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Managed File Transfer: What it is, how it works, and why you need it


PIV- I And Multifactor Authentication: The Best Defense for Federal Government Contractors


Four Essential Strategies of Endpoint Security Protection

Absolute Software


Drive-by as a service: BlackTDS

Overview Proofpoint researchers have been tracking a new Traffic Distribution System called BlackTDS implicated…

The 2018 Guide to Finding a Secure File Transfer Solution

It’s no secret—file transfers are an integral part of how each business runs. From…

Group-IB supported law enforcement in dismantling Ukrainian DDoS crime gang

Ukrainian Police supported by security firm Group-IB and other security firms dismantled a DDoS…

Cryptocurrency Mining Operations Now Targeting Servers

Researchers from the ISC SANS group and the Anti-DDoS company Imperva discovered two distinct campaigns…


As a society, we cherish our right to privacy probably more than anything else….

The Risks of Crypto-currency Mining Infections

During 2017, the crypto-currency market grew nearly 20-fold, reportedly increasing from approximately $18 billion to more…

New Remote Access Trojan (RAT) Discovered

Leaked source code for Ammyy Admin turned into FlawedAmmyy RAT Overview Proofpoint researchers have…

Microsoft released Windows Updates that include Intel’s Spectre microcode patches

Microsoft announced this week the release of the microcode updates to address the Spectre…

Safeguarding Enterprise and Personal Data in the Age of Disruptive Technologies

Since the dawn of the internet, threats on data privacy and security have been…

VISA – The adoption of chip-and-PIN card technology lead to 70% Drop in Counterfeit Fraud

VISA – The cases of counterfeit fraud had dropped by 70% in September 2017…

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