Continuous Biometric Authentication Tool Against Account Takeovers

Introducing Graboxy Sentinel

By Tamas Zelczer, CEO, Cursor Insight

Twenty years ago, it was much more likely to have your identity stolen out in the physical world, but today it happens online. Account takeover (ATO) attacks have been surging dramatically in recent years as cybercriminals sharpen their skills and become increasingly sophisticated in their techniques.

In 2020, in a world thrown into remote work, attempted fraudulent logins increased by 282%. The situation has only become worse since then. According to the Identity Theft Resource Center’s annual report, data breaches rose by 68% in 2021 and 36% percent of businesses have experienced a security incident because of remote workers’ actions.

One of the most effective strategies to protect your business from corporate account takeover attacks is to enhance your authentication process. Stolen credentials become useless when hackers are confronted with authentication prompts that they are unable to pass.

Traditional authentication techniques are easily outsmarted by cybercriminals, making those inadequate for robust fraud prevention. Organizations should start thinking more strategically about protecting their sensitive data and critical systems. They also need to choose a sustainable and adaptive cybersecurity solution that will work both now and in the future.

One-time authentication methods only provide security at given times. Deploying 2FA or MFA during login will make it more secure. Usually, additional authentication is required for certain high-risk activities like initiating a bank transfer, paying with a card, or getting access to sensitive corporate data.

Furthermore, one-time authentication techniques are easy to hack, and once the cybercriminal has access, there is nothing to stop them.

Continuous authentication, on the other hand, runs in the background and does not require any extra input from the user. It simply observes the user’s behavior and activity while applying advanced evaluation methods to identify them at a high frequency.

This means that authentication becomes a continuous process – anything the user does is an invisible authentication challenge itself. Mouse movement dynamics, keystroke dynamics, and the user’s digital fingerprint (IP address, browser version, etc.) can all be used for continuous authentication.

Most behavioral biometric authentication systems are based on machine learning models. This allows them to enhance the accuracy of authentication over time. The longer they can record data, i.e. monitor user behavior, the more accurately they can recognize features and unique user traits, and the more accurate the authentication will become.

Cursor Insight Ltd.’s Graboxy Sentinel is a new product that provides continuous biometric authentication and protects enterprises from corporate account takeovers. It uses the company’s proprietary AI technology to learn and analyze the users’ cursor movements, that are just as unique as handwriting.

If the real-time cursor movement analysis shows a divergence from the user’s biometric profile, Graboxy Sentinel flags the fraudulent user accessing the account. Flagged users can be locked out or re-verified using traditional multi-factor authentication methods.

Graboxy Sentinel is a versatile cybersecurity tool and can be used with enterprise accounts, home offices for remote work, or online banking and payment services.

We’re not suggesting you should completely throw away all your existing authentication methods. One-time authentication should be used for login. But passwords alone are rarely enough. It’s worth adding 2FA or MFA for more safety. To maximize your security level, continuous authentication should be deployed in the background during the user session. This combination of authentication techniques will prevent you from any account takeover attack.

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About the Author

Tamas Zelczer AuthorTamas Zelczer is the CEO of the Cursor Insight.  Tamas can be reached online at [email protected] and at our company website

July 14, 2022

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