Analyst Report: Understanding Runtime Cloud Workload Security with Inline Mitigation

Analyst Report: Understanding Runtime Cloud Workload Security with Inline MitigationThis report explains the benefits of runtime security with inline mitigation for cloud-native workload protection. Commercial vendor AccuKnox:

  1. is used to demonstrate the practical deployment and use of this powerful zero trust approach to cybersecurity.  The need to innovate in cybersecurity has never been greater, given the threats that continue to target enterprise and government teams around the world.
  2. Ironically, this need exists despite on-going design and deployment of new cybersecurity products and services from startups, usually funded by venture capital teams.
  3. Our observation, sadly, is that too many of these new solutions mimic other products, presumably based on revenue objectives.

From time to time, however, new commercially available cybersecurity solutions do emerge that show promise in addressing the practical threats that exist for modern organizations. Such new defensive solutions usually require advanced technology since offensive attacks have become so automated. It stands to reason that manual oriented controls will be ineffective in reducing risk. New security solutions must be fully automated.

This report focuses on a new method known as inline mitigation which is deployed in the context of runtime cloud workload protection. We will explain how this technique addresses modern threats to multi-cloud workloads as well as how it provides an excellent foundation for runtime security. Finally, we provide a case study of commercial vendor AccuKnox and how they deploy and support a security platform that operates effectively in this space.

Offered Free by: AccuKnox

Analyst Report: Understanding Runtime Cloud Workload Security with Inline Mitigation



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