Active Directory is Now The Number One Target of Hackers – Learn How to Harden It – Today!

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Your Active Directory servers have now become a major target for exploiters.  It is not if it will happen to you, it’s when will it happen and how will you respond.

  • Globally, over 90% of Businesses, Run Active Directory (AD)
  • AD Mismanagement Exposes 90% of Businesses to Breaches
  • Cyber Attack Targets 95 Million AD Accounts Daily
  • Penetration Testers Breach AD Nearly 100% of The Time
  • 80% of All Breaches Involved Access To A Privileged Account

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Getting your shields up is more than just a secure DNS server and well configured firewall.  It’s about constantly monitoring any issues that might arise with your AD servers and being able to proactively harden them from passwords to user accounts and group policies.  Strong configuration, patch and vulnerability management take time and energy.  Generating deep audits and insights into your AD servers status need to become a regular process.

Don’t Go It Alone

At CionSystems, Inc., we’ve been working on these AD problems as well as Office 365 and Azure for years.  We put 6+ years into R&D, developing millions of lines of valuable code so we could provide you an enterprise class solution to automate most of these challenging tasks, freeing up thousands of work hours so you can focus on helping your company grow, while more easily defending your AD environment.

We offer:

Enterprise Identity Manager the ‘Active Directory Mechanic and Defender’

Single Pane of Glass for Enterprise Identity Management, Security, Compliance, Reporting and Automation for AD Servers

Over 80% of all breaches involve Access to a Privileged Account. The mass migration to Remote Workforce enterprise operations has created more Security Gaps and Risks than ever before. Enterprise Identity Manager is an “out of the box” solution to dramatically Harden, Simplify, and Secure enterprise Active Directory deployments – NO SCRIPTS OR CODE required. EIM enables swift transition of Active Directory to handle large Remote Workforces, with Real-Time Tracking of ALL changes with Defined Notifications.  Our latest Enterprise add-on for EIM called Cloud Office 365.  Together, they are the Complete Suite for increasing productivity, security, and compliance while simplifying the management and synchronization of on-premise AD, Microsoft Office 365 Cloud, OpenLDAP, and Azure AD with Directory Synchronization.

Simplifies Office365, OpenLDAP and Azure AD.

Do it all in the fastest, easiest, most efficient, and secure way with EIM bundled together with Cloud Office 365.

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