The Definitive List of the World’s Hottest and Most Innovative Cybersecurity Companies

Menlo Park, Calif. – July 31, 2015

Cybersecurity Ventures has announced the Q3 2015 edition of the Cybersecurity 500, a global compilation of leading companies who provide cybersecurity solutions and services.

The Cybersecurity 500 is online at

The Cybersecurity industry is growing from $77 Billion in 2015 to $170+ Billion in 2020, according to consolidated estimates by IT research firms and analysts cited in the Cybersecurity Market Report, published quarterly by Cybersecurity Ventures. There are many new entrants as well as M&A, investment and IPO activity, that is constantly changing the vendor and service provider landscape.

The Cybersecurity 500 creates awareness and recognition for the most innovative cybersecurity companies – ranging from the largest and most recognizable brands, to VC backed start-ups and emerging players, to small firms with potentially game-changing technologies, to solution providers poised for growth around productized or vertically focused services.

Moving up the List

Companies already on the list who have moved up into the top 50 for Q3 include:

  • IBM Security (Armonk, N.Y.) at No. 8
  • Lockheed Martin (Bethesda, Md.) at No. 10
  • Cavirin (Santa Clara, Calif.) at No. 20
  • PwC (London, UK) at No. 22
  • Herjavec Group (Toronto, Canada) at No. 23
  • Nexusguard (San Francisco, Calif.) at No. 24
  • Deloitte (New York City, N.Y.) at No. 27
  • Black Duck Software (Burlington, Mass.) at No. 38
  • Raytheon (Bethesda, Md.) at No. 42
  • root9B (Colorado Springs, Colo.) at No. 45
  • Level 3 Communications (Broomfield, Colo.) at No. 50

First Time on the List

Notable companies joining the list for the first time and included in the top 150 are:

  • High-Tech Bridge (Geneva, Switzerland) at No. 65
  • Coalfire (Louisville, Colo.) at No. 74
  • BlueBox Security (San Francisco, Calif.) at No. 79
  • Verizon Enterprise (Basking Ridge, N.J.) at No. 87
  • vArmour (Mountain View, Calif.) at No. 99
  • Silobreaker (London, UK) at No. 132
  • Bromium (Cupertino, Calif.) at No. 140
  • Illumio (Sunnyvale, Calif.) at No. 142

Selection Criteria For The Cybersecurity 500

“We continuously look at thousands of companies for inclusion in the Cybersecurity 500, by soliciting feedback from CISOs, IT security practitioners and service providers, and researching hundreds of cybersecurity events and news sources that we follow” says Steve Morgan, founder and CEO at Cybersecurity Ventures, and Editor-In-Chief of the Cybersecurity 500.

Selection Criteria

The selection criteria for the Cybersecurity 500 is subjective and includes some or all of the following when evaluating each company:

  • Cybersecurity Sector (market category)
  • Problem(s) Solved
  • Customer Base
  • Feedback from CISOs and Decision Makers
  • Feedback from IT Security Evaluators & Recommenders
  • Feedback from VARs, SIs and Consultants
  • VC Funding
  • Company Growth
  • Published Product Reviews
  • Demos and Presentations at Conferences
  • Corporate Marketing and Branding
  • Media Coverage
  • Notable Implementations
  • Founder and Management Pedigree
  • Interviews with Senior Management

The Cybersecurity 500 does not rank companies by revenues, employees, or annual growth. “We do not think a list of the largest cybersecurity companies is useful to our target audience of cyber and IT security decision makers, evaluators, and recommenders” says Morgan. “They already know who the biggest vendors are. Instead, we give a nod to the hottest and most innovative companies”.

Searchable Directory

The Cybersecurity 500 is both a list and a keyword-searchable directory. Users can type in a cybersecurity term or acronym i.e. ‘malware’, ‘incident response’, ‘threat management’, ‘encryption’, ‘mobile security’ etc., and then view a list of companies who provide solutions in that category. A link to the corporate website is displayed next to each company that is listed.

“The driving force behind the Cybersecurity 500 was providing something useful to the CISOs and security decision makers, evaluators, and recommenders” said Morgan. “Our compilation lets them search and find specific types of solutions from the most innovative Cybersecurity companies in the industry.”

Quarterly Editions & Monthly Updates

Cybersecurity Ventures publishes a new edition of the Cybersecurity 500 each quarter. The revised quarterly editions have new companies coming on the list, others dropping off, and changes to the listing order, to accurately reflect the current hottest and most innovative companies. There are also monthly updates to the list, with specific market sectors and geographies being reviewed by Cybersecurity Ventures’ editors.

Premium Listings

The Cybersecurity 500 is not a ‘pay-to-play’ list. There is no cost for a company to be listed, and every company on the list has been selected based on merit according to the selection criteria. After a company is selected and listed, there are paid premium listings and advertising opportunities – but that should not be confused with paying to get on the list which is against Cybersecurity Ventures policy. Premium listings are limited to specific positions for each company on a case-by-case basis, based on a range where they qualify to be listed.

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