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Malicious Facebook color changer App infected 10000 Users worldwide

Security Experts at Cheetah Mobile have uncovered a new scam based on a fake Facebook Color Changer App which infected 10000 users worldwide. Facebook  is a privileged target for cyber criminals, in many cases old fraud schema are proposed again by...

Russian crime ring amasses over a Billion credentials

Experts at Hold Security firm discovered a Russian group of hackers that collected 1.2B stolen credentials obtained in different data breaches worldwide. Experts at Hold Security revealed to have discovered the biggest database of stolen user names and passwords and email addresses,...

China bans Symantec & Kaspersky from the list of antivirus suppliers

China has excluded Symantec Corp and Kaspersky Lab from a list of approved antivirus software suppliers to limit the use of foreign technology. Cyber espionage is the first concern of government, China and US exchanged in the months reciprocal accusations on a series of hacking campaign conducted with...

Al-Qaeda usage of encryption after Snowden leaks (Part 2)

Web Intelligence experts at Recorded Future issued the second part of the analysis on the usage of encryption by Al-Qaeda after the Snowden leaks. In May 2014 web intelligence firm Recorded Future published an interesting research on the use of encryption made by...

Zero-day flaws affect Symantec Endpoint Protection

Pen Testers at Offensive Security discovered Zero-day flaws in Symantec Endpoint Protection that could be exploited to gain full system access. Yesterday I reported the results of the study conducted by the security researcher Joxean Koret which publicly revealed a series of flaws affecting 14...

Russian Government issued a Tender to crack Tor

The Russian government has launched a public competition, reserved to Russian entities, offering $111,000 to break Tor encryption. As anticipated in my previous post, law enforcement agencies and intelligence all over the world are investing to de-anonymize users in the deepweb, and in particular on...

European Central Bank victim of an attempt of cyber extortion

Hackers steal user contact information and other data from a database of the European Central Bank website in an attempt of extortion. Financial institutions are under attack, the number of cyber attacks against banking industry is increasing constantly, last malicious...

Nigeria 419 scam targeting business world with RATs

Experts at Palo Alto Networks uncovered a new Nigeria 419 scam scheme which is targeting businesses in a malicous campaign dubbed Silver Spaniel. The Nigeria 419 schema adopted by criminal gangs world wide has been improved by scammers which are also including the use...

Gyges, the mixing of commercial malware with cyber weapon code

Sentinel Labs firm discovered a sophisticated malware dubbed Gyges that is the mixing of commercial malicious code with code of alleged cyber weapon. Experts at Sentinel Labs security firm have discovered Gyges malware in the wild in March 2014, the malicious code appears very sophisticated to...

Siemens industrial products affected by OpenSSL vulnerabilities

The ICS-CERT has issued a security advisory related to the existence of OpenSSL vulnerabilities affecting different Siemens industrial products. Several Siemens industrial products are affected by four vulnerabilities in their OpenSSL implementation which could be remotely exploited to run a man-in-the-middle (MitM) attack or to...


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