Company Solution Category
Treasure Data Live Data Management Platform  Best Solution – Software as a Service (SaaS)
Waratek Waratek Runtime Application Self Protection (RASP)  Leader – Application Security
Acunetix Acunetix Vulnerability Scanner  Cutting Edge – Web Application Security
RiskSense RiskSense Platform  Editor’s Choice – Risk Management
Jumio NetverifyTM  Cutting Edge – Biometrics
Bitglass Bitglass CASB  Hot Company – Cloud Security
Anomali ThreatStream  Next Gen – Threat Intelligence
Dtex Systems Dtex User Threat Platform  Leader – Insider Threat Detection
RiskVision RiskVision Platform  Hot Company – Risk Management
Indegy ICS Platform  Next Gen – ICS/SCADA Security
Endgame Endpoint Security  Most Innovative – Endpoint Security
Herjavec Group HG Identity and Access Management  Best Product – Identity & Access Management
Hexadite Automated Incident Response Solution  Leader – Incident Response
RiskSense RiskSense Platform  Leader – Vulnerability Management
ERPScan ERPScan Platform  Most Innovative- Enterprise Security
Gurucul Gurucul Risk Analytics (GRA)  Best Product – User Behavior Analytics
IRONSCALES IronTraps  Editor’s Choice – Messaging Security
Attivo Networks BOTsink  Next Gen – Deception Based Security
Saviynt CASB Solution  Best of Breed – Cloud Security
Illumio Adaptive Security PlatformTM(ASP)  Best Product – Data Center Security
Passages Secure Virtual Browser  Cutting Edge – Anti-Malware
Rapid7 Nexpose  Most Innovative – Vulnerability Management
Digital Shadows SearchLightTM  Best Product – Risk Management
Hillstone Networks I-Series Breach Detection System(BDS)  Editor’s Choice – Breach Detection
Recorded Future Threat Intelligence Platform  Cutting Edge – Threat Intelligence
Claroty Claroty Platform  Leader – ICS/SCADA Security
Bay Dynamics Risk Fabric  Most Innovative – Risk Management
FireEye FireEye Network Security  Leader – Network Security
whiteCryption whiteCryption Cryptanium  Hot Company – Application Security
Illumio Adaptive Security PlatformTM(ASP)  Best Product – Cloud Security
Siemplify ThreatNexus  Cutting Edge – Incident Response
CyberX Automated ICS Vulnerability Assessment  Hot Company – Vulnerability Management
Digital Guardian Digital Guardian for
Data Loss Prevention
Best Product – Data Leakage Prevention (DLP)
Vaporstream Vaporstream Secure Messaging  Most Innovative – Messaging Security
HP HP Elite PCs with Intel® 7th generation processors  Best Product – Endpoint Security
Bromium Bromium Secure Platform  Editor’s Choice – Anti-Malware
Synack Crowd Security Intelligence™  Best Product – Application Security
BUFFERZONE Endpoint Security Solution  Leader – Endpoint Security
Citrix NetScaler AppFirewall  Cutting Edge – Application Security
Dome9 Dome9 Arc SaaS Platform  Editor’s Choice – Cloud Security
Darktrace Darktrace Enterprise Immune System  Best Product – Enterprise Security
Savvius Omnipeek  Most Innovative – Forensics
TrapX Security DeceptionGrid  Hot Company – Deception Based Security
ObserveIT ObserveIT Endpoint Solution  Most Innovative – Insider Threat Prevention
Rapid7 Rapid7 User Behavior Analytics  Hot Company – User Behavior Analytics
Saviynt Privileged Access Management  Leader – Identity & Access Management
Herjavec Group Herjavec Group Managed Security Services  Hot Company – Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP)
Cyber adAPT Cyber adAPT Platform  Editor’s Choice – Mobile Endpoint Security
KGSS KGSS Intelligence Reports  Best Product – Threat Intelligence
Portnox Portnox CLEAR™  Cutting Edge – Cloud Security
Centrify Centrify Identity Service  Most Innovative – Identity & Access Management
Hillstone Networks Hillstone X-Series Data Center Firewall  Hot Company – Data Center Security
Bromium Bromium Secure Platform  Hot Company – Enterprise Security
CyberX Automated ICS Vulnerability Assessment  Best Product – ICS/SCADA Security
DefenseStorm DefenseStorm Platform  Cutting Edge – Risk Management
Cybereason Cybereason Platform  Hot Company – Incident Response
VIPRE VIPRE Endpoint Security  Best Product – Anti-Malware
Aqua Security Aqua Container Security Platform  Most Innovative – Application Security
Netskope Netskope Active Platform  Leader – Cloud Security
Nyotron Nyotron Paranoid  Hot Company – Endpoint Security
Nozomi Networks SCADA Guardian  Cutting Edge – ICS/SCADA Security
SECDO SECDO IR Platform  Editor’s Choice – Incident Response
Corero Corero SmartWall Threat Defense System  Best Product – Network Security
Cisco Stealthwatch  Leader – User Behavior Analytics
Terbium Labs Matchlight  Most Innovative – Threat Intelligence
Cybereason Cybereason Platform  Cutting Edge – Endpoint Security
Cybric Cybric SaaS Platform  Editor’s Choice – Enterprise Security
CloudPassage CloudPassage Halo  Most Innovative – Cloud Security
EdgeWave ePrism Email Security  Best Product – Messaging Security
Skycure Skycure Platform  Next Gen – Mobile Endpoint Security
Ivanti Ivanti Application Manager  Most Innovative – Data Center Security
GuardiCore GuardiCore Centra Security Platform  Leader – Deception Based Security
RiskIQ Enterprise Digital Footprint  Best Product – Digital Footprint Security
Deep Instinct Deep Instinct Platform  Hot Company – Anti-Malware
Absolute Application Persistence  Editor’s Choice – Application Security
blacksands Secure Connection as a Service  Best Product – Access Control
LogRhythm LogRhythm Security Intelligence & Analytics Platform  Hot Company – Security Information Event Management (SIEM)
NuData Security NuDetect  Best Product – Biometrics
Fireglass Threat Isolation Platform  Cutting Edge – Network Security
empow empow Platform  Editor’s Choice – Security Abstraction
LogRhythm LogRhythm Network Monitor (NetMon)  Best Product – Forensics
Haystax Technology Haystax Constellation Analytics Platform  Editor’s Choice – Insider Threat Prevention
PlainID PlainID Platform  Next Gen – Identity & Access Management
EdgeWave iPrism Web Security  Best Product – Content Management & Filtering
Exabeam User Behavior Analytics  Editor’s Choice – User Behavior Analytics
Aperio Systems Aperio Systems Platform  Hot Company – ICS/SCADA Security
Untangle NG Firewall  Editor’s Choice – Firewall & VPN Appliances
Rapid7 insightIDR  Best Product – Insider Threat Detection
Bromium Bromium Secure Platform  Next Gen – Endpoint Security Suite
Zimperium Mobile Threat Protection  Next Gen – Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Solution

Data-Centric Security Platform  Editor’s Choice – Data Centric Security

Data-Centric Security Platform  Editor’s Choice – Data Centric Security
Acunetix Acunetix Vulnerability Scanner  Best Product – Vulnerability Management
Spirion Spirion Platform  Editor’s Choice – Data Leakage Prevention (DLP)
Demisto Demisto Enterprise  Best Product – Incident Response
Cronus Cronus CyBot MSSP  Most Innovative – Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP)
Cylance CylancePROTECT  Most Innovative – Anti-Malware
Oasis Technology Oasis Technology Titan  Best Product – Intrusion Prevention
Wombat Security Technologies Wombat Security Training  Leader – Security Training
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