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Cybersecurity Insiders: 2018 Cloud Security Report


PIV- I And Multifactor Authentication: The Best Defense for Federal Government Contractors


Four Essential Strategies of Endpoint Security Protection

Absolute Software


October Patch Tuesday Update

Light Month Follows Microsoft’s Pause on Windows 10 Update by Chris Goettl, director of…

APT28 group return to covert intelligence gathering ops in Europe and South America.

Experts from Symantec collected evidence that APT28 group returns to covert intelligence gathering operations…

Sony Bravia Smart TVs affected by a critical vulnerability

Experts at FortiGuard Labs team discovered three vulnerabilities in eight Sony Bravia smart TVs,…

DHS issued an alert on attacks aimed at Managed Service Providers

The United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is warning of ongoing activity from…

Cyber Defense Global Edition and Global Awards for 2018

Cyber Defense Magazine (CDM), the industry’s leading electronic information security magazine has spent the…

The ‘Gazorp’ Azorult Builder emerged from the Dark Web

Checkpoint experts discovered in the Dark Web an online builder, dubbed Gazorp, that allows crooks…

Operation Eligible Receiver – The Birthplace of Cybersecurity: Privileged User Management

Over 20 years ago, the NSA conducted an exercise named Operation Eligible Receiver 97….

Adobe Releases Security Updates for Acrobat that Fix 86 Vulnerabilities

Adobe has released security updates to fix 86 vulnerabilities in Mac and Windows version…

Torii botnet, probably the most sophisticated IoT botnet of ever

Avast spotted a new IoT botnet, tracked as Torii, that appears much more sophisticated and…

4 Ways to Protect Your Files from a Data Breach

Every day, malicious attackers work to find vulnerabilities they can use to steal, monitor,…

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