CDM INFOSEC Award Winners 2016

Company Product Category
AirWatch® AirWatch® Mobile Application Management  Best Product – Mobile Application Management
Raytheon SureView® Threat Protection  Best Product – Endpoint Security Suite
Zimperium Zimperium’s Mobile Threat Protection Solution  Best Of Breed – Mobile Endpoint Security
Masergy Masergy Unified Enterprise Security  Leader – Managed Security Service Providers
Gurucul Gurucul Risk Analytics Platform  Best Of Breed User Behavior Analytics
5nine 5nine Cloud Security  Best Of Breed – Data Center Security
Arkin Arkin Visibility & Operations Platform  Most Innovative – Enterprise Security
AVG AVG CloudCare  Hot Company – Cloud Security
Tripwire Tripwire® IP360  Leader – Vulnerability Management
Pulse Secure Pulse Workspace  Editor’s Choice – Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)
Security Mentor Security Mentor Training Platform  Next Gen – Security Training
AirWatch® AirWatch® Mobile Device Management™  Cutting Edge – Mobile Device Management
Corero Network Security SmartWall Threat Defense System (TDS)  Best Product – Network Security
Solutionary Solutionary ActiveGuard® Service Platform  Editor’s Choice – Managed Security Service Providers
Ziften Ziften Endpoint Security Solution  Next Gen – Endpoint Security Suite
TSC Advantage Threat Vector Manager™ (TVM) & Enterprise Security Assessment (ESA)  Most Innovative – Enterprise Security
Comilion Comilion Collaboration Platform  Hot Company – Security Collaboration
SolarWinds® SolarWinds Log & Event Manager (LEM)  Best Product – Security Information Event Management (SIEM)
SentinelOne Endpoint Protection Platform  Editor’s Choice – Endpoint Security Suites
Indegy Indegy Platform  Next Gen – ICS/SCADA Security
DB Networks DB Networks Layer 7 Database Sensor  Best Product – Data Center Security
Swivel Swivel Authentication Platform  Cutting Edge – Multi-Factor Authentication
Code Dx Code Dx Enterprise Edition (EE)  Cutting Edge – Application Security
BlueTalon BlueTalon Policy Engine  Editor’s Choice – Data Centric Security
Illumio Illumio Adaptive Security Platform  Most Innovative – Data Center Security
Elastica Elastica CloudSOC Platform  Leader – Cloud Security
Skyport Systems SkySecure Enclave Platform  Cutting Edge – Data Center Security
Vectra Networks Automated Threat Management Solution  Editor’s Choice – Intrusion Detection
Tripwire Tripwire Endpoint Security Suite  Hot Company – Endpoint Security Suites
Varonis Varonis DatAdvantage  Most Innovative – Insider Threat Detection
EdgeWave EdgeWave ePrism Email Security  Best Product – Messaging Security
TrapX Security TrapX DeceptionGrid  Cutting Edge – Deception Based Security
Arxan Arxan IoT Application Protection  Best Product – Application Security
Skyhigh Skyhigh Cloud Security Platform  Most Innovative – Cloud Security
Gurucul Gurucul Risk Analytics Platform  Best Product – Insider Threat Prevention
Endgame Endgame Cyber Operations Platform  Most Innovative – Endpoint Security
WhiteCryption WhiteCryption Code Protection  Hot Company – Application Security
AppDome AppDome Dynamic Security Wrapping  Leader – Application Security
PhishMe PhishMe Triage  Cutting Edge – Security Training
Gurucul Gurucul Risk Analytics Platform  Hot Company – Insider Threat Detection
CloudLock CloudLock Cloud Security Fabric  Hot Company – Data Leakage Prevention
Herjavec Group Managed Security Services  Hot Company – Managed Security Service Providers
Covata Covata Safe Share  Cutting Edge – Managed File Transfer
IKANOW IKANOW Information Security Analytics Platform  Leader – Enterprise Security
Varonis Varonis DatAlert  Hot Company – User Behavior Analytics
SafeDNS SafeDNS Platform  Editor’s Choice – Content Management & Filtering
Linoma Software GoAnywhere MFT  Best Product – Managed File Transfer
CloudLock CloudLock Cloud Security Fabric  Editor’s Choice – User Behavior Analytics
Penta Security MyDiamo  Editor’s Choice – Data Leakage Prevention (DLP)
Contrast Security Contrast Enterprise  Best of Breed – Application Security
Datablink Datablink Authentication Solutions  Most Innovative – Multi-Factor Authentication
RiskSense RiskSense Platform  Editor’s Choice – Risk Management
AirWatch® AirWatch® Content Locker®  Hot Company – Content Management & Filtering
Securonix Securonix Platform  Most Innovative – Insider Threat Prevention
Vidder Vidder PrecisionAccess  Most Innovative – Access Control
RedSeal RedSeal Cybersecurity Analytics Platform  Most Innovative – Network Security
AVG AVG AntiVirus  Best Product – Antivirus
EclecticIQ EclecticIQ Threat Intelligence Platform  Leader – Threat Intelligence
Attivo Attivo BOTsink® Solution  Next Gen – Deception Based Security
Acunetix Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner  Cutting Edge – Web Application Security
Untangle Untangle NG Firewall  Editor’s Choice – Firewall & VPN Appliances
Check Point Software Check Point SandBlast Zero-Day Protection  Next Gen – Malware Analysis
CYREN CYREN WebSecurity  Best Product – Anti-Malware
SolarWinds® SolarWinds® Patch Manager  Hot Company – Patch & Configuration Management
Bastille Bastille Enterprise Security  Best Product – Wireless Security
CloudLock CloudLock Cloud Security Fabric  Best Product – Cloud Security
ForgeRock ForgeRock Identity Platform  Best Product – Identity & Access Management
Skycure Skycure Mobile Threat Defense  Next Gen – Mobile Endpoint Security
ThreatTrack ThreatSecure Network  Best Of Breed – Network Security
RiskIQ RiskIQ Digital Footprint Solution  Best Of Breed – Digital Footprint Security
Fortscale Fortscale 2.0  Leader – Insider Threat Detection
ThreatConnect ThreatConnect Platform  Cutting Edge – Enterprise Security
Iovation Iovation Device-Based Authentication  Editor’s Choice – Multi-Factor Authentication
CrowdStrike Falcon Platform  Best Of Breed – Endpoint Security Suites
NuData Security NuDetect  Most Innovative – User Behavior Analytics
DARKTRACE Enterprise Immune System  Editor’s Choice – Enterprise Security
Confer Confer Endpoint Security Platform  Leader – Endpoint Security Suites
Resilient Systems Resilient Security Module  Leader – Security Collaboration
CyberX CyberX XSense Platform  Best Product – ICS/SCADA Security
CloudLock CloudLock Cloud Security Fabric  Best Of Breed Enterprise Security
Prevoty Prevoty’s Application Security Monitoring  Most Innovative – Application Security
Resilient Systems Resilient Security Module  Best Product – Enterprise Security
Penta Security WAPPLES  Hot Company – Web Application Security
Vectra Networks Automated Threat Management Solution  Cutting Edge – Network Security
Hillstone Networks Hillstone Networks CloudHive  Cutting Edge – Cloud Security
Check Point Software Check Point Mobile Threat Prevention  Leader – Mobile Endpoint Security
Cryptzone Cryptzone AppGate  Cutting Edge – Access Control
ThreatStream ThreatStream Optic™  Next Gen – Threat Intelligence
Code42 Code42 CrashPlan  Cutting Edge – Endpoint Security
Cryptzone Cryptzone Security Sheriff  Most Innovative Data Leakage Prevention
INSIDE Secure INSIDE Secure MatrixSSE  Editor’s Choice – Application Security

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