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CCCure.org Leads the Pack for CISSP® and CEH® Training Support Certification training

We’re really pleased to be working with CCCure.org.  Did you know that more than 150,000 people have used the CCCure’s resources over the past 12 years to reach their certification and career goals.  CCURE.org offers some of the most complete and relevant quizzes for the CISSP® and the CEH® certifications.

CCCure.org also has over 1600 questions for the CISSP® and many hundreds of questions for the CEH®.  You can track your progress and they also offer the ability to review questions you have missed.  You can compare your score with others taking tests.  They also have thorough explanations with each question.  You can also drill down on your weak topics and identify what you don’t know.

The CCURE.org quizzes are constantly being updated, revised, with new content added almost daily.   Like CCCURE.org, we at CDM do not believe in static quizzes that are updated only once every few years.  This makes them one of our standing picks for the month.  Being online you can access with the platform of your choice and you are not restricted to only one operating system.  All you need is a browser to access.  So what are you waiting for and go check ‘em out…Click here.

NOTE:  Send an email to clement.dupuis@gmail.com  mentioning you saw CCCURE.org in CDM’s Cyber Warnings newsletter and Clement will send you a copy of his Scenario Based questions practice test for FREE.    This is a value of $59.99    The real exam contains many scenario based question,  get ready for this special format,  CCCURE.org is the only vendor providing such type of quizzes.

(Sources:  CDM and CCCure.org)

February 4, 2013

cyber defense awardsWe are in our 11th year, and Global InfoSec Awards are incredibly well received – helping build buzz, customer awareness, sales and marketing growth opportunities, investment opportunities and so much more.
Cyber Defense Awards

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