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10 Tips on How to Get a Job in Cyber Security

10 Tips on How to Get a Job in Cyber Security

10 tips on how to get a job in cyber security by Cyber Security Jobs


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Qet Qualified

CEH (Certified Ethical Hacker) and the Global Information Assurance Certification GPEN (Certified Penetration Tester) Certificates are both industry recognised qualifications.

Acquire a Rounded Skill Set

Although having knowledge of cyber security is important, having more rounded technical experience will also help your application. Check out courses that are available to give you a basic grounding of IT.

Learning in the Workplace Through an Apprenticeship

If you’d prefer a more hands on approach to getting a cyber security job, you can check with the National Apprenticeship Service to see if there are any relevant apprenticeships going.

Work Experience

If there aren’t any apprenticeships available, you could check to see if you can do unpaid work experience to get a better idea of the fundamental aspects of cyber security.


An internship is another possible useful way of gaining employment in cyber security. Although this may be unpaid (like work experience), the experience will be a valuable, useful addition to your CV.

Join a Professional Association

By joining the IISP (Institute of Information Security Professionals), you are able to attend lectures by experts in the field and receive other benefits such as discounted attendance to training and workshops in the industry. Most importantly, membership to the IISP gives you access to their members-only jobs board.

Take the Cyber Security Challenge

This is a series of competitions, organised and conducted by Cyber Security Challenge UK. It is designed to put your skills in cyber security to the test. The challenges have been formulated by the some of the biggest security names in the country and are backed by the government. People have even been offered a job based on their success in the challenge.

Set up Your Own Testing Site

You can set up your own network and test how secure it is. You can do this by using two or more computers and a wireless router. This type of initiative can tip the balance in your favour when applying for a job in cyber security.

Set up a Personal Network

As with many professions, networking is an important way of learning more and finding opportunities in cyber security. There will be people out there with years of experience in the field, so ask them questions and learn from them! There will be cyber security networking groups on all popular social networks. (CEH) (GPEN) – National Apprenticeship Service – IISP – Cyber Security Challenge UK

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