Publisher’s Spotlight: ZeroFox: Protecting You Beyond Your Perimeter
Gary MiliefskyGary Miliefsky

Publisher’s Spotlight: ZeroFox: Protecting You Beyond Your Perimeter

Today’s cyber attackers are looking beyond network systems and devices to target organizations through digital platforms outside your perimeter. It’s time to detect, expose, and disrupt these external threats to your brands, domains and executives before attacks become breaches.  Enter ZeroFox.

With a primary focus on helping businesses and individuals safeguard their online presence and reputation, ZeroFox is a leading external cybersecurity company that provides full-spectrum external threat intelligence, protection and response solutions to protect organizations from threats related to digital risks and attacks that occur on digital platforms, the dark web, and the broader internet landscape.

ZeroFox’s 2023 Brand Protection Report:

  • 35% increase in verified alerts for brand threats related to fraud, scams, and piracy quarter-over-quarter across the ZeroFox customer base, and a nearly 20% increase in brand-related impersonations.
  • 26% increase in fraudulent activity tied to brands observed in this quarter; more specifically, fraudulent job postings identified rose by over 50%.
  • Nearly 20% increase in spoofed domains increased in the second quarter of 2023 versus the first quarter, with just over one-third tied to phishing campaigns.
  • 22% increase in key personnel and corporate social media impersonation accounts with a biography, name and image to legitimize these profiles; those that used a biography with a name only increased 35%.

ZeroFox’s platform utilizes diverse data sources and advanced artificial intelligence driven analysis to monitor and mitigate risks related to social media impersonation, account hijacking, phishing, brand impersonation, fraud, compromised credentials, and other malicious activities.

“With so many advancements in technology, the only way to truly protect your organization proactively is by focusing outside the perimeter. In fact, our team of cybersecurity researchers reported a 164% increase in verified threats against brands between the first and second quarters of 2023. This alarming increase proves that monitoring and securing the ever-evolving digital landscape is more important now than before. While this can be a daunting task, especially as the threats facing organizations have grown more complex as technology continues to evolve. Organizations are in dire need of taking the right steps to proactively protect themselves against domain and social media-based threats to keep customer trust and maintain a positive brand reputation,” said AJ Nash, VP & Distinguished Fellow of Intelligence at ZeroFox.

Publisher’s Spotlight: ZeroFox: Protecting You Beyond Your Perimeter

Recently, ZeroFox was named to Enterprise Security Tech’s 2023 Cyber Top 20 awards list and recognized as a technology leader in the 2023 Quadrant SPARK Matrix for Digital Risk Protection. ZeroFox was the first and only cybersecurity company to go public in 2022, and this year has announced several key announcements ranging from innovations in AI, an acquisition, strategic partnerships, and enhanced capabilities to its industry leading solutions.

Additional details on key achievements/innovations included below:

  • In April 2023, ZeroFox announced partnership with Google Cloud to disrupt phishing campaigns and help warn users of malicious URLs/fake websites.
  • In April 2023, ZeroFox completed the acquisition of LookingGlass Cyber Solutions, Inc, with the goal of enhancing attack surface management and intelligence capabilities.
  • In May 2023, ZeroFox announced the company’s plans to enhance its external cybersecurity platform with the power of generative AI through FoxGPT, a large language model (LLM) which optimizes intelligence collection and analysis for more accurate external threat discovery.
  • In April 2023, ZeroFox also announced enhancements to its Enterprise Executive, Employee, and Identity Protection solutions, which is designed to safeguard executives from cyber and physical security threats. The enhancement also includes a new offering that includes the company’s PII Removal disruption service.
  • In August 2023, ZeroFox announced enhancements to its Physical Security Intelligence offering, enhancing visualization through an interactive mapping tool. Security analysts can drill into alerts within a geographic area to maintain situational awareness of key physical security incidents that could put their locations or high-profile executives at risk.

“Over the years I think there’s been hundreds – if not thousands – of impersonations that have been taken down to protect the online Nokia brand experience. And, for me, that’s the biggest impact of ZeroFox. Our followers know that the Nokia channels they engage with can be trusted, verified, and they are brand compliant.” said Päivi Kalske, Head of Corporate Social Media at Nokia, “ZeroFox has really made an impact by providing real-time alerts for critical impersonations, allowing us to take fast action and process takedowns more effectively and efficiently. ZeroFox is taking care of us in the background so we can then focus on building our social media and brand presence.”

From threat intelligence to brand and domain protection to rapid response, ZeroFox protects you beyond your perimeter.  Learn more about them at

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August 28, 2023

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