Creep Hunters Canada Society

Collaborates with google developers to hunt online predators

By Brendon S Brady, Executive Director, CHCSociety

We are happy to announce that in the coming months we will be releasing an app.

This app, in short, will give real-time access for law enforcement to our chat logs and hunters. I hope, this real-time access will cut down on court time and enhance our ability to work with law enforcement.

We will be releasing it first in the United States, and hopefully after in Canada.

This app will give law enforcement open access from the beginning of our investigations to point they deem fit to take over that investigation.

We hope this will help those police departments that are underfunded have a stronger presence online.

By giving people the opportunity to volunteer their time to chat logs in on police monitoring the environment.

When a borderless Internet community comes together, good things happen.
We would like to thank the Google program developers for donating their time and efforts to this app.

About the Author

Brendon S Brady, Executive Director at Creep Hunters Canada Society.
Brendon Brady can be reached online at, FB: Brendon S Brady, IG Brendon S Brady, FB: Creep Hunters Canada Society and at our company website

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