aiXDR Brief

By Randy Blasik, V.P. of Technology Solutions, Seceon Inc.


aiXDR with its, novel approach focusing on detecting and stopping threats in all vectors automatically before data is compromised, has redefined the role of today’s Cyber Security Analysts. The solution with Managed Service Security Provider (MSSP) “multi-tier multi-tenant” capabilities has finally made it operationally profitable for MSSPs to offer, customers of any size and ability, advanced threat detection and remediation services. Solving today’s most vexing problem: How to make threat analysis and remediation a task that takes minutes to perform when an incident arises with minimally trained staff.

Seceon’s aiXDR provides visibility, detection, prioritization, and response capability for unparalleled security and operational efficiency and accuracy.  It helps organizations overcome: (1) The pitfalls of siloed EDR solutions,  (2) difficult integration with  other tools (SIEM, IDS, DLP, etc.), (3) lack of deep security analytics to automate core processes, (4) failure to integrate data from key sources (such as, DNS logs, NetFlows, Vulnerability Assessment Scanners, Active Directory, etc.), and (5) partial threat coverage with limited visibility into the detection  and  response.  Seceon is an All-In-One experience that is organically and seamlessly fused together.

Not all XDR solutions are equal.                                                                            

The XDR market is full of vendors offering their XDR solutions. However not all XDR solutions offer the same protection. These solutions do not provide the full visibility required in today’s more complex networks. They may lack for instance, netflow information or adaptive self-Learning models to auto tune noise and sometimes restrict the number of feeds that they can ingest.

Seceon provides full 360° coverage of the Threat Landscape by including:

aiXDR Brief

“Anything that gives less coverage is exposing the client to a potential breach and exposing your business to additional liabilities. Please ensure that any solution you evaluate has the same coverage as the Seceon solution.”

-Randy Blasik V.P. Technology Solutions, Seceon

Automation & Visibility are the Key.

End point Detection & Response (EDR) is migrating to becoming Extended Detection & Response (XDR). This is because the gap between what is known and what is unknown, in the form of a threat is growing. The number of devices and activity that are generating vast volumes of data has become unmanageable and the data ingestion volume has become impossible for traditional security tools. The result is that there is a need to automate as much as possible. This automation needs to be extremely accurate, intelligence driven, leading to reduced false positives and true actionable responses. Data needs to be gathered from all the devices in the network landscape.

Having collated all this data it needs to be presented in a way that shows not only what is happening live, but also what happened in the past. You need to be able to benchmark the activity of a device and user to check if an event is “out of character” for that device or user, or if this has been seen before and is not, for example, a regular test that should be marked as not being a threat.

Having everything on one platform, with multi-tier/multi-tenancy capability, automating events from all devices and presenting these results in a way that enables the Analyst to make informed decisions is what we at Seceon have been providing to our clients since we decided to build the platform. Having one integrated platform considerably reduces costs compared to solutions that are made from combined bolt on components. Seceon and its Advanced Threat Detection and Remediation Platform (aiXDR) is the industry’s most comprehensive platform for extended detection and response (xDR).

aiXDR Brief

About the Author

Randy Blasik AuthorRandy Blasik is the V.P. of Technology Solutions of the Seceon Inc..

A veteran of more than 20 years in the fields of Technology development, Technology Support and Cyber Security. Prior to Seceon, Randy has spent the last 7 years working as the Chief Technology Officer where he played a key role in building the business into a nationally recognized Managed Services Provider. Randy has also held key technology focused roles in small, mid and large market firms dating back to the year 2000. At Seceon Randy provides seasoned leadership, oversees Technology Solutions and is using his wide range of experience to drive both internal and external successes.

Randy can be reached online at Email,    and at our company website

July 31, 2022

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