2014 ICS CYBER DEFENSE FOR ENERGY & UTILITIES – Securing the Future of the Energy & Utilities Industry


2014 ICS CYBER DEFENSE FOR ENERGY & UTILITIES – Securing the Future of the Energy & Utilities Industry


Event Title:

2014 ICS CYBER DEFENSE FOR ENERGY & UTILITIES – Securing the Future of the

Energy & Utilities Industry

Event Date:

22-24 September 2014


Abu Dhabi, UAE


Caxton Group

PR Contact:

Jona Argel, +971 4 276 5897, [email protected](Marketing


Energy & Utilities Industry Experts to Gather in

Abu Dhabi to Discuss the Region’s Current

Security Landscape on Cyber Domain

Abu Dhabi, UAE – On 22–24 September this year, Caxton Group will host its flagship event for Cyber Security in the Energy & Utilities sector and gathering of international and regional experts and industry leaders from the government, energy, utilities, oil & gas and the academe. The event will review the current security landscape of the region’s cyber domain and will focus on strengthening defense measures designed to counter potential breach and cyber-attacks directed towards critical infrastructures.

The theme of this year’s interactive technology workshop centers on developing an effective approach in protecting critical infrastructures from emerging cyber threats and how the industry can effectively build stronger defense measures to mitigate the risk from majority of well-known attacks in the industry.

The event will host an impressive speaker line up from various oil and gas, energy and utilities sector.

For his master class on 22nd of September, Ayman Al Issa, industry expert and Advisor for Digital Oilfields in ADMA-OPCO, will be discussing effective measures to protect critical infrastructures and assessment of ICS cyber security risk.
Among the key topics that Ayman will be discussing includes ‘Resolving Human Conflict: The Task of Leading the Industrial Cyber Security’, ‘ICS Cyber Security Risk Assessment’, ‘Implementing Cyber Security Support for Long Term Plant Life’ and the ‘The Value of Partnership Between the Automation Vendors and Cyber Security Vendors’. This year’s Executive Steering Committee Chairman Kevin Cardwell, a leading cyber security expert in the
US and Founder and CTO of CESI, will be discussing systematic methods in identifying vulnerabilities and risk assessment in the ICS/SCADA Architecture backed by top defensive mechanisms to mitigate the risk from majority of the well-known attacks.

The highlight of Kevin’s master class will include ‘Establishing Policies: The ISO Roadmap’, ‘Securing Protocols: A unique approach to ICS’, ‘Risk Mitigation in Legacy Machines’, and ‘The Use of Canaries, Decoys and Honeypots within the ICS/SCADA System’. The presentations will be followed by an interactive breakout session to discuss challenges in securing the architecture and as well as to identify potential solutions.

Join the experts in the industry to discuss the advancements and relevant best practices in securing the cyber domain for critical infrastructures and safeguard your organization’s defenses at the Caxton Group’s 2014 ICS Cyber Defense for Energy & Utilities in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

For more information, please contact Grace Candelaria (Project Manager) at [email protected]and [email protected]or call us at +971 4 276 5897.

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Caxton Cyber Security is poised to be a significant contributor to the growing need of trainings in different aspects of cyber security across industries. We are committed to bring together experts on some of the most critical and significant challenges faced by the different industries with respect to their cyber security challenges.


2014 ICS CYBER DEFENSE FOR ENERGY & UTILITIES – Securing the Future of the Energy & Utilities Industry



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