Seceon Emerges to Introduce Comprehensive Open Threat Management™ Platform Cybersecurity Solution

Seceon Emerges to Introduce Comprehensive Open Threat Management™ Platform Cybersecurity Solution


Innovative Start-Up Combines Technical Expertise in Security, Big Data, Machine Learning and Networking to Deliver a New Approach to Cybersecurity and Risk Mitigation

Unmatched Combination of Data Collection, Behavioral Analysis and Machine Learning Techniques Deliver Rich Visibility, Holistic Threat Detection and Elimination and Containment of Threats in Real-Time

Company Announces First Customers: SeaChange International and Plexxi


Westford, Mass., April 12, 2016—Seceon, the only threat detection and management company to visualize, detect, and eliminate cyber threats in real-time, today announced the availability of its innovative Open Threat Management platform. Comprised of a team of seasoned executives with expertise in security, big/fast data, machine learning and networking, Seceon has delivered a breakthrough solution effective at detecting and stopping the most dangerous and costly threats as soon as they happen, while dramatically lowering IT costs.

Seceon also announced that the solution has been successfully deployed at SeaChange International, a multiscreen innovator enabling video service providers to deliver personalized video services that seamlessly unite television with the Internet, and Plexxi, a pioneer in converged network infrastructure for public and private cloud deployments. Seceon is also announcing a distribution agreement with immixGroup, an Arrow company and the largest value-added distributor (VAD) of enterprise IT products for the U.S. public sector. The agreement will significantly enhance Seceon’s ability to provide government groups with the industry’s most comprehensive security solution. Seceon was recently named one of CIO Review Magazine’s “Top 20 Most Promising Enterprise Security Companies.”

Addressing a Critical Security Gap

Despite an estimated $80 billion spent globally on security, according to Gartner, attackers are still getting through organizational security defenses. Most enterprises still remain focused on preventative security measures—perimeter-based security such as firewalls, antivirus systems and silo’ed device protection—and as a result, wind up missing intrusions through wide exposed surfaces in the modern digital enterprise and compromised credentials, often due to too many false alarms. The reality is most companies have trouble even knowing when and where they have been compromised. Today, most advanced attacks against enterprises occur for as long as eight months before they are even detected.

“Most organizations have massive investments in threat mitigation infrastructure, and in most cases, that infrastructure is layers and layers of products purchased to solve specific problems,” said Jeff Wilson, senior research director, cybersecurity technology, IHS Infonetics Research. “The real missing ingredient for organizations who are trying to meaningfully shrink their threat exposure window is a data-gathering and analytics layer that connects to their entire infrastructure; one that distills disparate threat indicator data and identifies critical threat events—and then builds a plan to respond to those events.”

Seceon’s Open Threat Management Platform

Immediately upon deployment, Seceon enables today’s security teams to see the threats clearly and quickly, along with any other obstacles to network performance, stop threats from inflicting extensive damage through surgical containment and elimination and predict insider attacks through behavioral threat detection modeling and machine learning.

“Seceon’s software has provided us with unique insights into data flows, protocol types and other associated vulnerabilities, which has allowed us to significantly increase our visibility and thereby our level of security as an organization,” said Co-Founder and VP, Engineering Ops and IT Ephraim Dobbins, Plexxi.  “Unlike traditional malware detection solutions and next-generational firewall devices that have to be in-line to analyze the data, Seceon performs host-based analytics outside of the data path in a much more comprehensive manner.”

Incorporating direct feedback from security executives at numerous Fortune 500 to Fortune 2000 clients, Seceon built its platform to include five key functional areas:

  • Continuous monitoring with holistic visibility, automatically examining every movement within, in and out of the enterprise network;
  • Analysis of all enterprise connectivity, including users, devices, applications, servers and flows, to identify suspicious activity in real-time;
  • Visualization of relevant threats through a highly intuitive easy to use application,
  • Immediate “push-button” elimination of any threat;
  • Visual-enabled policy violation detection, combined with a policy creation tool-set.

“Today, organizations are at an increased risk for infiltration, data theft, business disruption and financial loss for three primary reasons—they lack solutions that can see the threats broadly in a single view, that can stop threats quickly or that can prevent threats from inflicting damage,” said Chandra Pandey, Seceon founder and CEO. “To address this critical gap, we assembled a world-class team of passionate, leading experts in security, big/fast data, networking, machine learning and human factors engineering to create a patent-pending solution for gaining visibility into all enterprise activity, surfacing the most relevant threats as they occur, and providing a means to eliminate them immediately. Through our continued focus in this area, we have gained significant traction with customers and technology partners who are embracing our new approach.”

Customer Installations

In just a short time, Seceon has engaged in more than a dozen successful enterprise and service provider customer deployments—spanning the Fortune 500 to medium-sized businesses in the technology and financial sectors—securing millions of devices, users and critical resources. View recent customer testimonials at

“Seceon OTM helps us surface and prioritize internal and external threats in real-time. It visualizes all of our IT echo systems and proactively detects threats, providing us clear actionable alerts so that our team can take immediate action,” said Jim Godschall, Director of Information Technology at SeaChange International. “It improves our teams productivity as we do not have to look into a large number of alerts generated by next-generation firewalls, logging, monitoring and other tools. The OTM intuitive user interface allows us to deal with issues in minutes rather than days.”


Available now on an annual subscription basis for any size enterprise, Seceon’s OTM platform provides unmatched, real-time visibility into all enterprise activity through its highly intuitive interface, providing holistic threat detection based on how devices, users, behaviors, processes and policies interact and delivering automated elimination and containment of threats with service impact details. Offered directly from Seceon or its partners, the Docker container- based OTM platform can be installed according to customer preference on any virtual machine, be it in a private, public or hybrid cloud.

About Seceon

Taking a new approach to conventional threat detection and management, Seceon helps today’s enterprise detect and stop both recognized and never-seen-before threats when they happen, instead of days, weeks or months. Leveraging intelligent data collection and analysis, Seceon’s Open Threat Management platform provides unmatched visibility across the entire network—from users and devices to applications and flows— surfacing only the most relevant threats in real-time and the means necessary to eliminate them immediately. To learn more about Seceon’s comprehensive, Open Threat Management platform, please visit or call (978)-923-0040.

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