telling your developers where the holes are and they can cut/paste solutions to build HARDENED SOURCE CODE before they hit the compile button and ship it off to end-users/end-customers who will later be at risk of being a victim to data theft.  Harden it at the source level.  Then ship a BATTLESHIP HARDENED and WELL CODED solution.  This will solve one of the BIGGEST problems in information security today.

CyberDefense.TV – An Upcoming Media Platform – First Peek

We have many more in post-production so stay tuned and bookmark this page:

CyberDefense.TV – An Upcoming Media Platform – First Peek

Want to signup for one, same page: or email [email protected] for more information.

Pierluigi Paganini, Editor-in-Chief

May 18, 2018

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