Breaking News: Trend Micro Redefines Endpoint Security with Apex One™

Trend Micro is excited to bring you Apex One™, the evolution of our endpoint security solution for enterprise. Apex One™ combines a breadth of threat detection & response capability with investigative features, in a single agent.

Over the last few years, endpoint investigative features have become interesting in the marketplace, spurring the growth of Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR) tools. These tools allowed security analysts to better understand the context and origins of an endpoint threat detection incident, and enabled threat hunting based on threat intelligence and hypotheses. But this EDR capability has been in a silo, isolated from automated detection & response functions, and as a result depends on manually intensive effort.

It’s not efficient to tackle endpoint threats with two separate tools (and sometimes two separate vendors). We know there’s a better way, and we’ve built it into Apex One™.

Automated detection and response: Job one is detecting and blocking as many endpoint threats as possible, without manual intervention. Apex One™ does that well, with a range of threat detection techniques such as machine learning (both pre-execution and runtime) and IOA behavioral analysis. We also detect and block OS vulnerability exploits before they get onto the endpoint, with the industry’s most timely virtual patching, powered by early threat intelligence from Trend Micro’s Zero Day Initiative.

Insightful investigation and visibility: Apex One™ delivers actionable insight from its single console, but also provides a powerful EDR investigative toolset option, enabling hunting and sweeping activities, patient zero identification, and root cause analysis. We’re delivering this investigative tool for PCs and Macintoshes.

All-in-one agent, SaaS or on-premise: All of the above capabilities are delivered in a single Apex One™ agent, simplifying deployment and enabling a strong connection between automated detection and response as well as investigation. And, these capabilities are available in SaaS or on-premise deployment models with full feature parity.

Apex One™ is the culmination of a lot of input from Trend Micro customers, and a lot of effort by Trend Micro’s engineering team. It replaces OfficeScan as our flagship enterprise endpoint product. But dear OfficeScan customers, Apex One™ is for you, too. You’ll receive it just like a regular upgrade, and your OfficeScan will become Apex One after you run the install. Note that access to certain features (e.g. EDR) will depend on your current license entitlements.

Apex One™ ships in November for SaaS deployments, and in February 2019 for on-premise customers. We can’t wait for you to get your hands on it!

Source: Eric Skinner, VP Solution Marketing at Trend Micro

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