The Internet Without Net Neutrality


‘Absence of Net Neutrality Would Bring Multiple Challenges For Americans.’

By Jane Collen

Internet Regulations got Fired under Trump’s Presidency
A week before, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) gathered and voted to eliminate net neutrality, though Americans are overwhelmingly against the idea. The most immediate consequence is the increasing prices, let’s see how the flow of accurate information would affect devastatingly.

Can you recall the old days of dial-up, when a video used to load online in hours? Well, you may experience that again, as this is going to be the reality because net neutrality regulations are abolished in the US. For the novice, net neutrality is making a web just like a public utility, means internet traffic created equally for all the surfers and surfing is as quickly as possible; no restrictions and no delays while surfing internet. Net neutrality is another word for freedom of expression that enables users to share their ideas, rally together around, and speak truth to power to evade conventional media gatekeepers; ISPs would be more potent than other stakeholders.

Absence of net neutrality would bring multiple challenges for Americans, the most immediate ones are;

The Rise in Online Content Censorship
The war between fake and accurate information started back when the internet replaced the traditional media; as per the report, only 17% of Americans consider news media, very accurate. Lack of net neutrality would worsen this fight, ISPs like Comcast and AT&T would utilize their power and limit the dissenting opinions using paywalls and throttling speeds. The paradigms of sharing information would be transformed when 77% of Americans with a smartphone would be unrestricted to access the internet freely.

The Price Hikes!
Internet providers are always in need to make money and unfortunately abolishing net neutrality is the long-run lobby created by giant internet providers. With no net neutrality, Internet providers can easily squeeze websites, charge for faster and/or exclusive services. Video on demand services like Netflix and Amazon would also be forced to cut down their exclusive deals with internet providers and charge from customers of competing service providers more.

Which internet service provider holds up for money, is not arguably, it’s all going to fall back on customers, who will have to pay to get the content accessibility. Without net neutrality, ISPs would rule the granting or denying accessibilities, and slow down the speed of sites that can’t afford to pay. Netflix raised voice to take a step against net neutrality abolishment and it looks like it’s becoming imminent that Netizens should start using a Netflix VPN to bypass speed throttling as long as the VPNs itself gets banned.

End of Freedom Of Expression?
The technological evolution has made two-way communication model possible, where not only large organizations can share information, but individuals also practiced their freedom to share their knowledge. Whether it’s a #OscarSowhite or #MeToo campaign, a two-way communication model enabled multicultural millennials to play their part in all such online movements.

If you remember, so many pressing issues were ignored by the major media outlets but highlighted by the silence breakers; individuals. Lack of net neutrality would possibly allow ISPs to truncate or obstruct this model by restricting accessibilities.

This restriction compounded by de facto that few of the most significant ISPs have financial ties with their news outlets; this would restrict unconventional news and sources to access quickly. Media literacy encourages multiple sources to be used to check the authenticity; sadly it’s quite tricky in a post-net neutrality era.

The flexible internet allows youngsters to pursue their dreams, finding new ways to distribute information, market themselves, build businesses, and forge connections and what not, would all at risk with ending net neutrality. The internet has transformed multiple societies due to widespread availability bod versatilities, life without net neutrality would hamper such progress especially marginalized voices.

So, The Future Is All Gloomy?
Well, the real repercussions would be observed once ISPs start implementing the clauses they come up with and revised packages they’ll offer from now on. The ball is solely in their court now. Massive online and offline movements have already started against this menacing Net Neutrality law and many influencers and personalities have joined the movement, but the current situation doesn’t look very favorable.

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