Are we at a peaceful crossroad or will Cyber War continue, unabated?

We just launched a 150+ page special June edition of our e-Magazine on a very historic day, yesterday, June 12, 2018, when World Leader US President Donald J. Trump and Kim Jong-un, the Supreme Leader of North Korea Leader of the Workers’ Party of Korea met in Singapore and begin the long-awaited peace process.  Normally, we focus our entire magazine on best practices in cyber defense.  With the potential of ‘tearing down this wall’, the wall being that of more open borders between South and North Korea as well as North Korea’s gaining more open access to free trade and a more normalized voice on the world stage, by promising to de-nuclearize, how will that impact cyberspace?

Will this mark the quiet beginning of more normalized relations regarding the ongoing Cyber war?    

Think of the NHS WannaCry outbreak – that absolutely and obviously was an act of Cyber war, not Cyber-crime.  Children and adults who needed operations waited 3 or more extra days due to the downtime.  This was the weaponization of malware into an intranet DDoS attack guised as ransom-ware or a ‘ransom-worm.’  Do you believe, as we do @CyberDefenseMag that now is the best time to begin the dialog on forming a #GENEVA #CONVENTION on #CYBER #WAR?

If so, let’s spread this message to the World powers who have turned the ‘citizens’ of the global internet – a great place for networking, communicating, of knowledge sharing and commerce into a warfare playground for cyber espionage, cyber terrorism and cyber warfare.  Let’s get them to focus their resources on defeating cyber crime instead of weaponizing the internet.

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Yours truly,
Gary S. Miliefsky, Publisher
Cyber Defense Magazine

June 13, 2018

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