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InfoSec Awards 2019 – Winners!

InfoSec Awards 2019 – Winners!Welcome to the InfoSec Awards for 2019. It’s been nearly six months in the making – our annual review of the hottest, most innovative, best, market leaders, next-generation and cutting edge INFOSEC companies offering incredible products and services. This year we decided to also include and give credit to a small list of public relations firms that do a great job to help get the word out about these innovators and we’ve included a small list of very important people to keep an eye on – because they are making a difference.

We scoured the globe and found over 3,000 companies who create and offer the most respected InfoSec products and services. Some of them you have never even heard of until today. Some are startups and some are early stage. Some are bigger known players. But what they all have in common is a drive for innovation. They truly want to help you get ahead of the next breach. They are on a mission to help you comply with regulations, stop the cyber-criminals, hackers, hacktivists, cyber terrorists and threats against critical infrastructure. They offer solutions for businesses and government agencies of all sizes, big and small.

The judging was challenging and difficult and we’ve even had some ties this year where two vendors deserved the same award such as Hot Company or Innovator, for example. We’re thrilled to announce the winners – please let them know you found them in Cyber Defense Magazine, approximately 200 of the best Infosec vendors to consider for your arsenal at getting ahead of the next threat!

Here are the winners in alphabetical order by company name:

A10 Networks Cutting Edge 5G Security
360 Enterprise Security Group Next Gen Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)
360 Enterprise Security Group Cutting Edge Cloud Security
360 Enterprise Security Group Best Product Threat Intelligence
A10 Networks Best Product DDoS Protection
Adaptiva Hot Company Endpoint Security
Alcide Breakout Cloud Security
AlienVault, an AT&T company Market Leader Cloud Security
AlienVault, an AT&T company Market Leader Threat Intelligence
Altaro Cutting Edge Data Loss Prevention
Ampex Data Systems Cutting Edge Critical Infrastructure Protection
Apcon Next Gen Hybrid Network Visibility
Apricorn Breakout Encryption
ARPR Publisher’s Choice PR Firm for Infosec Companies
Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company Market Leader Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)
Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company Leading Edge Insider Threat Detection
Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company Hot Company Network Access Control (NAC)
Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company Best Product User Behavior Analytics
ATAR LABS Next Gen Security Orchestration Automation and Response (SOAR)
Attivo Networks® Best Product Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) Detection and Response
Attivo Networks® Market Leader Deception Based Security
Avanan Cutting Edge Anti-Phishing
Awake Next Gen Cybersecurity Analytics
AxiCom US Hot Company PR Firm for Infosec Companies
Barrier1 Cutting Edge Cyber Security
BigID Cutting Edge Privacy Management Software
Bill Holtz, Sectigo Most Innovative Chief Executive of the Year
Bob Ackerman, AllegisCyber Market Leader Cybersecurity Investor
Brinqa Groundbreaking Company Application Security
Brinqa Best Product Vulnerability Management
Bufferzone Security Market Leader Cyber Security
Carbon Black Best Product Endpoint Security
Catherine A. Allen, Santa Fe Group Cutting Edge Women in Cybersecurity
Ceasar Pie, CSIOS Corporation Next Gen Chief Executive of the Year
Centrify Best Product Privileged Account Security
Cequence Security Next Gen Web Application Security
Checkmarx Market Leader Application Security
Circadence Editor’s Choice Cybersecurity Training
Citrix Systems Market Leader Access Control
Cloudbric Hot Company Website Security
Code42 Next Gen Data Loss Prevention
Code42 Next Gen Insider Threat Detection
Cofense Best Product Anti-Phishing
ColorTokens State of the Art Application Security
ColorTokens Breakout Cloud Security
ColorTokens Hot Company Data Center Security
ColorTokens Publisher’s Choice Endpoint Security
ColorTokens Most Innovative Micro-segmentation
ColorTokens Next Gen Security Company of the Year
Contrast Security Editor’s Choice Application Security
Corelight Most Innovative Network Security and Management
CoSoSys Hot Company Data Loss Prevention
CounterCraft Next Gen Deception Based Security
CSIOS Corporation Hot Company Cybersecurity Service Provider
CSIOS Corporation Most Innovative Insider Threat Detection
CyberArk Market Leader Privileged Account Security
Cybereason Next Gen Cybersecurity Company of the Year
Cybereason Best Product Endpoint Detection & Response
CyberGRX Breakout Third-Party Risk Management (TPRM)
Cylance Market Leader Security Company of the Year
Cylance Inc Market Leader Endpoint Security
Cymulate Cutting Edge Breach and Attack Simulation
D3 Security Editor’s Choice Incident Response
Dan Chmielewski, Madison Alexander PR Editor’s Choice PR Executive for Infosec Companies
Darktrace Market Leader Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
Darktrace Trailblazing Cloud Security
Darktrace Leading Edge Enterprise Security
Darktrace Hot Company ICS/SCADA
Darktrace Best Product Internet of Things Security
Darren Guccione, Keeper Security Cutting Edge Chief Executive of the Year
Dave DeWalt, NightDragon Security Most Innovative Cybersecurity Investor
DB CyberTech Best Product Data Loss Prevention
DBAppSecurity Breakout Security Information Event Management (SIEM)
Demisto Most Innovative Incident Response
Denim Group Cutting Edge Application Security
Denim Group Editor’s Choice Vulnerability Assessment, Remediation and Management
Digital Shadows Cutting Edge Risk Management
DivvyCloud Editor’s Choice Cloud Security
Dr. Ambareen Siraj, Tennessee Tech Editor’s Choice Women in Cybersecurity
EclecticIQ Next Gen Threat Intelligence
EdgeWave Market Leader Anti-Phishing
EdgeWave Best Product Deep Sea Phishing
EdgeWave Hot Company Email Security and Management
Enea (Qosmos Division) Most Innovative Forensics
Enea (Qosmos Division) Cutting Edge Threat Hunting
Equinix Hot Company Cloud Security
Equinix Publisher’s Choice SaaS/Cloud Security
Ericom® Software Hot Company Anti-Malware
Ericom® Software Cutting Edge Endpoint Security
ERP Maestro Cutting Edge Access Control
Experian Market Leader Fraud Prevention
ExtraHop Best Product Cybersecurity Analytics
ExtraHop State of the Art Enterprise Security
FireMon Cutting Edge Network Security and Management
Fluency Best Product Central Log Management
Forescout Cutting Edge IoT Security
Forescout Market Leader Network Access Control (NAC)
Fortanix Best Product Cloud Security
Fortanix Most Innovative Encryption
GEOACL LLC Cutting Edge Authentication and Verification Technology
Gigamon Most Innovative Product of the Year
Gigi Schumm, ThreatQuotient Publisher’s Choice Women in Cybersecurity
Global Learning Systems Hot Company Compliance
Global Learning Systems Best Product Cybersecurity Training
Global Learning Systems Market Leader Security Training
GTB Technologies Most Innovative Data Loss Prevention
HelpSystems Market Leader Managed File Transfer
HelpSystems Trailblazing Security and Integrity Monitoring
Herjavec Group Market Leader Identity and Access Management
Herjavec Group Most Innovative Managed Security Service Provider
Herjavec Group Publisher’s Choice Security Company of the Year
Hillstone Networks Next Gen Cloud Protection
Hillstone Networks Breakout Cybersecurity Analytics
Hillstone Networks Most Innovative Data Center Security
Hornetsecurity Most Innovative SaaS/Cloud Security
Hysolate Most Innovative Endpoint Security
HyTrust Publisher’s Choice Cloud Security
Idaptive Cutting Edge Identity and Access Management
InfoSec Institute Editor’s Choice Security Training & Awareness for Employees
InfoSec Institute Publisher’s Choice Security Training for InfoSec Professionals
Inky Most Innovative Deep Sea Phishing
Insignary Next Gen Vulnerability Assessment, Remediation and Management
Inspired eLearning LLC Groundbreaking Company Anti-phishing
Inspired eLearning LLC Cutting Edge Security Training
Intezer Cutting Edge Incident Response
Intezer Cutting Edge Malware Analysis
Intrinsic ID Groundbreaking Company Internet of Things (IoT) Security
IntSights Groundbreaking Company Enterprise Security
iovation Most Innovative Multi-factor Authentication
IRONSCALES Editor’s Choice Deep Sea Phishing
iStorage Best Product Encryption
iTrust Cutting Edge Vendor Risk Management Platform
Ixia Groundbreaking Company Cloud Security
Jumio Best Product Biometrics
Jumio Market Leader Compliance
Jumio Best Product Fraud Prevention
Keeper Security Publisher’s Choice Cybersecurity Password Management
Kenna Security Hot Company Vulnerability Management
KnowBe4 Editor’s Choice Anti-Phishing
KnowBe4 Next Gen Security Training
Lastline Editor’s Choice Security Software
Light Point Security Hot Company Browser Isolation
LogMeIn Best Product Identity Management
LogRhythm Market Leader Security Information Event Management (SIEM)
LogRhythm Market Leader User Behavior Analytics
M2MI Most Innovative Internet of Things (IoT) Security
Madison Alexander PR Hot Company PR Firm for Infosec Companies
ManagedMethods Best Product SaaS/Cloud Security
MAPR Most Innovative Security Orchestration Automation and Response (SOAR)
Mischel Kwon, MKACyber Hot Company Women in Cybersecurity
N2WS Leading Edge Cloud Security
Nozomi Networks Best Product ICS/SCADA Security
Nozomi Networks Hot Company Threat Intelligence Trailblazing Internet of Things (IoT) Encryption
NSFOCUS State of the Art Cloud Security
Ntrepid Cutting Edge Deception Based Security
Ntrepid Best Product Digital Footprint Security
Nuspire Networks Next Gen Endpoint Security
ObserveIT Best Product Insider Threat Detection
Oculeus Most Innovative Telecoms Fraud Protection
Onapsis Market Leader ERP Security
OneTrust Editor’s Choice Incident and Breach Management
OneTrust Best Product Privacy Management Software
OneTrust Best Product Vendor Risk Management
Owl Cyber Defense Best Product Critical Infrastructure Protection
Owl Cyber Defense Best Product Security Hardware
PC Pitstop Editor’s Choice Anti-Malware
Pcysys Next Gen Network Penetration Testing Tools
Ping Identity Editor’s Choice Identity and Access Management
Plixer Editor’s Choice Network Security and Management
Portnox Best Product Network Access Control (NAC)
Proficio Market Leader Managed Detection and Response
Proficio Hot Company Managed Security Service Provider
Proficio Most Innovative SOC-as-a-Service Provider
R9B Most Innovative Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) Detection and Response
R9B Best Product Identity and Access Management
R9B Best Product Security Software
Rajiv Gupta, McAfee Next Gen Security Expert of the Year
Recorded Future Editor’s Choice Threat Intelligence
RedSeal Cutting Edge Compliance
RedSeal Leading Edge Network Security and Management
Regent University Trailblazing Cyber Defense Training
Resecurity Hot Company Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) Detection and Response
Resecurity Editor’s Choice Endpoint Security
Resecurity Hot Company Enterprise Security
Resecurity Most Innovative Threat Intelligence
Ribbon Next Gen Network Security and Management
Rising Next Gen Anti-Malware
Robert Herjavec, HerjavecGroup Trailblazing Cybersecurity Executive of the Year
SafeGuard Cyber Next Gen Compliance
SafeGuard Cyber Cutting Edge SaaS/Cloud Security
SafeGuard Cyber Best Product Social Media, Web Filtering, and Content Security
SafeLogic Market Leader Encryption
Santa Fe Group Next Gen Third-Party Risk Management (TPRM)
Seceon Hot Company MSSP Platform
Seceon Next Gen Security Information Event Management (SIEM)
Sectigo Next Gen Deep Sea Phishing
Sectigo Hot Company Identity Management
Sectigo Publisher’s Choice Internet of Things (IoT) Security
Secure Channels Most Innovative Email Security and Management
Secure Channels Next Gen Encryption
Secure Channels Most Innovative Privileged Account Security
Securonix Most Innovative Cloud Security
Securonix Editor’s Choice Security Analytics
Semmle Hot Company Code Variant Analysis
Semmle Publisher’s Choice Open Source Security
Senseon Hot Company Cybersecurity Artificial Intelligence
Sergeant Laboratories/Aristotle Insight Most Innovative Cybersecurity Analytics
ShiftLeft Most Innovative Application Security
Signal Sciences Most Innovative Web Application Security
Silobreaker Ltd Groundbreaking Company Threat Intelligence
Silverfort Most Innovative Adaptive Risk-Based Authentication
Skyguard Most Innovative Data Security
Sourabh Tiwari, Overseas Infrastructure Alliance Cutting Edge Chief Technology Officer of the Year
Sql Power Tools Most Innovative Breach Prevention
Sql Power Tools Hot Company Database Security
Sql Power Tools Most Innovative Hot New Startup
Stan Black, Citrix Systems Publisher’s Choice CSO of the Year
StrongKey Leading Edge Encryption
Swimlane Most Innovative Enterprise Security
Swimlane Next Gen Incident Response
Sysdig Breakout Compliance
Sysdig Hot Company Open Source Security
Sysdig Publisher’s Choice Vulnerability management
TEHTRIS Breakout Endpoint Detection & Response
The Santa Fe Group Hot Company Risk Management
Theresia Gouw Groundbreaking Company Cybersecurity Investor
ThreatModeler Editor’s Choice Threat Modeling
ThreatQuotient Market Leader Enterprise Security
ThreatQuotient Hot Company Security Investigation
ThreatQuotient Publisher’s Choice Threat Intelligence
ThreatX Hot Company Web Application Security
Thycotic Next Gen Privileged Account Security
Thycotic Publisher’s Choice Privileged Account Security
Tigera Best Product Container Security
Trend Micro Market Leader Intrusion Prevention
TrueVault Most Innovative Compliance
Twistlock Next Gen Cloud Security
Untangle Market Leader Network Security and Management
Untangle Market Leader Unified Threat Management (UTM)
Untangle Best Product Firewall
Vadesecure Most Innovative Anti-Phishing
Vaporstream Best Product Messaging Security
Vectra® Editor’s Choice Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) Detection and Response
Vectra® Best Product Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
Vectra® Market Leader Cybersecurity Artificial Intelligence
Veridium Cutting Edge Biometrics
Verodin Editor’s Choice Continuous Security Validation
Verodin Most Innovative Security Company of the Year
Verodin Most Innovative Security Instrumentation Platform
WatchGuard Technologies Market Leader Multi-factor Authentication
WatchGuard Technologies Editor’s Choice Security Company of the Year
WatchGuard Technologies Best Product Unified Threat Management (UTM)
WhiteHat Security Best Product Application Security Testing
WhiteHat Security Most Innovative Software Security Tools
WhiteHat Security Best Product Web Application Security
WhiteSource Best Product Application Security
XM Cyber Hot Company Breach and Attack Simulation
XM Cyber Next Gen Infosec Startup of the Year
XM Cyber Publisher’s Choice Security Software
XTN Inc Hot Company Application Security
XTN Inc Publisher’s Choice Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
XTN Inc Hot Company Fraud Prevention
ZeroFOX Most Innovative Social Media, Web Filtering, and Content Security
Zimperium Publisher’s Choice Application Security
Zimperium Publisher’s Choice Enterprise Mobile Threat Defense
Zimperium Market Leader Mobile Endpoint Security



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InfoSec Awards 2019 – Winners!








Please feel free to leverage this good news on social media.  Here’s a sample of what we recommend:

@COMPANY is thrilled to be a winner in @CyberDefenseMag prestigious annual #INFOSEC #AWARDS 2018 announced @RSAC 2019

P.S. Winners, you will receive a custom award trophy and certificate during RSAC 2019. If you’d like to use a generic award logo for a press release, please embargo your release until March 4, 2019 at 9am PST and use this logo file, below:

InfoSec Awards 2019 – Winners!Please also stay tuned as we launch and during RSA Conference 2019 where we plan to stream live videos and produce “C” level HotSeat executive interviews with a select group of winners.  Concerns, ideas, needs?  For more information on “HotSeat” 5 min interviews (20 min total time needed) during RSA Conference 2019, reach out to us via email anytime at [email protected].

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